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white line fever

5/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

bombers for 09 premiers !!
Me, Myself, and I

Aussie Pride

║(o)║< I ♥ My iPod

.........../..../ /
("(...´...´.... ¯_/"..."/
.."\"...\.......... _.•´
acdc, adam brand, the all american rejects, angels and airwaves, the animals, anti-flag, avril lavigne, bayside, ben jelen, bernard fanning, billy joel, blink 182, bliss n eco, the bloodhound gang, blur, bob dylan, bodyrockers, bon vovi, bone symphony, boys like girls, breaking benjamin, bruce springsteen, bullet for my valentine, busted, cake, carrie underwood, chamillionaire, a change of pace, charlie daniels, colbie cailiat, coldplay, creed, the cribs, crowded house, daneil powter, darius rucker, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, a day to remember, dispatch, disturbed, don mclean, dope, drapht, the dresden dolls, elliott yamin, elton john, emiliana torrini, eminem, faber drive, the flaming lips, flipsyde, flobots, flow rider, foo fighters, fort minor, the fratellis, the fray, gavin degraw, the getaway plan, goo goo dolls, greenday, grits, guns and roses, gyroscope, hadouken, the herd, hey monday, hilltop hoods, him, hinder, hollywood undead, hoobastank, hunters and collec
music 2
hunters and collectors, ian moss, ingrid michaelson, INXS, iorn maiden, jack johnson, james blunt, james morrison, jason mraz, jenson, jesse mcartney, jet, jimmy barnes, jimmy eat world, john cale, john denver, john mayer, john williamson, jose gonzález, joshua radin, kate miller-hiedke, kenny rogers, kid rock, the killers, kings of leon, kisschasey, lady gaga, led zeplin, lifehouse, linkin park, live, the living end, lynyrd skynyrd, madness, matchbox 20, mattafix, matty b, men at work, metallica, midnight oil, mika, miley cyrus, miranda cosgrove, motion city soundtrack, natalie bassingthwaight, neil diamond, neil finn, neil young, newton faulkner, nickelback, nine days, nirvana, no angles, oasis, the offspring, papa roach, paul kelly, pete murray, peter frampton, pez, phantom planet, plain white t's, powderfinger, presidents of the usa, the proclaimers, pink flyod, queen, the ramones, redgum, reef, rise against, rose tattoo, russell morris, sandi thom, sara bareilles, scarface, the sc
music 3
scarface, the screaming jets, the script, secondhand serenade, sex pistols, shane piasecki, shannon noll, shayne ward, short stack, silverchair, sixthpence none the richer, slipknot, snowpatrol, staceys mum, steppenwolf, steve earl, the stiff dylans, survivor, switchfoot, system of a down, tayla swift, tenacious d, tenth avenue north, theory of a deadman, three days grace, three doors down, train, tribal seeds, two hours traffic, val doonican, vandalism, vertical horizon, the vines, we the kings, train, wolfmother, yellow card, youth group. i also love war songs. . . like about the anzacs and stuff. .
theres not alot i dont like really lol.
great stuff =)
anything that gets a laugh, music, ipod, fone, bed, mates, eyes, people, little kids movies haa, rain, beaches, climbing mass trees and watching the sun set up there, storms, food, summer, being really cold and putting on like 10 layers of clothes haha, the mighty dons, ice, yawns =), random funniness. . and alot of otha stuff that i just cant think of rite atm lol. .
umm, like all sport really. footy is prob best, but tennis, cricket, bball, hockey, lol, there all good. . . anything really. .
favourite quotes
its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog..........................
its not about how hard u can hit, its about how hard u can get hit and keep going.......................
there all people....they all bleed, all hurt and die just like me or u............................
fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist, children allready know that dragons exist, fairy tales tell children that the dragon can be killed.............
msn... ad it if ya want it

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  • another one of these gay things

    Are you going to answer every question honestly?
    most likely

    Have you ever stayed up all night while drunk or high?
    not high, but drunk yes

    Do you miss anything or anyone?

    What makes you laugh no matter what?
    elf haa

    Who was the last person you talked to?

    What do you dislike at the moment?

    Do you think it is bad to have sex at your age?
    havnt given it alot of thought ? i guess not really

    Will you be doing drugs in the near future?
    no way, hate them

    Do you lie about your age?

    Are you happy with yourself?
    not really

    Would you change yourself for the person you love?
    yeah. . .

    What do you think about when times get hard?
    how to fix it

    When did you last cry?
    no comment


    Do you believe in religion?
    not really

    Have you done bad things with your parents near by?
    yep, they never caught me tho

    Have you started a horrible rumor about somebody?

    Did you ever fail the school year?
    nope. .

    Do you think your future will be a good one?
    i guess so ?

    Do you think you were raised well?

    Do you have a secret that you' ve never told ANYONE?

    How do you handle stress?
    punching bag

    If your parents got divorced and you had to pick mom or dad to live with?

    What’s the most important part of a relationship in your opinion?
    love. . trust. . friendship

    Do you spend time with the same people always?

    When is the last time you were truly happy with your life?
    dont know if i eva really have truely been. .

