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Sarah Warren

do my quizz plzzz

7/16/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • from banbury
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
brown hair, brown eyes ,dancer, loves music, shopping ,icecream ,chilling out with mates,love them all to bit and being with boyfriend...loveya nathan mwar xxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!


║║╔☆╦╦╦═ ║╚╝╠☆╦╦╗
║╚╣║║║║╩ ╚╗╔╣║║║║
╚═╩═╩═╩═☆ ╚╝╚═╩═☆
to my baby nathan love you forever!X!X!X!X!X!

---///-\\\---Put This
--|||---|||--On Your
--|||---|||--Bebo If
--|||---|||--You Know
----\\///----Who Died
♥«´¨`•° sarah °•´¨`»♥

all dance music, r&b, urban
any tunes with a good beat
you need to be able to dance to them
not fussy lol it just has to make me giggle
Scared Of
frogs there slimie, green and jumpie !!!!!!!!!!
Happiest When
with mates and babi boy... who is'nt
so true
~*love~* is* when* you* can't* sleep* because* you* can't* stop* thinking* about* them*

love* is* when* u* cant* talk* cuz* ur* afraid* ur* gonna* say* something* stupid*

love* is* when* u* barely* move* cuz* ur* scared* u* will* do* something* dumb*

love* is* when* u* stare* at* the* phone* for* hours* hoping* that* they'll* call*

love* is* when* the* only* thing* that* makes* u* feel* better* is* there* smile*

love* is* when* people* can* say* anything* to* u* or* about* u* and* u* just* dont* care*

love* is* when* u* get* online* and* u* sit* there* for* hours* and* wait* for* their* annoying* sound* so* u* can*finally* talk* to* them*

love* is* when* u* find* someone* that* u* can* tell* everything* and* ur* sure* they* wont* make* fun* of* u*

love* is* when* u* can* just* wake* up* have* makeup* running* down* ur* face* from* crying* and* they'll* still* say* ur* beautiful*

love* is* when* they* would* do* anything* to* see* u* smile* lov
___***____***____***__ *** __

           ♥           ♥

                   ♥                     ♥

             ♥                   ♥


           ♥                   ♥       ♥


                              ♥      ♥

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    ~♥~му мυмму~♥~-♥elmoxx
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    ~♥~му вяσтнєя~♥~-leigh xxx
    ~♥~му нυѕвαи∂~♥~- nathan xxx
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    ~♥~му gαу fяιєи∂~♥~-♥ joey soz babe xxx
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    ~♥~му иєρнєω~♥~-
    ~♥~му gυαя∂ιαи αиgєℓ~♥~-♥ gemgem xxx
    ~♥~му ѕє¢яєт кєєρєя~♥~-♥
    ~♥~му ρєяѕσиαℓ ∂яιикѕ мαкєя~♥~- grant xxx
    ~♥~му ρєт ∂σg~♥~-
    ~♥~му αℓ вє тнєяє fσя уσυ fяιєи∂~♥~-
    ~♥~му ℓσνєℓу вσу~♥~- grant xxx
    ~♥~му ѕєχι вσу~♥~-♥
    ~♥~му ѕєχ ѕℓανє~♥~-owww wouldnt ya like to know
    ~♥~му вєαυтιfυℓ fℓαтмαтє~♥~-
    ~♥~da ριмρ~♥~-♥~ jeoy lmao xxx
    ♥~му ναℓєитιиє~♥~- all ya lovelies xx
    ~♥~му нσт α∂мιяєя~♥~- nathan xxx
    ~♥~му мєѕѕєя υρρєя~♥~-nickxx
    ~♥~му ¢ℓєαиєя~♥~ - hannah xxx
    ~♥~му ¢ℓαѕѕ мαтє~♥~- liam xxx
    ~♥~му ѕρє¢ιαℓ σиє~♥~-xanthe xxx
    ~♥~му gιяℓιє~♥~-♥ nick xx
    ~♥~му кιк αѕѕ gιяℓ м8 rachel xxx
    ~♥~му тσтαℓℓу αωєѕσмє ρєяѕσи~♥ abu xxx
    ~♥~му тяυℓу нσиєѕт ρєяѕσи~♥~- dannie xxx
    ~♥~му мαкєѕ мє ѕмιℓє ρєяѕσи~♥~-♥ nathan xxx
    ~♥~тнє єχ¢єитяι¢ αℓ¢σнσℓι¢~♥~-♥ annie lol xxx

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  • plz do dis xx

    Please do this
    sarah is____
    sarah needs____
    I want sarah to____
    sarah can____
    Someday sarah _______
    sarah reminds me of____
    Without sarah i would____
    sarah can be____
    sarah is always____
    The wost thing about sarah is____
    The best thing about sarah is____
    I think sarah should____
    sarah probably tastes like____
    If i could spend the day with sarah we would ____
    sarah is made of____
    If i could be sarah for a day, i'd____
    I want to give sarah a____
    When i think/remember sarah I think of____
    sarah really has to stop____
    The song____by____reminds me of sarah

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    12. Do You Know Who I Love?
    13. Who Do I Hate?
    14. What Makes Me Happy?
    15. Who Do I Support?
    16. Whats My Favourite Colour?
    17. What Colour Eyes Do I Have?
    18. What Colour Hair Do I Have?
    19. What Jewelery Cant I Live Wivout?
    20. Whats Da Background On My Phone?!
    21. Anythin You Wana Say B4 You Go?!

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    Heloo sarahh warenn Lol

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  • S'M

    I sure have, ill put them on bebo now 4 ya, what a numpty he is lol so was u hungover in the the morning them, haha x

  • Sammy.X

    well il txt ya next week see what days if any u ave off and c bout doin sumthin if u wnt ? u goin to kays on friday ???? x x x x

  • Sammy.X

    hey, gdgd yh im gd thnks :D yeh we should what days u at college and work ?? aww hw come ? na resetin me gcses instead hopefully :D xxxx

  • Sammy.X

    wello sara:D how are ya ? dnt see ya much any mre :( wat happening lol hw college goin? wb x x