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X Jenny Long X

I PASSED MY DRIVIN TEST BABYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :L :L :L :L :L :L ...

5/15/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 169
  • from Bury st edz!!♥
  • I am Single
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About Me

<3 Go Fuck 2 All Da People Hu Aint Around Now!..Theres A Reason Y They Didnt Make It 2 Ur Future!.=]
Me, Myself, and I


Ello Peepz! Wel Wot Can I Say! Im [jenny]Im Not Perfect, Just Average Lol!! I Do 2many Stupid Fingz In My Life, I Regret Many Of Them, But Yu Just Gota Move on Aint Ya Lol! Nufink Can Change The Past!! Luvin All My M8z There Just Equally [amazin]...U Can {judge} Me All U Want!! I Dnt Giv 2 Fuks..Yu Eva take Me As I Am Or Do 1!! Well If U No Me..Den Ul No Im Alwaiz Up 4 Getin Hammerd!! As U Dewww! 2 Put It Bluntly I Love Booze....Boiz..N Ma Gyalz o Yea Neva 4getin Drum n bass!! Thts It M8! Live Life 2 Da Max Coz Yu Only Get 1 Shot At It! =] Leave Me A Comment Fukas!! Luv U All Dat Love Me!!&& If Yu Dont..Well Wat Yu Doin readin This!! Taraaaa x x x x

*Big Shout Out 2 All My Mates & My Bruvas For Helpin Me Thru All The Shit Timez!! I Iz A Lucky Girl!*

"Fuk Wat Yuu Heard && Fuk Wat Yuu See..I No Yuu Heard Rumuors..Well heres The Real Me"
The Other Half Of Me
Xx Halle C Xx

Xx Halle C Xx

I Love Yuu Chick!! xXx &lt;3.So Many Memories!

xXx♥the fukin tunez♥xXx
♥DRUM 'N' BASS♥ all the way...:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ..&& techno, hardcore, garage, grime, && sum hip hop n rnb! aslng as it aint heavy metal shit or rock orrr casic im buzin :D
xXx♥loves &lt;3 ♥xXx
i love getin pissed...i dont normly turn down a pissup..wel ok..if im workin the next day then..! love spendin time wif my chicks!! n da ladz...i just love havin a gud time! im hardly ever serious..how borin wud life be if i worried about EVRYFING!!..neway! yea..u no how itis?!! && im probz happiest when im out on the raz with nicola!
xXx♥just 4 me best gyalz♥xXx
 M*NIKKI*LAURA*CHEZ*..well i cnt write evryfin coz there wudnt b enuf time in the world 2 type out how amazin each 1 of u'z lot r in ya lil diff waiz..i love u all 2bitz!! u have my back as much as i no i have urz..n u have all helpd me in diff waiz n 4 that i give u all the luv a best m8 cud eva give! i aint eva guna let no cunt hurt any of yew...i love you all 2much!! thats it...MWAH <3<3 love u girlyzz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xXx♥scared of♥xXx
ermm..not you!!...theres is one fing dat shits me up hard.....i h8 finkin dat 1day ill loose my mum n my bruvas!! id b fukd without any of em!&& neva 4getin me crazii stepdad! ur basicly my real dad! ur there more than he eva was!..hes loss not mine!, (i shud say hes loss not mine more often!..)
xXx♥feelin gr8♥xXx
im wiv ma m8z ♥ wen im pissd ♥ avin a larf ♥ spendin money ♥ sleepin ♥ listenin 2 ma tunez ♥ partyin ((phat stack infront of me!!)) ♥ wif my gawjush girlyz :P ♥ wif family♥ with nicola having a larf & sayin sumitreally funny & we cant stop larfin..u no wen u larf so much that ur stomach hurts...well thats what every larf is like with nikki :L
xXx♥nicola frith♥xXx
babe this goes out 2 you!! ur the bestest m8 a girl cud wish 4!! i love you sooo much n cherish all the wikid memories we have 2gefa babe!! u no wat im chatin bout bird! haha...ur alwazy there wen i need you!, & even when i dont! no one else has had the same affect on me as you chick! ur the one whos left footprints in my heart :) ...i will alwazyz love you&&be by ur side babe!! till the day i die lol!..fanx so much 4 evrything..ur truely a quality girl & no1 can eva take ur bubbly personality away from u babe coz ur a natural! rememba this..''diamond are pretty, but nufin compares 2 my gawjus nikki'' :L good old days aye?!! love you sooo much nicola!! ur a *...xXx <3 xXx
boring ppl...lighten up guys..ermm..i h8 sundays, wat a depresin day! i h8 nicola being sick & me having 2 hold her hair over the bogz in karooze!!!! i h8 havin a hangova, omg the amount of times iv sed i am never drinkin agen lol...i spose il b waitin a long time 4 that 2 cum true...i duno wot else i h8! spose i hate neasty thingz! yea...o yea & neva 4getin I HATE PLAYERS!! LADS HU FINK THERE GOD!! SORT YOUR FOOOOOOKIN LIFES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!<< im sure evry girl wil agree!! dont u just fukni h8 it wen lads ignore u or fuck u bout..n u find out shit wen u split up! omg i swear i cud smash there fukin heads in :O ...us gurls alwayz find out the truth in the end!!

