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Lee Carver

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  • Male, 31, Luv 906
  • from kc
  • I am Engaged
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  • Member since: August 2006
  • Last active: Jul 3
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About Me

thats what she said
Me, Myself, and I
finally got ma wee boy on the 9th o the 9th o the 9th well done steph

alfie ali carver am so chuffed he,s a wee belter

cheers to abdy for all his gifts etc and all ur cards.

also got a gorgeous daughter abbi who always makes me smile

love spending time we my kids and of course we steph, da ken what id do without her

i love her so much, n she s a star.....altho people always says she,s the lucky one lol

staying in big bad bod just now, but still hoping to move back to the chosen land(kc) one o these days

if im nae we my kids n steph then am playing fitba , well tryin to or playing poker,

play for geldie on a sat n cove revolution on a sunday, i still love my fitba !

am nae oot so much noo, but if i am its likely al be in the geldie ,

ive got the best bunch o mates ever n i couldnt have asked for a better family all my cuz,s aunts, uncles, bro, sis , nieces they ve all helped me oot when ive needed it most
The Other Half Of Me
X Steph Pratt X

X Steph Pratt X

<<<steph carver

support celtic, east fife n everton, love ma fitba, play for fc geldie on a sat n cove on a sunday , gettin a bit too old now tho for 2 games in 2 days!!
ur all the bomb i love u, s all, u, s all make me laugh in ur own ways
abbi n alfie
love ma kids too bits, id be lost without them my life revolves around these two, theres not a better feeling than hearing ur own kids laugh!
like to try n get a game o poker now n again, love watchin any football on tv(sorry steph) like playin football too, also started playin pro evo on my bro, s x box which is cool., canna beat a good comedy prog either am always watching tv or dvd fan am at hame, love the office britsih and american version, any comedy show, family guy flight o the concordes summer heights high , the inbetweeners, friends(even tho av seen every episode about 100 times, i still watch it on e4 ) , also like ma music , love blasting my mowtown cd while am cleaning up after steph n my bro!!! love lily allen too
all time hero
Henrik larsson
Dad 27/9/01.Mum.R.I.P 28/10/08
Cant believe your gone, life, s just not the same without you, s theres not a day goes by when i dont think about u both, gone but not forgotten, love u s always
aw canna explain how lucky i feel having a girl like steph in my life, she, s been we me through some shit times, she also teh person i take my moods out on, so im sorry babe lol. she, s a real gem, i love her too bits hopefuly an one day she be in the carver gang too(ha babes lol)


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  • Andrew Stratton
    luv Andrew Stratton

    im good cheers and u . give me a buzz im up 4 that.did u c germany england? i backed germany at start of wc 14/1 it was priceless 2 c lineker and shearers face at full time after saying germany was average b4 kick off lol never right off the germans at anything

  • Andrew Stratton
    luv Andrew Stratton

    fuck all just watching the world cup and working same old shit x kept a low profile last few weeks trying 2 calm down a bit . fit about urself?

  • X Steph Pratt X
    luv X Steph Pratt X

    Love you Gorgeous xxx

  • Mike

    Thats a fair stint. You the gaffer on nights like? Last trip was byford dolphin got home last sunday

  • X Steph Pratt X
    luv X Steph Pratt X

    Ok I will speak to you soon gorgeous! Absoultey I will not x x x

    6/6/10 via Mobile
  • X Steph Pratt X
    luv X Steph Pratt X

    Aw I see am in the car away to drop off a kfc to rachels mum then going home to chill out how's your night? X x x

    6/6/10 via Mobile
  • X Steph Pratt X
    luv X Steph Pratt X

    Lol here's ya! You were on bebo the other day Miss ya x x x

    6/6/10 via Mobile
  • Mike

    I'm at home bud. Who you down there with? Long to go?

  • Mike

    Hows it going? Where you at bud?

    6/3/10 via Mobile
  • Dean Palmer
    Dean Palmer

    Like ma man how's it going?? how was the bbq andy and T bug was wanting me ti go we them like!! just got the cv sorted out mate u should see it u would think i was a Rocket scientist it a cracker! cheers 4 giving me that lads e mail but im nae sure if he's getting it!! so if i give u a copy will u hand it in 4 me buddy that would be most appreciated?? well take it easy bud and ill hear fae yi soon cheers mate

  • Andrew Stratton
    luv Andrew Stratton

    sorry if i was arsey on fone last night i was in bed green and u got me up lol but if its def on 4 sat let me know asap and ill get the beers and the shrimps in u bloody mongrel haha

  • Jodi Ronald
    Jodi Ronald

    Get the snail on The Barbie!!! lol.x

  • Kev Mann
    Kev Mann

    Orite mate hows it going out there? Some night i had on wednesday haha. you spoke to laurie yit?

  • Andrew Stratton
    luv Andrew Stratton

    i just stayed in this weekend having a quiet 1 for a change and i didnt go 2 the darts i was gutted like coz barney got a 9darter and i wasnt there 2 c it x

  • Andrew Stratton
    luv Andrew Stratton

    fuck knows then ? and im banned 4 life cuz or at least when marie works there haha well give me a buzz when ur up 4 a beer . take it easy x

  • Andrew Stratton
    luv Andrew Stratton

    dont know if uve got right number or nae but i never get ur txt and nae been up 2 much just the usuall payday end of week tho and ive booked 4days hols so im on a bender from thur -tue darts and old firm

  • Andrew Stratton
    luv Andrew Stratton

    like en stranger hows things with u? are u back on the go x

  • X Steph Pratt X
    luv X Steph Pratt X

    thats ok what r friends for eh x x x

    3/20/10 via Mobile
  • Andrew Stratton
    Andrew Stratton

    like en cuz glad 2 hear ur out and about lol wudve come 2 see u but work commitments u ken fit like take it easy bud

  • X Steph Pratt X
    luv X Steph Pratt X

    i love you get well soon xxx