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Oh boy sleep! Thats when I'm a viking!

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  • from london
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  • Member since: August 2006
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Me, Myself, and I
Hello there! 'tis I the proud owner of a giant lobster plush ~see album~ woo go plush! I am also a fan of mr blobby (Oh yeah!) and pokemon

...my pokemon brings all the boys to the yard and there like, you wanna trade cards? and I'm like damn right I wanna trade cards, cuz I got a charizard!

Hello to all of my friends and to my enimies...go to hell!

† omfg its jesus! maby he will bless my page!†

No? oh well...stupid jesus -_-, man I am sick of this, and I think I have written loads but when I go to check it will be about 3 lines and crammed full of typos!

well untill next time I get bored dooing my R.E , see ya!
for me ebay is...
adictive in the strangest kind of way o.0
is uber smexy
hate my team,hate yourself
sunderland, ha! hate yourself !
creepy for me is....
I actualy don't have one

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    1. Poll ^^
    2. ooo! A poll
    3. Can I eat this so called poll?
    4. Poll XD
    5. Polly is my pet poll ><


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  • Things I want for my birthday...hint hint


    2 Panda paraphinalia

    3 School bag-constantly questing lol

    4 Moneh!

    5 iTunes voucher

    6 Nice t-shirts

    7 Smexy pens

    8 Yo mama

    9 Paper clips

    10 A peanut

    11 Cool socks

    12 Bagles.

    13 Good cd's

    14 A hug...ha ha ha got you there! honestly! a hug!(if anyone gives me a hug I will kill them)

    15 Jelly

    16 Stickers

    17 Smrking Grunnys ^^

    18 Green nail varnish

    19 A t-shirt saying Otaku

    20 Yo mama I know I already mentioned it XD


    2 Comments 326 weeks

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    Ollie F

    Ameeeeeeelia! it's ollie fitton! remember me?

  • India Jade
    India Jade

    heyheyheyheyhey omg how did ya brake ur toe?? i hope u will have fun in america!!! i just got back from tunisia yesterday and on wednesday im going to greece...omg i cant wait till next academic year but u wont be in my class with tash but we will still talk!!! i got a prezzie for u and everyone else..i hope u will like it!!!! i also saw a relirelirelireli cute baby camal ...soooooo sweet!!!awwww i miss uuuuu veryveryveryvery much .. byebye cya indy...xoxo

  • India Jade
    luv India Jade

    omgggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!! i miss u soooooo much..ahhhhhhh and im sooo excited to go to tunisa with anna in about 10 houres...ahhhhhh i luv u as a s.b.f!!!!! please write back as sooooon as posible..!!!! indy...xoxo ...today i can only share the love once and so u better be happy that i choose to share it with u!!!! XD

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    X-Angel Ali-X

    If You Are Recieving This Comment, ************************ **** That Means That You Are On My Top 16!!! ************************ ***** And If You Are On My top 16, ******************* That Means That I love you!!! ************************ So All You Have To Do, ***************** Ss Send This To All Of Your Top 16 People, ************************ ***** ** And If You Recieve This Comment Back, ************************ ***** ** That Means That You Are On Their Top16!!! ************************ ***** ** So The Whole Point Of This Comment, ************************ ***** Is To Just Tell People How Much You Love Them xxxxxx

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    luv Katya D


  • Hannah Lynton
    Hannah Lynton

    what ya on bout

  • Hannah Lynton
    Hannah Lynton

    no i did not add you u addid me