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Valerie Murphy

Lead me not into temptation..i can find it myself

8/25/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Ur just jealous....
Me, Myself, and I
:O ............. SHES FUCKIN CRAZY.............:O

One day my life will flash before my eyez..
Im makein sure its worth watchin

♥The Less ye know the better :P


Choose ur 4rnds carefully, ur enemies wil choose u
Hope for the best.but.Always prepare for d worst
Love someone for what u are wen ur with dem
If u dont learn 4rm ur mistake make it again
If it made you laugh..it was well worth it
Nly bitch wen 100% nessesary
Dont ever ever ever be a gearhead
respect ur elders..while you have them
no matter how hard it is ..LAUGH IT OFF
FUCK wat ppl tink of u..leave em talk
Ppl r neva what dey make out themselves ta b

The Other Half Of Me
Darren Casey

Darren Casey


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Kaskade - 4AM (Adam K & Soha Remix)

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  • rest in peace xxx

    ღR.I.P RiChArD mUrPhY MiSs Ya LoAdS PeT wE LuV u ByI 21st march 07 rip 'Shup fooo'ღ

    ღR•I•P TReVoR bYi mIsS yA So MuCh 4th May 06 'Fuckin ehhh'ღ

    ღR.I.P. steve...i miss ya loads ya fuckin spacer! "Palmdale cum back to me":) dat song wil neva b d same agen ...... luv ya steve xxxღ

    0 Comments 235 weeks

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  • •.ღ.°*♥´*• .*SHANE MULLANE DIS IS 4 U★•.ღ.°*♥´*• .*

    ok shane i sed id do dis so i am lol! dis is all d shit u sed or did or stuff we mock u about and jus stuff dat reminds me of u 100%????ill keep addin stuff cuz u no derll b more?

    *id put her in a burger lik*:L
    *i am shane wait a wile byi i am shane*:L :L :L
    *awwwww shane ya mad ting*:)
    *fuck u now valreeeeeeeeeee*;)
    *ya gomie*;)
    *WORMS*(haha sick of hearin his name):(
    *chocolate sandwich*:L :L :L
    *gaffin out in a tent ha*:L :L :L (wat a nite) haha!
    *luke in d car wit d crazy dad*:L :L :L :L :L :L :L
    *shane currans gaf*:L
    *d shanes takin 3 slabs*>:(
    *tower power*:L
    *DAVE''are u known by any blarney gaurds''SHANE''no'' wait i have ur parents number haha!*omg lol lol :L :L :L :L

    *runnin out of currans wit glen nd a fuck load of blankets*:L :L :L :L :) :) :L :L :L
    *lets make lik trees nd grow/go(i missed dat word cuz i was on d floor lafin)*:L :L :L
    *lukes nodge*;)
    *state of u*:L
    * COLASSY * :)
    * guuuuuu onnnnn i say*
    *truth or dare do u like radio*:L :L :L :L
    *u could even drive a car on it if it was small enuf*:)
    *ders a spider on me*:L :L :L :L
    *TOBY*the border collie*:L :L :L :L
    *ice ice toby*:L :) :L :) :L :)
    *amy fox id fuck her byi*:L :L :L
    *fallin off da wall in innishmore haha*:L
    *sweet like CHOCUUUUULAT boi*:L :L :L :L
    *Collie police*:L :L :L
    *mmmagurkin*:L :L :L
    *givin dan nipple cripples wen he was asleep pretending u had dose electric tins in d hospital wen dan nd me stayed in ur gaf*:L :L :L :L :L
    *singing spice girls to ur mam when she was on d fone booking a massage*:L :L :L
    *not cumin out me erica jonny nd vicky wen we went all d way out jus call 2 u ha*:L :L :L
    *give me a bite of ur pasteel icelolly valllll*>:(
    *the owner of tobys hand*:L :L :L
    *bumps nd everytin*:L :L :L :L

    7 Comments 372 weeks

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  • ...

    :( "if anything can go wrong it will go wrong"-MURPHYS LAW>:(

    Valerie Murphy 0 Replies
  • ...

    :D "Life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. Get wasted all the time and you'll have the time of your life!:D

    Valerie Murphy 0 Replies
  • 18!!Whoo!!

    Its ur bday cake!!!i know wat a shit drawing lyk but sure ya know, its da thought dat counts!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eric Murphy 0 Replies

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  • Mickey

    Got a new facebook account..... add my profile http://goo.gl/mzpXR

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    Christy Hu

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  • Eric Gould
    Eric Gould

    wats d story? x x

  • Lisa Murphy
    Lisa Murphy

    a ye wil av sum laugh girl...im stil nt after getin a job lik haha ill start lookin dar nw again haha na nt bless abit av u head a no bothers party hardddddd :L :L xx

  • Lisa Murphy
    luv Lisa Murphy

    storeeee chick hw u getin on ?? ye all moved ot n al ye spacers haha xxx

  • Lauraine

    Ah ul b grand ! Did u get a model?x x x

    4/26/10 via Mobile
  • Lauraine

    Hey val u al set 4 2m?x

    4/25/10 via Mobile
  • Daveryan

    Wel whats happen ane luv for me xx

    4/3/10 via Mobile
  • Darren Casey
    Darren Casey

    wit ur big fuckin orrible blue waffle haha

  • Darren Casey
    luv Darren Casey

    ur just fuckin jealous of all da hunnys im getting

  • Darren Casey
    luv Darren Casey

    soon???? girl u no ive been social retarded for quite sometime now..... its kinda lousy

  • Kevin Rice
    Kevin Rice

    u go 2 savoy atal,didnt go but was plannin on it:(

  • Kevin Rice
    Kevin Rice

    ya sure am:D

  • Darren Casey 3/2/10
  • Darren Casey
    luv Darren Casey

    NEEEEEEEVVVVEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!

  • Mickey O Connell
    luv Mickey O Connell

    well val havnt been on dis in ages haha facebook is da new thing is u on it