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Rebecca De La Haye


10/14/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • I am Single
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If you're not weird, you're boring.
Me, Myself, and I


Borrow money from pessimists; they don't expect it back.

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listen tuu yuur heart....<3

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  • ***NEWS FLASH***

    Rob got head!!!

    And i lukd at his neck 2day...and i swear he had a hickey...and he lyk...kept tryna cover it up...but hs neck is 2 lng...not the innocent lil boi he once was...hehe

    21 Comments 366 weeks

  • ***NEWS FLASH***

    ***Breaking News***

    On Friday night at work I severed my right index finger...Here's me with more.

    So i was at work right? And I shut the coldroom door really quickly...and it kinda hurts...so i look at my finger and blood is like pouring out and shit. So I go to the back and on the way notice the top of my finger is hanging off from about 3 mm of skin...And the flap begins 2 turn purple! I tell my boss,Aaron that I have cut off my finger,then explain what had happened as I am doing at this moment.I was sweating and my hand was shaking also. We went to the bathroom and he bandaged it up.

    I have recently removed the bandage and the flap constantly feels as if it is going to detach itself from my finger.


    0 Comments 372 weeks

  • ***NEWS FLASH***

    Breaking News!!!
    Today Sam Bennett...was peed on. Here's himself with more...
    "SO I was standing there peeing ryt?...And then this guy comes into the bathrroma nd swings the door open real hard! And it hits me...and pee goes everywea...all over my pants! Luky i had my dickies shorts, I dnt no wat I wudve done if i didnt have them.It was so gross!"

    True Story

    0 Comments 374 weeks

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45 Questions About Me

Boy or Girl: Girl
Teen or Adult: Teen
Your best friend(s): Rachael
Your favorite drink: V
Your favorite food: Noodles and Chocolate
Your favorite fast food joint: Mcds
Any pets: 2 cats and a rat
Your GF or BF: Non-Existant
Your favorite quote: ...
Your favorite movie: Cry Baby
Your favorite subject in school: Spanish
Party or school: School
Do you smoke?: Fuck No
Do you drink?: Not Much
Do you believe in God?: Not really
Money or love: Money cause it doesn't hurt and isn't complicated
Your favorite team: None
Your favorite sport: None
Xbox, Playstation or wii: Playstation
You would like to be nerd, dork or geek: Dork
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Comp games or vid games: Comp
Rap or rock: Rap
Fighter or lover: Lover
Tough or sensitive: Both
fat or thin: Thin
Jeans or trousers: Jeans
Football or basketball: Basketball
Cars or bikes: Bikes
Romantic or practical: Practical
Morning person or evening person: Evening
Favorite TV channel: 2
Street smart or book smart: Book Smart
Dogs or Cats: Cats
Pet peeves: Dirty coldroom door
What attracts you to the opposite sex?: Muscle
Your eye color: Blue
Your hair color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 6
Weight: 53 ish
Age: 18
Any birthmarks: No
Siblings: Brothers 15 and 7 weeks, Sisters 5 and 2.
More about your family: Very broken
Your cellphone model: Sanyo
Your laptop model: HP?

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  • merry crimbo

    _____________ _____ I have
    _________________droped by
    ________________ To wish you
    _______________ a Merry Crimbo
    ______________Enjoy the summer
    _____________holidays and have an
    ____________awsum new yea I hope
    ___________next year brings...

    Charlotte 0 Replies

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  • Halo King Brad
    Halo King Brad

    OMG... this girl is showing everything on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on KeelyRomainxfhew@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

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    Halo King Brad

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  • Nick


  • Danceing Lust

    oi u notice me haha y are ya avoiding me.

  • luv Danceing Lust

    whats up with u.

  • luv Danceing Lust

    yea i will be scared a bit but not to much. and i have been good.

  • luv Danceing Lust

    haha i dont care if u have a bf. Jut means i can do what i want now lol. And he will only be 20. Skin was fulling off my arm when i first done it

  • luv Danceing Lust

    I was trying to chuck a big log into the fire and i sort of triped and fell in lol. But yea i am ok i just have to go to the hospital everyday. U should try to get more rest beautiful. So u have a bf now how is that going for ya. I will be comeing down to palmy next month for my brothers birthday.

  • luv Danceing Lust

    Have some love.

  • Danceing Lust

    yea i am ok i guess. Just fell into a bonfire the other day so i have to go to the hospital everyday. How have u been.

  • Glen

    i love dominoes!!!

  • 9/9/09
  • 9/7/09
  • 9/6/09
  • 9/5/09
  • luv Danceing Lust

    Have some love babe.

  • Danceing Lust

    haha dont worie about it lol. I have moved to a new house up in the hills with heaps of trees and shit. U could sort of say i live in the bush lol. I went and goy some new clothes today and i buy allot of that V8 juice lol. How have u been mate.

  • Glen

    yeyaaaa dominoes!! :D