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Stiffy Armstrong

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  • Female, 23
  • from Big town of Redmond
  • Profile views: 276
  • Last active: 8/4/08
  • www.bebo.com/stiffyrose
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hey pumpkinz, my lifes not too exiting ya no..
bein a farmer is one of the hardest jobs round so yah
thats y im a fishermans daughter! im pretty much a try hard farmer wit alot of farming potential although im not quiet farmer material.but hey ask me anythen bout fishen, but pls dnt go in2 detail!
hmm well Red Hot Chili Peppers r ma fave..they top ma charts n av 4 like EVA!
allanis morrisette makes alot of sense, so does lily allen! ah Tenacious D is awsum n i luv Natasha Bedingfields style..anythen not techno is GREAT! mellow stuf that has meaning is excellent!
Napolean Dynamite..haha oh and master of disguise! haha luv pistaccio!
hmmm used 2 be Netball...now it would av 2 b soccer!
Scared Of
scared of anythen wit more than 4 legs or slithers!
Samara..(The Ring one)the real samara is a S*!T
Happiest When
Happiest when wit Den babe oh n dnt 4get clo n jess n mel n yer just evryone..Im truely happiest when im on farm wit all the farmers! miss u matt n ash =(
Favourite Animal
COWS!...ha but only the tame kind..anything cute n cuddly eg. ducklings n chickens!
Peice Of Advice
Dont do drugs n keep the olds close cos u duno when u'll need em..

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  • miss murders blog..lol

    hi blog!
    how are you today?
    im pretty good, didnt enjoy my day though.
    tell me about yourself blog. i mean you just sit on my page all day long with nothing to do, you must have a life aside sitting there.
    i'd be pretty bored if i sat on a profile all day.
    jess n clo tell me to take my medicine, but i like talking to you blog, because you dont talk back.
    anyway must be off bloggy
    catchya later xxx

    0 Comments 358 weeks

  • BLOG!

    Play the blog game! heres wot u do.. blog me n il blog u!! hahaha

    0 Comments 373 weeks

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  • Lani Smith
    Lani Smith

    Ur WaCk!!

  • Lani Smith
    Lani Smith

    hey chicky babes :) havent spoken to u in a while?? how u been! did u no i live dwn here now?? trippy shit id say!! haha u goin to the show? any ways twk soon love larnz

  • Felicity Heffernan
    Felicity Heffernan

    hey tif how are ya ? long time no talk! wat ya been up2? xx

  • Chloe Burton
    Chloe Burton

    Hey buddie, Lol I love ya comments lol so how have ya been? Hey ya know you didnt have to get me a christmas present you know cos I know your trying to save for a car so dont bother buying me presents lol save ya money lovey. So Denams sisters wedding is on your ball that must suck hey cos its your last year at mt barker high oh well the good thing about the wedding being on that date is that you get to spend time with denam and watch his sister get married how awesome wow you lucky thing you are.So have ya got your log book yet mate?Gosh I cant wait to see you again I miss you heaps I think it will be a bit awkward wen we see eachother at first but it shall be okay. So how is your family and mellissa? Well I gotta go I hope to hear from you soon have fun Love ya loads Love chloe xox

  • Melinda Van Reeken
    Melinda Van Reeken

    Dear Fucker... You are my fuckin friend... And I hope u know thats fuckin true... No matter what the fuck happens... I will stand the fuck by u... I will fuckin be there for u... When ever the fuck u need me... To lend a fuckin hand.... To do a fuckin good deed... So fuckin call on me.... Whenever the fuck u need me... Fuck, i will always be there... Even to the bitter fuckin end... Send this fucking promise to all your fuckin friends to show your fuckin friendship and watch who fuckin Sends it back to u...and if they dont send it back.... FUCK THEM!!!!!! F.U.C.K STANDS FOR (F)RIEND (U) (C)AN (K)EEP SO PROMISE ME WE'LL F.U.C.K FOREVER!!!!!! love MELINDA

  • Chloe Burton
    Chloe Burton

    hahaha I would love for you too teach me how to be a farmer it would be heaps of fun hehehe.

  • Chloe Burton
    Chloe Burton

    heya lovey, yeah I had a relaxing time at stuarts it was good how was the farming and sheeping at denams as I heard. I was upset too that I didnt get to catch up with you but thats fine I will visit you during the holidays maybe soon. Yeah we sooo have to go beaching hehehe well we will have to work sumthing out okie and this time us girls will have fun and be able to sort something out with each other with out the boys hehe! Miss ya too bubz I hope to hear from you soon xoxox

  • Chloe Burton
    Chloe Burton

    hahaha thanx is that my new nickname hey lol so how have ya been stiffy lol hey stuart suggested that we camp out at his place hehehehe

  • Jess

    hey tiff, hows things??, wait ur online hey? duh!

  • Melinda Van Reeken
    Melinda Van Reeken

    fine tiff, dnt metion an hi 2 me!

  • ღ♥Ashleigh Sღ♥
    ღ♥Ashleigh Sღ♥

    Hey stiffles!! how are you? are you excited about the royal show?? im in business and i cant see you! Are you here?? well i guess not!! see you later. OXOX

  • ღ♥Ashleigh Sღ♥
    ღ♥Ashleigh Sღ♥

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a great one!! as you said...you are now legal....to drive a car!!! LOL

  • Mwwah Luv Ya'S
    Mwwah Luv Ya'S

    hey tiff how is ya ????