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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
本 籍:上海
英文名:Pan Will
生 日:1980-8-6
身 高:174cm
星 座:獅子座
最喜歡的音樂:Hip Hop, R & B, 華語流行曲
最喜歡的男歌手:Sisqo, Eminem,劉德華
最喜歡的演員:Will Smith
最想見到的人:Michael Jordan

Pan was born in West Virginia, United States and later moved to Taiwan at the age of seven. He attended Taipei American School and graduated in 1999. Because of his multicultural background, he is fluent in both Mandarin and American English. Before launching his acting and singing career, he attended California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in the United States. He still retains his dual citizenship in the U.S.A. and Taiwan. He is also famous for doing many cover songs of Korean artists. His latest album, released in 2007, is Play It Cool (玩酷). His most successful song is Have to Love (不得不爱). He is currently featured in advertisements for Coca-Cola and Family Mart convenience stores in Taiwan. A New Album will be released in 22nd May 2009.
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【MV / HQ】Hyori Lee(李孝利) Ft. Wilber Pan(潘瑋柏) - 只要愛上你

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  • Will Pan brings $500 million (NT) of revenue; Celebrates album by knocking ice sculpture

    Will Pan's new album <007> tops the charts, and with his spokespersons contracts and performances, he has already brought his company a revenue of $500 million (NT) in the first half of the year. On May 31st, he celebrated his record sales at Xi Men Ding by knocking down an ice sculpture. At the same time, he announced that he will be holding a celebration concert on July 12th at Tamshui Fishermans Wharf. In order to repay his fans' support, he held a draw for those who have bought his album. The lucky winner would get to be handcuffed with Will Pan for 30 minutes, but unfortunately, the lucky winner didn't show up.

    Will Pan has already brought in $500 million (NT) of revenue to his company, which includes: $150 million (NT) from his concert tour, $310 million (NT) from 7 spokesperson commercials from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and album online downloads adding to $80 million (NT). In addition to his upcomming spokesperson contracts and performances, his company foresees revenue over $500 million (NT). In celebration, Will Pan and General Manager Ye Mei Jun of Universal records knocks down an ice sculpture in the shape of "500 million".

    To repay his fans' support, he originally planned to draw a lucky winner who has purchased a copy of his album to be handcuffed with him for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the lucky winner did not show up. Instead, Will Pan grabbed a female dancer to demonstrate, and the female dancer purposely touched and hugged him. She even wrapped her leg around his waist, making Will Pan embarrassed. Will Pan express that if he has a chance, he would very much want to be handcuffed together with Angelina Jolie.

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  • Lee Da Hae reveals: will marry Will Pan soon!

    Will Pan enjoys ultimate 007 elite. Yesterday noon, he held a press conference at FELIX restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Earlier, he had collaborated with Korean female artist Lee Da Hae in one of his MVs and she specially flew to Hong Kong to support him. Her hot sexy dress made her look like a Bond girl.

    Will is about to release his 7th album ‘007’, in the past he has earned a massive $500million for his record company, and yesterday Universal Music smashed over $2million to hold the press conference in the Peninsula Hotel. Lee Da Hae, who finished filming the MV in end of April, and who has been staying in touch with Will via e-mails, basically flew to Hong Kong for free.

    When Lee Da Hae saw Will, she was very excited and used her 4-year learnt Chinese to praise him non-stop saying he is handsome, witty, well-mannered, and said ‘perfect man’ 3 times. She did not try to hide her good feelings towards Will, and expressed that even her mum has been mesmerised by him.

    At the press conference, Will was encouraged by everyone to kiss Lee Da Hae, and she smiled shyly and joked: “We’re going to get married, because everyone knows it already.”

    Will revealed: “Being 28 already, I feel like it’s time to find a girlfriend. I’m very careful when it comes to picking girlfriends, I will have to consider whether my parents will like her, it’s kind of like picking a wife.

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  • Will Pan & Akon sing 'morphine'; Hong Kong refuses to release

    Will Pan & American hip-hop artist Akon's new collaboration 'Be With You' has been kicked away by Hong Kong, because the lyrics contain the word 'morphine'. Will Pan comments that there are big cultural differences, and rushes to change the lyrics with his colleagues.

    'Be With You' had just been released in Hong Kong, and immediately got blocked. This made Will feel very distressed. The rare opportunity of collaborating with Akon, unfortunately resulting in problems with his lyrics, because it contains sensitive words and morphine. Will commented: "I lived in a Western country for a while, the culture is very different. Currently, me and my colleagues are trying to solve this problem; really don't know how I'm going to explain this to Akon."

    Will feels very troubled about this, and worked with his staff and producers to change the lyrics. From the original version: "You like morphine, you soothe me," they will replace the word 'morphine' with 'more'. They will also remove the word 'sh*t' from another line. His record company will promote the new version in Hong Kong later, and keep the original version in Taiwan.

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    watz up bro

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    Dowg! 你真的可以唱歌我還沒有不相信那你從美國來啊。。。我希望我可以唱歌好像  你啊

  • Rangi-Nuku

    pan's song be with you played on the radio today but was only akon singing and no pan!!! WTF!!!!!!:O :O :O :O :O

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    FiftyNine Fahrenheit

    Be with you! FTW

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    双人舞 好好听哦~ =)

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    WILL PAN'S NEW CD ALBUM. 09年新專輯 4/27預購 5/15正式發行

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