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  • robs hairdress's :L
    robs hairdress's :L

    here a new sissors, clippers,comb,spray bottle, gel and hair dryer for u!
    2 bk and side plz, lines in the side and eye brows cut in and spikey on top plzzzzzzzzz :L CHEERS BIG EARS

    Tom Preen 0 Replies

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    Emma Rossington

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    Stacie Bailey

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  • Matt Easey

    ur stunnin!

  • Adam Fowler
    Adam Fowler

    i hope you don't mind me adding you hun, you look amazing x

  • Black Fred
    luv Black Fred

    fck me lng tym na c, na speak, hope all is well 4 ya bbe xxx

  • Ross Locke
    Ross Locke

    hiya darlin u ok x

  • Amuso

    Hi Jenny! I just dropped by to tell you that amuso.com has teamed up with Miss World 2008 for the first time on Bebo. Check out this link to view our new Media channel on Bebo and meet this year’s models @ http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Memb.... It’s totally free! Also, if you think you have what it takes to be Miss World 2009, come and check out our 'Swimsuit model contest' @ http://www.amuso.com/gameshows/beaut... It’s totally free to enter, should be a tonne of fun, and there is a special prize (to be announced) for the winner. All you have to do is enter your photo @ http://www.amuso.com/gameshows/beaut... Team Amuso

  • Madames Secret

    Nice Profile....:) Check out our profile.....

  • Renee Lyles

    sup I was going through peoples profiles, and i think you are an interesting guy, and hot too. I was doing a lil cam show for my friends gettin naughty, hit me up on MSN my names volleysrxpi@hotmail.com laters

    10/13/08 via Mobile
  • Lil Miss Blondie
    Lil Miss Blondie

    omg! do i no u? lol hello sexy aint seen u in aaages! u ok?wat u doin wit ur self these days? gettin pretty hamerd i hope? :P wb luvya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps woo hoo art lessons lol xx

  • .Smeedysgawjuslaydee.

    Hey Baby How Are You?? Long Time No Speak! Where Have U Been Aint Seen U For Months N I Never C U In Jokers Either!! How U Been? Still Doin Hairdressing?? Hope 2 Hear Bk From U Soon Wb Luvya xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Cheryl Aka Chez Austin
    luv Cheryl Aka Chez Austin

    Hiya hun u got ur bloody car on the road yet!!!!!!!! u need to gt it sorted an cum c me!!! i find out what im havin fri cnt wait!!!!!! think it may mean i need to go shoopin!! how u bin neway hope all is ok miss u :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nauti-NixXx
    luv Nauti-NixXx

    heya gawjus!!! im ok fanks! but mod nats wasnt the same without u ther! sammie had 2 mch 2 drink n was sik n went bed bless her lol and dex n every1 else was in strip clubs all nyt!! oh weve sortd fingz out nw hun bt fanx 4 noticin lol ur still my bezzi m8 too! u got ur car on the rd yet mizzy??? i wanna see u drive! haha! awsome! if ur about 2nyt giv us a txt! tap bk love u millions! nikla! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Zowie Davey
    Zowie Davey

    heya...!!!! how u doin?? x x wb

  • Stacie Bailey
    luv Stacie Bailey

    Flip flop smacks to the maxxx!!!

  • Gorjus Girlie
    luv Gorjus Girlie

    Witt Woo!! Hu r U!! ;) Yh Boi! :D LoveYou x x x x x <3<3

  • Kane O'Brien
    Kane O'Brien

    fuk all really sweetheart just gettin fukd nd earnin some cash lol wubu2? they got ma fone cuz i was a bit naughty nd got nikd nd they need it 4 evidence or some bollox lol gotta new number now Gawjus il send it to ya in a private message.... make sure u ring me or suttin u sxc lil stunnah, xXxXxxXxXxXxXx