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Gutd im bk in hospital x grr...

4/1/09 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 114
  • from live in tanglewood !! buh im foreva a ebbw gal !!..xx
  • I am Engaged
  • Profile views: 8,890
  • Last active: 6/15/12
  • www.bebo.com/lucyxxlooxx
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About Me

... I.♥.YouNath...!!!x YourMyEveryThing.._____..xx
Me, Myself, and I
18 <<< age

Nathan teague <<<< Love you Fiannceee

My girls <<<<< Amazing

Perfections <<<< My Salon

My family, my boy , my friends , Mybusiness = My life
i own a beauty salon in brynmwar Perfections irs called !!!

Its amazin :D
ηαтн...ι ℓσνє уσυღ ღ
there so much i could say about this boy i duno where to start //.x
i got with him on 11 june 2007 and every since then i been happest girl every //..x
this boy can make me laugh when i am crying n make me happy when i am sad without even knowin..x
everyday is a new one with nathan n i neva want it to end..x
neva felt like this for any one tha way i feel for him ..x
hope e know ow much e means too meee..x
i neva want to loose him eva..x
you make my life complete nath and i no no 1 can ever come betweens us...x
Nath ... i love u with all my heart ♥ !!!!!!!>..xx♥

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  • top 12 friends any one could eva ask for ...xxxx...xxx

    1. rachel.h
    2. emily.r.
    3. gabie.a.
    4. soph.b.
    8. mel.h.

    Q: Have You Ever Kissed 6?:
    A: as a friend

    Q: What's The Best Memory You Have Of 9?
    A. got loads buh gta b when i fell out my bed n al he done was lauf

    Q: When's The Next Time You're Gonna See 4?
    A: next tym she out i spect x

    Q: Is Number 8 Pretty?
    A: ooooo yes ...x

    Q: What Was Your First Impression Of Number 7?
    A. What A brainy gal

    Q: How Did You Meet 3?:
    A: skwl.x

    Q: Do You Think 12 Would Kill someone?
    A. dno possibly

    Q: Is 2 Your Best Friend?:
    A: One Of My Best Friends Aii,

    Q: Do You Think 5 Has A Crush On You?
    A: yep hehe ...x

    Q: What Was The Last Thing You Said To Number 6?
    A: phhh.... i cant rember

    Q: Have You Ever Been To 8's House?
    A: Aii loads ravin partis

    Q: Have You Ever Slept In The Same Bed As 3?
    many of tyms

    Q: When's The Next Time You'll See 5?:
    A: 2mz if she out i spect x

    Q: Are You Real Close To 11?:
    A: Well We R Close But Not As Close As Wat We Used To Be

    Q: Have You Ever Kissed 2?
    A: as a friend ai

    Q: Have You Ever Been To The Movies With 8?
    A: yep x

    Q: Have You Ever Been Angry With 12?
    A: haha Yeh x

    Q: Would You Ever Make A Move On 10?
    A: Noooo foookin way x

    Q: What Do You And Number 4 Talk About The Most?
    A: loads randum stuff

    Q: How Did You Meet 10?
    A: carn rember lol

    Q: What Would You Do If You Had Never Met 1?
    A:i dnoooooooo

    Q: Have You Ever Seen 4 Cry?
    A: Aii many tyms ..x

    Q: Do You Think Number 2 Is Cute/Gorgeous/Sexy?
    A: all dem ...x

    Q: Tell Me Something About number 1?
    A: she my gal n i love ere ..x

    Q: Do You Love Number 9?
    A: corse i doo considerin hes my boyfriend

    Q: Would You Ever Go On A Date With Number 12?
    A: Noooooooo...x

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She C.a.n.t Get Over H i m<3

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  • - Dik Ed'Ox
    - Dik Ed'Ox

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on AlejandraColasantehdiha@hotmail.co  m, its her msn messenger name

  • - Dik Ed'Ox
    - Dik Ed'Ox

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  • Sam Teague
    Sam Teague

    send me some loveeee bitch lol :D xxxxxx Loveeee yooouuuuuu xxxxx

  • The One And Only TEaguey
    luv The One And Only TEaguey

    hiya yeah i am okkk bbe yourself kk wb hav some luv becasue i love u

  • The One And Only TEaguey
    The One And Only TEaguey

    hiya still with nathern n ??? hope u okk bbe lov u from your cuzzz

  • Lil Gem.

    Lucy baby x wat u been doing this weekend n ? Aint seen u this weekend w.b ly x

    1/25/09 via Mobile
  • Nicky'S Giirl .Ox
    Nicky'S Giirl .Ox

    Hiyyahh Babeee :D x Yhuu Okaiiii ? Bn Doiiin N ? Thankss 4 Thaa Liiftttt :D x RiitteeeBacc iiLuuu x Beckahh .Ox

  • Nicky'S Giirl .Ox
    Nicky'S Giirl .Ox

    Luciii oOoOo x Allryteeee Bewt ? Bn Up 2 Muchhh ? Riitteee Bacccc x LovesYhuuu x Beckahh .Ox

  • The One And Only TEaguey
    The One And Only TEaguey

    lol hows u u ahvent even bought me notbhin ? :)

  • The One And Only TEaguey
    The One And Only TEaguey

    hows u he had a hang over lol he is mad ent he lol hows u en been drinking en bbz lol why ddint u giv me a pound en when i aske u and nathern en :( lol only jk i want 10 pound of u lol what u got me for christmas en bbz lol i bet u got me a can of strong bow lol lolololololol u need to get a new car dont u it waas squueking like helll when u seen me lol tra wb bbz

  • The One And Only TEaguey
    The One And Only TEaguey

    hi wat u uyp to en bbz how are u en ? ♥ hows natheren havent seen himn in ages why wanst he in the footy match en tell him we won 5-1 kk wb

  • Nicky'S Giirl .Ox
    Nicky'S Giirl .Ox

    Hyaa x U Alryte ? Wt U Bn Up 2 N ? Wb Bek x

    10/22/08 via Mobile
  • The One And Only TEaguey
    The One And Only TEaguey


  • Nicky'S Giirl .Ox
    Nicky'S Giirl .Ox

    Luciii Babieeee :D x Owa Yhuu Hunniii ? Avent Cn Yhuu iin Ages !! :O x Wt Yhuu Bn Up 2 En Babeee ? Riiteee Bacccc Sooonnn =] x LoveeeYhuuu <3 x Becckaaahhh :D x

  • Staciiee

    Hiaaaaa =] God aint seen yuu in bloody ages. Apart from y.day :L Weldone on passin ya Drivin Test babe!! Lovin da Ka 1 :D Owa yuu en Chick?? Wa yuu bin up to den?? Yuu still in College en or workin?? x x x