    Do you think long distance relationships are ever really worth it?
    haa,, wouldnt know,, never tried

    What is your favorite color?

    What do you do when you have a bad day?
    punching bag

    Do you really think exs can be friends?
    id like to hope so. .

    Who messaged you last?

    If you could pack up and leave your life now to move away, would you?
    id give it alot of consideration

    Are you quick to start a fight?
    depends what its over, the circumstances, just depends

    Do your parents really know YOU?
    not at all. dad maybe, but not mum

    Lyrics stuck in your head?
    broken- secondhand serenade

    Are you tired?
    a little

    Do You Prefer Regular Or Chocolate Milk?
    not too fussed

    Do You Think People Talk About You Behind Your Back?
    i know they do

    Why would they?
    cause they dont like me haa

    Does Anyone Love You?
    not sure

    Are You Currently Wanting Any Piercings Or Tattoos?

    What’s The Weather Like?
    a little chilly

    Would You Ever Date Anyone Covered In Tattoos?

    Do You Watch The News?
    lol,, not by choice.

    0 Comments 221 weeks

  • find out what your name really means

    WoRk OuT wAt Ur NaMe ReAlLy MeAnS?!
    A : you like to drink.
    B : You like people.
    C : You're wild and crazy.
    D : You have a massive dick.
    E : Everyone loves you
    F : People adore you.
    G : You never let people tell you what to do.
    H : Have a great personality and you're hot.
    I : You have a fine ass
    J : You live life for fun.
    K : You are really silly.
    L : .Your a good kisser
    M : one to have fun.
    N : You have a gorgeous body.
    O : you are one of the best in bed
    P : You are popular with all types of people.
    Q : You are a hypocrite.
    R : Fuckin crazy in a sexy way.
    S : Easy to fall in love with.
    T : You're loyal to those you love.
    U : You really like to chill.
    V : You are not judgemental.
    W : You are very broad minded.
    X : You never let people tell you what
    Y : You are so hawt.

    M : one to have fun.
    A : you like to drink.
    S : Easy to fall in love with.
    O : you are one of the best in bed
    N : You have a gorgeous body.

    H : Have a great personality and you're hot.
    E : Everyone loves you
    A : you like to drink.
    R : Fuckin crazy in a sexy way.
    N : You have a gorgeous body.

    0 Comments 265 weeks

  • flaming heart

    ______________s$__________ ____s
    ______________.s$$_________ ____s$
    _____________s$$$?______s__ ___s$³
    ___________.s$$$___ __.s$, ___s$$³
    __________s$$$$³______.s$__ _.$$³
    _____, ____$$$$$.______s$³__ __³$
    _____$___$$$$$$s_____s$³___ __³,
    ____s$___³$$$$$$$s___$$$, ` ____..
    ____$$____³$$$$$$s.__³$$s__ ___, ,
    _____³$.____³$$$$$$$s_.s$$$_ ___
    ____`$$.____³$$$$$$$_$$$$__ _s³
    _____³$$s____³$$$$$$s$$$³__ s$³
    ______³$$s____$$$$$s$$$$`__ s$$
    ___s.__$$$$___s$$$$$$$$³_.s $$³__
    ___$$_s$$$$..s$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $³__
    ___s$.s$$$$s$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $_
    $$s§§§§§§§§§s$$$$s§§§§§§§§§ $$
    ³§§§§§§§§§§§§§s$s§§§§§§§§§§§ §§³
    §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§s§§§§§§§§§§§§ §§
    ³§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ §§
    _³§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ §§³
    __³§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ §§³

    0 Comments 265 weeks

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close What Assassin are you

What Assassin are you?

My result is: Jason Bourne

You are Jason Bourne, an Assassin who doesnt know much about his identity due to ammnesia. You are good in martiall arts and want to recover your identity by getting information by those you worked with. Unfortuently a'lot of other Assassins are on youre arse also. And you take them down with no hesitation by extreme force. You are not a evil stone-cold killer. You fight for what you believe in. Youre not to good either, youre more of a neutral person. Once you started a new life and youre wife died you got really pissed also. Jason Bourne would have to be one of the most Sharp-minded and positive fictional Assassins.
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    omg hahah. i forgot all about bebo. thanks for the love.

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    Chloe W

    that okay :)

  • Sarahh.

    um i don't know ?

  • MambooSkinss.
    luv MambooSkinss.

    Hahahaa maybeeeeeeeeeee. Yerr it takes some getting used to .. but i prefer it waaaaaaaaay more than bebo now :D x

  • Savannah

    ummm naw i dont think so but ya i havent ben on in a while just got internet bak

  • Kat Williams
    luv Kat Williams

    hey maytee! xx i feel like sharing the lovee... so wats news? long time no talk... like enough music? i didn't even bother reading it all. lol catch xxx

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    :L You know for the first time i'm actually 100% convinced your not a pedooo! If you ever makee a facebook comment me on heree + i'll add you :D xx

  • MambooSkinss.
    luv MambooSkinss.

    Idk i find bebo boring now, facebooks better (: x

  • luv J F

    Hey, there i put you back in my top friends. Gunna move me up? Sorry for missing First-Aid again. Miss me? :) :)

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