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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Name: Bailey, William Bill (Axl Rose)

Nick name: Axl Rose

Birthday : February 6th 1962

Hometown : Lafayette IN, USA

Occupation : Singer, Entertainer, Pianist, Guitarist

Bands : AXL, Rapidfire, Hollywood Rose, L.A. Guns, Guns N' Roses!

Axl Rose (born William Bruce Rose, Jr. on February 6, 1962 in Lafayette, Indiana) is an American hard rock singer and songwriter. His mother remarried when he was an infant, and changed Rose's name to William Bailey, using the last name of her new husband Stephen Bailey. At the age of 17, he readopted the name William Rose, and would later legally change it to W. Axl Rose..... read the blog!! lol


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  • Chinese Democracy put back again!

    The latest release date is now


    2 Comments 308 weeks

  • New Date for Chinese Democracy.

    New Date for Chinese Democracy..yet again the date for release is later.

    The new release date is...17/09/2007

    but keep on waiting there keeping it back to improve it...just hang in there.


    3 Comments 331 weeks

  • um...........continued from above bout axl rose!.....

    He is best known as the lead singer of Guns N' Roses, and is the only original member still part of the band's line-up. Although he is regarded by many as one of hard rock's all-time greatest frontmen, Rose is also infamous for his onstage antics, disputes with former bandmates, and for his constant rewriting of the still-unreleased Chinese Democracy album.

    Axl Rose was brought up in a deeply religious Pentecostal family. He sang in church and taught Sunday school. The strict discipline and Pentecostal education he received as a child led to his rebellion as an adolescent against both Indiana and society in general.

    He had a troubled childhood and, as an adult, stated that repressed memories had revealed to him that his biological father, William Rose, had sexually abused him as a small child. William Rose left the family when Axl was two years old. Axl also suffered physical abuse at the hands of his stepfather, Stephen Bailey.

    Growing up, Axl thought Bailey was his biological father; Axl's name had been "William Bailey" since his father had left. At age seventeen however, he learned of his biological father's existence and readopted his birth name, William Rose. He would only refer to himself as "W. Rose", however, as he did not wish to share a name with his biological father.

    Because of his turbulent upbringing and his mother's reluctance to leave the abusive Bailey, Rose is said to have issues with women. He himself claimed in a Rolling Stone interview in 1992 that during his childhood he was made to believe that women and sexuality were evil and that due to the violent treatment of his mother by his stepfather he witnessed as an impressionable child, he had been led to think that domestic violence was the normal way of things 1
    Youth in Indiana
    Rose showed strong interest in music, singing in the choir at church and studying piano. As a teenager he formed a band called Axl. He kept the band's name as his own, and adopted the name Axl as his own legal name.

    Throughout his youth, Axl Rose was in trouble numerous times with the police and was arrested over twenty times on charges such as public drunkenness and assault. In his late teenage years Lafayette authorities attempted to have him [1] locked up as a habitual criminal and on the advice of his lawyer, he left Indiana and headed to Los Angeles in the early 1980s to pursue a rock music career where he was re-united with close childhood friend and former Indiana bandmate, Izzy Stradlin.
    Los Angeles: the rise of Guns N' Roses
    The early 1980s music scene in Los Angeles featured both punk and heavy metal bands. Axl wanted to meld the two styles into a unique musical form. Rose moved through a number of bands, including Hollywood Rose, L.A. Guns, Rapidfire, A.X.L., and Rose. Then, after bringing in his former L.A. Guns bandmates, Tracii Guns (who was soon replaced by Slash, real name Saul Hudson) and Rob Gardner (who was soon replaced by Steven Adler), Guns N' Roses were formed in the summer of 1985.

    Desperately poor, the fledgling band struggled to survive in the streets of LA. Allegedly, Rose and Stradlin even sold drugs for petty cash.[2] According to Rose, they manipulated women for their money, an example being at a party at an unnamed woman's house and while one band member had sex with the woman, the others would raid her wallet for the little cash they could salvage. [3]

    They eventually rented a small apartment, dubbed the Hell House, which quickly became a den for sex, drugs and rock n' roll. L.A. promoter Vicky Hamilton allegedly managed the band and got them their first gigs.

    With Axl Rose (vocals), Izzy Stradlin (rhythm guitar), Slash (lead guitar), Duff McKagan (bass), and Steven Adler (drums), Guns N' Roses signed a recording contract with Geffen Records in 1986. The band released its first full-length album, Appetite for Destruction, in 1987. Mixing blazing power chords with Axl's shrieking vocals, the album was not an imme

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  • Ian Skinny Constable
    Ian Skinny Constable

    hi yea dude i am a fan.

  • Dirtay Martini.X
    luv Dirtay Martini.X

    omfg hes so sexy!!! dayum pe0w pe0w :* xX

    6/9/10 via Mobile
  • Lesbiano MErcie

    Omg axl rose such a hottie esp in sweet child omfg omfg he way better than that myles guy and 10 times betta than slash. GO AXL :-*:$

    6/6/10 via Mobile
  • -ReNi.

    Am only 14 and id still marry him :) xx

    6/3/10 via Mobile
  • Azahari Bin Mat Isa
    Azahari Bin Mat Isa

    yes good.....axl...you very .....rock star......

  • Queen Of Puppetiers
    luv Queen Of Puppetiers

    i love axl hes fit and knows how to get his point across :) Xxx

    4/29/10 via Mobile
  • Ian Mcleman
    luv Ian Mcleman

    Best frontman thats ever lived! I worship the ground this man walks on.i wud luv 2 meet him 1 day x

    10/21/09 via Mobile
  • BloodyLays.

    I Axl xxx

  • Axl

    I am him.. lol Na just got the same name =P GNR hard!!

  • Devil Doll
    Devil Doll

    has anyone else evre met him? i have woop woop.

  • Bree
    luv Bree

    Heyyy can ya'll do my polls?? Pleeeeeeeeeease Much Love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Mrs Axl Rose
    Mrs Axl Rose


  • Sinead

    i lovee em can i be a band memeber?! Pwees

    2/28/09 via Mobile
  • Lauren.


  • Peter

    one of the best vocalists to ever exist but what a twat guns n roses will never be anything will out slash axl rose ruined the only band that could take the title of ultimate rock legend away from elvis pressley but still amazing

  • Ben Sutton

    I saw u axl at leeds carling festival in 2002 u were awesome axl benj from doncaster

    1/18/09 via Mobile
  • .

    He is SO COOL

    1/18/09 via Mobile