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Adam Snijder

Last week was Sonisphere Heavy Metal Concert, Metallica was rad I LOVE U METALLICA <3

7/11/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 32, Luv 39
  • from Upper Hutt, New Zealand
  • I am Married
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Me, Myself, and I
Thought i better update this as it's been a while: Lost track of how long ive actually been here now, time seems to run faster than it did as a kid. Still manage to have some fun and act up now and then though....like any1 or anything could stop that. Loving it here been to Spain last year for my B-day this year in Holland for me and my girls Honeymoon and Paris on our last break. Learning the lingo slowly but surely though German is no easy language. Working full time now in a Factory...which was not my first pick but it helps talking German 24/7. Getting into the Gitar heavy now, have even been asked to try out for a band as a singer.....just need to pick my balls up off the floor 1st and hopefully sometime in the near future i pick a sweet looking thing rom the Guitar shop

Peace out
Everything considered i love all types of music, each type of music has a place even ABBA....nooOOOOOOO!!!!
Pans Labyrinth, Equillibrium, blue gender, Samurai Champloo, Ninja Scroll, Trigun, Gantz...
Soccer, Magic the gathering, pool, badmington, table tennis, and extra cirricular activities..heheh
Scared Of
Singing in front of a crowd or public speaking, getting my hairy legs waxed...
Happiest When
hanging wit my girl, hanging wit my other girl (my giutar..cindy) hello Cindy, sketching, writing short stories and reading Wheel of Time series.
Aotearoa Tumeke
_________NZ___________ _________NZNZ_________ __________NZNZ________ ___________NZNZNZN__NZ ____________NZNZNZNZN_ ___________NZNZNZNZN__ ____________NZNZNZN___ _____________NZNZN____ ______________________ ____________NZNZN_____ ___________NZNZN______ ___________NZNZ_______ __________NZNZNZ______ _________NZNZN________ _________NZNZ_________ ______________________ _________NZ___________
The Other Half Of Me
Juliane F

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Samurai Champloo AMV: Gang Starr - Battle

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  • What brave souls they are! Those that love so blindly.

    Love is two parts of one whole
    Love is the fruit that tastes bitter sweet
    throughout life we make many connections
    but there are some bonds stronger than words
    something deeper and infinitely more familiar
    A whispered word among the trees, or a laugh overheard
    without thought, without mind
    a perilous trip into the mind only to find
    Love is pain, the best hurt one can feel
    cause once it has found you,
    and do not be fooled for it will find you
    no more can you be without

    Love has no rules nor principles to adhere to
    for the other half of that whole i so speak of
    has a mind of his or her own.
    And yet knowing that
    when we have the instance to grab onto love
    knowing the perils and dangers thus in tow
    takes but a blink of an eye
    before we march down those stepped cliffs
    enamoring ourselves willingly to be shackled again by it's device

    What brave souls they are
    Those that love so blindly

    By They

    0 Comments 280 weeks

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  • 8/24/11 via Mobile
  • Nikaniki Gregorio

    You have to check this out http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Jony

    I just pulled $844 in five days at home in my spare time! Made it from - http://goo.gl/L1urZ Your going to be so happy!

  • Raihcp.
    luv Raihcp.

    OMG CUZ! you saw metallica live?! :O tell us about it omgomgomg!!!!! how is the family over there as well? :D dont be a stranger. hahahaha love yah Raihaxx

  • Fiona S
    luv Fiona S

    Thanks for the chrissy presents they were great. I'm enjoying the music and about to have fun with the webcam. Love you mum forever xox

  • Fiona S
    luv Fiona S

    Merry Christmas to you both. Made contact with your answering machine no doubt you were out and about celebrating. Yes we'd love to come over. I've spoken to Grandad about visiting Ericca and you two. So we'll see what we can do over the next 12 to 18 months. Love you both and enjoyed your photos of France. We love you and glad you are doing well. Mum forever xox

  • Candi
    luv Candi

    Sexually frustrated juvenille???? Since when did you learn to spell bro ;) Well my studies yes the ones that require books and a hefty student loan well I stopped them and am currently looking for a full time job. So im prob about as poor if not poorer than you my dear hahaha so if anyone should be gettin their christmas wish list in it is I :L Where abouts are you these days? What are you up to for New Years?

  • Candi
    luv Candi

    Hey Adze thanks for the postcard its pretty cool aye bout time you lavished some attention on me!! Hows the travelling going?

  • Juliane F
    luv Juliane F

    Hey, I think you deserve some love! Juliane

  • Juliane F
    luv Juliane F

    Thinking of you! Enjoy your day

  • Candi
    luv Candi

    Hey Muppet hows Germany treating ya I rang you the other day but must of got the times mixed up cause it was like three in the morning over there oops :P Hey how did you get that song on your page I want one!!

  • Kyra B
    luv Kyra B

    hey ya smart arse haha - i had 'blonde' streaks (but yeah, i guess would look similar when i go gray lol). The chic on the right is my neice - shes only 20 tho, so unless you are an under-age,under-cover-brother hehe... i doubt you know her. She went to Lynnfield college i think> Or Green Bay? haha and yup - thats my brother wedding, back yard pissup. Homegrown styles :L :L GOTTA LOVE THE ZEA-LAND WAYS :D Hope all is well over the other side of the world :) Ky

  • Rebecca Wihongi

    Wow, CONGRATULATIONS CUZ!!! nice to hear some great news from the otherside of the world, awesum to hear that you are happy, cant wait to see some pics wish you both the very best! hope you had a fantastic honeymoon, cant wait to meet your beautiful wife! until then you both take care and be safe on all travels! arohanui becca

  • Raihcp.
    luv Raihcp.

    CONGRATULATIONSSS =D Auntie Fee called and told teh whanauu hahah phwoar Adamm seems only yesterday you weve living in the spare bedroom d'awwww now your off getting marrieddd they grow up so blingin fastt =D come back and visit dont forgettt much lovee Raihaa xx

  • Fiona S
    luv Fiona S

    Congatulations my boy. Looks like you had a wonderful day. You both look so happy. We send our love across the waters and into your hearts. We are thrilled for you both, grandad too. Love you forever Mum xoxox

  • Candi
    luv Candi

    ......e a true member of our family :P

  • Candi

    Oh the shame of it all my ugly lil bro is getting married before me!! And just to rub it in on my birthday!!! I kidd of course im happy that now ill be the only one gettin grilled at family get togethers as to when ill be settling down pfffft. But really CONGRATS lil bro I dunno how you managed to convince her but Jules is a great person and I see you even considered my feelings when choosing a suitable partner see you choose someone who is fun to get on the piss with too and can hold her liquor lik

  • Fiona S
    luv Fiona S

    Hey my boy. Congratulations to you both. Tell me all about it. Where & When, I'm hungry for me info. Love Always