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Tribute to you Sora

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We miss u Major Label
Destiny Islands United States
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Sora We do Not want you to Leave. This band is just for u. This is to show u how much we care and how much we want u to stay. Its only for me, ur girlfriend, and ur Best friend. Its all for u, Please stay!

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  • A tributary....

    well it has come to this sora. if u decide to go its ur choice and we can't stop u. all i have to say is know this, we will all miss u terribly and maybe cause some of us to take drastic measures (ramiro/riku should know by what i mean by this). i guess i could say i know how u feel. i wrote that thing that is on roxas' homepage and really was how i felt. i had receieved terrible news and i couldnt bear the life i was living. Things will get better. maybe not as fast as u expect it but they will get better. i know it for things have slowly been progressing for me.

    plz dont go sora for we wil all deliberitly miss (for all of ya people that dont know what it means, it means really but in a slightly fancy way o.o). again if u decide to leave, we cant stop u but know the aftermath. i made that mistake and look what happened! u couldnt take it, been depressed (i went thru rikus profile...so sue me!) and had some crazy idea to close ur bebo.

    DONT DO IT BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (theses lyrics are frm "Returning the smile you had from the start" by emery not all of it is put in here but enough to prove a point!)

    As simple as I can
    I'll tell you the difference
    between a pencil and a pen
    and where it will leave us
    now as you body lets you die
    and i sit here still alive

    In my memory I wrote you down in ink
    I never wanted to erase your story
    even with the tragedy it brings

    the fluid in your lungs
    that tells you your losing
    stop breathing
    the medicine that comes will fix you will help you
    but takes you from conscious to sleep
    place my hands to face and weep

    In my memory I wrote you down in ink
    I never wanted to erase your story
    even with the tragedy it brings

    something beautiful
    something torn from my hands
    I'm not ready for you to die
    (I can't leave here like this.
    get awat from her)

    this day will end
    with a life complete
    My closest friend here in front of me.
    (That is not all that she was.
    I don't want to say goodbye yet)

    (written by francisco v. appreciate my work bitches!!! o.o)

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  • Cyan S
    Cyan S

    Owww Sora!  *O*

  • Somy Moon
    Somy Moon

    i like sora very much wow

  • Alpha Queen Andrea

    sora rocks

  • Ryuk

    i just played kingdom hearts for the first time i already knew what it was about but after playing the game it reminds me of ff 7.............i know that is sooooooooooo weird any way kingdom hearts rules ! and if your having problems with unreliable info go to wiki ( its a free online encyclepedia on almost any thing ;)

  • Suzaku Kururugi
    Suzaku Kururugi

    Sora is on all the upcoming Kingdom hearts, please do research before posting wrong information.

  • Nathan Mcshane
    Nathan Mcshane

    connor h yes he is in 358/2 day look on imdb

  • Conor H

    Btw, he's not in 358/2 days, i have the japanese version, and i havent saw him so.... he will probs be in kingdom hearts coded ;)

  • Hayden Henotic
    Hayden Henotic

    Umm KH Coded, KH BBS and KH 358/2 days. Still to come, then KH3... so... hes not gone. x

  • luv Conor H

    Hey I don't think Sora's Dead There is another game (Kingdom Hearts Coded) Its a mobile game, with great graphyics ;) And Sora Donald, (And The Crew) Are In It. So no need to worries :)

  • Tegan'Z Bebo
    Tegan'Z Bebo

    who ever u r i bet ya yr good, but not as good as me.

  • Becca.

    i miss sora he was the best; in those big yellow shoes ^ ^

  • º- Athena Shirabuki
    luv º- Athena Shirabuki

    sora rocks dont leave ma friends liv ya stay your the bets nd rock out of this world

  • Jordan Nesbitt

    im roxis

  • 'Ziink Zeronik.-

    Sora Is Not DEAD !

  • Ally Attwell
    luv Ally Attwell

    OMG! I cant believe SORA! and his friends are the bomb!!!!!!!

  • -Rewrite-
    luv -Rewrite-

    goofy and the donald suck. let see more of sora