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bring on the summer.....

6/15/08 | me too! | Reply

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The Noisy Ro-Ro!
Me, Myself, and I
"omg that's so hot!" "full on.. not half on" "shit off.. thats such a crack up!" "Babes" "love it" "loveage" "Mc Dougall" "cringe!" "gag!" "rancid!" "ye mann...." "Dick off!" "Fuunntastic"

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♥ R.I.P. my angel ellaline, i miss you! ♥
A bit of everything: definately songs that remind you of things and memories, the classics, the normals, un-normals, like i said a bit of everything. I don't think i could live without music!
you'll never meet anybody like this girl here!!! shes everything you would want one of your best friends to be! I know your still smiling and only wish i could see it , missing you so much beany! best friends forever, my brightest star~R.I.P ♥
loves these
friends, family, guys, hot guys, beaching it, sunbathing, going out, having raves in the garden, raves in general, bbq's, sunglasses, candles, shopping, talking, singing, dancing, being silly, party's, social gatherings, chilled days and nights at the beach, the sea, boats, harley davidsons, movies, chick flicks, my camera, audi R8 black-on-black, the sun, the snow, skiing, the caribbean, disney florida, minnie mouse, holiday romances, holidays, cocktails, desperados, shoes, bags, my castle bed, things that smell nice, selfridges, harrods, a bit of primark, regent street, bond street, saville road, london, pink, sparkles, amazing memories, and generally just being here!
not so much these...
sharks, open water, smelly things, rude people, arrogant or big headed people, people that take things for granted!
the best things in life
my friends-without a doubt! my brother and family, my extended and adopted family, people that make my world go round! :)

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The Prodigy - The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital - Josh Homme / Liam Howlett wreckage remix

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  • Tina Palmer
    Tina Palmer

    OMG... this girl is showing everything on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on MerissaRentfroiidqn@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Tina Palmer
    Tina Palmer

    I just earned $200 in a few days typing online! I used - http://bit.ly/aS1WqC Dont forget to thank me!

  • Chhchh Boomm
    Chhchh Boomm

    What is this bebo is deserted ha! love you ...im gonig all out ! xxx

  • Court Dubois
    Court Dubois

    God the service in that bay leaf cafe is crap, im neva goin bak there again!! x

  • Xhaveh Sumeh Holleh Luffeh X
    luv Xhaveh Sumeh Holleh Luffeh X

    rosilllllllllyyyyyyy...... i love you sdo so so so so smuch ummmm bassicallly .... did oyu not get my txt lol ... i txt you like a full on 3 page message bout my day lol .. bt it was really gd ... i had a gd laugh keepin it on the love ... bt i think i have from novermer the 29th off so ... if i am i may be bk for a month n then it wont be like a mad rich so we can all like chill together n nt have to try n get everyone in lol which i think is a gd plan ... we shal have to see behhe ohhhh ...... bt shhhhhhh btw about the above....bt ohhhh i miss you so so so so so so so so smuch .... i cant even besr it ... bt its all gd out here .... lots of stuff going on n stufff hahaha some girl at a party threw her drink over me twice coz she thought i was flirting with her bf ... hahah she had no idea i new him from skl lol bt hay ho no change there hahaha it was quite funny hehe ... how is england ... how life ... you n shammy .. louis ... pgs ummm lrun out of leters lol 831 xxxx

  • Cov The God
    Cov The God

    hahaha some sort of myt get handy man sam round 2 sort out the door comin of the hinge situation out hehehe ... machines :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wb

  • Chhchh Boomm
    luv Chhchh Boomm

    ah its myy noisssy RORO!!!!! nowww i hear you enjoyed the door hooks:P haha what a GIGGGLLLLEEE anyyway im just writing to say i love you and we should toatally have 1 on 1 time soon .. i love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Xhaveh Sumeh Holleh Luffeh X
    Xhaveh Sumeh Holleh Luffeh X

    heya rosillllllly how r you ????? just chekin in to seee how you are .... misss you so much missssy i cant stand it ..... hows the boify any gos hehehehe i love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Runaway Cinderella
    luv Runaway Cinderella

    hiya hun! sorr its late um like never ever on here anymore haha lol! i dunno u'll have to text me and we'll sort summin out. love x

  • Xhaveh Sumeh Holleh Luffeh X
    luv Xhaveh Sumeh Holleh Luffeh X

    i miss yuo so much sweety i cant even say :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( how is life ??? is it ok .... any gossip ... any news ..... hows the 6th form goin ? in it gd at parky ??? love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Xhaveh Sumeh Holleh Luffeh X
    luv Xhaveh Sumeh Holleh Luffeh X

    ohhh rosillly i miss you so so so much i cant bare it ... hate skl so much really i hate it with a passion ... made friends bt its not the same ... im gunna stck it out till crimbo n if oi cant take it anymore im cumming home :D bt i will try so so hard i promiss. i will be bk at crimbo aswell if i stay which will be gd bt i will be bk for your b day you can count on it how is grammer you clever trever is it gd ??? house is gd fam is gd nn everything else is i just miss every one so desperatly i love you so much n miss you tooo say hi to the big bro l;o ve you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxx oh holly_parnell@hotmail.com xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sam.
    luv Sam.


  • Liam

    thought id comment on here because i no how much u prefer facebook......IM ANNOYING....... love you bye xxxxxx

  • M.

    OMG! :O :O I Have Not Seen You In Ages! :( Whats Happening?? I Miss Youuu Rosiee! :( :( Lovee Youu xxxxx

  • Liam

    well rosanna :D ur tea making...dnt even get me started on tht........ and the milk and tea bags........ sort it out.............. hope ur feeling better :D love ageeeeee

  • Liam
    luv Liam

    pea head moomin :D :D love ageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Gemmehh.
    luv Gemmehh.

    Rosiieee :D you have a good holidayy darlinggg? what you up to the next few dayss,, we need to do somethingg?! loveeyouuu xxxx

  • Tina Palmer
    Tina Palmer

    elooo bubbles how was the party did i miss anything good and how did u feel the morning after hehehe:-) btw were do u work? teeny xxxxx

  • Cov The God
    Cov The God

    some sort of rainbow arch myb ??? xxx :P calender games :) xxx