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Sorrel Carmichael

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  • Female, 22, Luv 1
  • from Waldron
  • Profile views: 2,614
  • Last active: 3/7/08
  • www.bebo.com/sorrellies_socks
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
well I am blonde
about 5ft 3 and I love to dance
I dont do smoking and my body dont accept drink
I have amazing friends that I love to bits
I have a messed up boyfriend that I must say I also love to bits
I dont judge people until I know them and please dont do the same
I hate chavs
I find some emo's sexy but i aint 1 myself

The Other Half Of Me
Sophie Morley
Motion City Soundtrack!...UnderOath...Sao
 sin...Trivium...The Postal Service...The Strokes...Pink Spiders...+ ALL CLUBBIN! MOST STUFF
PIRATES OF THE CARRABIEN wouldnt you agree sherlock!!
Scared Of
Happiest When
Harriet and Emily + the posse
My best thing

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Dirty Dancing 2 (Everytime we touch)

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    Q. How can you tell a female chav virgin?
    A. She can run faster than her brothers.

    Q. What do you call a chav on a bike?
    A. A thief

    Q. What do you call a chav in a car?
    A. Arrested

    Q. What do you call a chav waiting in a bus shelter?
    A. At a party.

    Q. What do you call a chav girl without any children?
    A. Under the age of 12.

    Q. Whats a chavs favourite car?
    A. One without an alarm.

    Q. What do you call two dead chavs?
    A. A good start to the day.

    Q. What do chavs use as protection during sex?
    A. A bus shelter.

    Q. What do you say to a chav with a job?
    A. Can I have a Big Mac please?

    Q. How does a chav girl turn the lights off after sex?
    A. She closes the car door.

    Q. Two chavs jump off a bridge.....who wins?
    A. Society

    Q. Why are Chavs like slinkies?
    A. They have no real use but it's great to watch one fall down a flight of stairs.

    Q. What's the difference between a Chav and a coconut?
    A. One's thick and hairy, the other's a coconut.

    Q. What do you do if you run over a chav?
    A. Reverse just to make sure

    Q. What do you call a Chav at college.
    A. The cleaner.

    Q. Where do Chavettes go for work?
    A. Street corners.

    Q. How do you stop a chav from drowning?
    A. Take your foot off their head.

    Q How does a chavette get rid of unwanted pubic hair
    A She spits

    Q. What's the difference between Batman and a chav?
    A. Batman can go out at night without Robin.

    Q. What do you call a chav in a detatched house?
    A. The Burglar

    Q. Whats the difference between a Chav and a Computer?
    A. You can punch information into a computer.

    Q. What's the difference between a phone battery and a chav just out of prison?
    A. The battery will last a couple of days before being charged again.

    What do you call a chav in a suit?
    The accused.

    What do you call a chavette in a white tracksuit?
    The Bride

    What do you call a chavette with two brain cells?

    What is a chav couples idea of foreplay?
    Hi,i'm Wayne

    Whats a chaves idea of safe sex?
    Putting the handbrake on

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  • LIFE

    I dunno what this thing is but ive been told its just a mesage everyone can see but surely you can see all the messages here so it dont really make sence but anyhow I love the word, great place and just remember people SMILE AND WAVE, SMILE AND WAVE and life will just go with the flow RESPECT

    0 Comments 393 weeks

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  • hey my bestest bezzi!
    hey my bestest bezzi!

    hope u had a gd time skin with the frogs! hope it wasn t 2 bad!
    i missed u soooooooooooo much and cannot wait 2 c u !!!!!!!! love u so much

    freddie long 0 Replies

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    Tara L

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  • Andy Godwin
    Andy Godwin

    did u go to mmm?

  • Ed Burton
    Ed Burton

    hey sorrel how are u met you at henrys party party was good u think luv ed xxxxxxx

  • luv Baz Hunt

    oloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  oove

  • Iwan k
    Iwan k

    i wd love to take this time and giv u a m8 enjoy happy bdayx xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • freddie long
    freddie long

    heya! thankyou sooooooo much 4 my lovely essay! i enjoyed reading it very much! well wot day is it today...... nothing special i dont think! oh it your HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!1 YEY! so ur 16 and can now have sex with out being put in prison! hehe well im in i.t and bored so gonna go but cant wait till 2 night! love u ! computers and mouses!! hehe i tried to copy u! but prob failed! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • **LEXI-fani is my sexi bear**x Bennett
    **LEXI-fani is my sexi bear**x Bennett

    i like betty tooooooo hehehehe cant wait till 2 morrow........... wait til u see my hair brush its AMAZING!!!! heheheheh love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jenn

    sorrel babes how are you my little ray of sunshine haha when do we start back with janet the 9th? xxxxxly

  • Maddie J
    Maddie J

    hey sorrel, i really apreciate what you did at the party! thankyou so much! hope you had fun and happy new year! loveyouxx<33

  • Luke Mendoza

    hey was good seeing u again the otha day..... hope everything went alrite with ur family lol.... urm tlk soon! xxxx

  • Edward Davies
    Edward Davies

    hi sorel long time hws u wubu2 hws the x-mas hols wb edxxx

  • Luke Mendoza


  • Owi Wintle
    Owi Wintle

    sorrell i feel sorry for you!!!!

  • Adam Compton
    Adam Compton

    easy ure a pimp! hahahaha (hi there sorrel, another random msg 4 u) brad m8, ure cuz doesnt want u near her friends they r to valuable for the likes of u! (yer sorrel, who ever u r u r to precious for him lol + simon!!!) ahh well brad how many girls are u flirting wid now? im impressed m8! lol cya m8. (and bye sorrel..... lol xxx)

  • Brad

    haha adam ur sooooooo wrong, how can u call me a pimp? so hi sorrel hows u? wat u bin up2? i went to london 2day 4 a economics trip, very boring esp the lectures. oh and on a different note its unlikely that il c ya unless u or dani invites me sum place with u guys lol which wud u cool, n simon if u remember him. c ya later...

  • Adam Compton
    Adam Compton

    sorry i have no idea who u r :P can i just say brad u r a pimp stop trying it on with all the girls! lmao! that is all xxx :D

  • Brad

    lol no probs. im good, school sucks tho, iv just dropped chemistry coz i wasnt guna get a grade so taken business stud instead...lots of work 2 catch up. i think every1 gets really drunk at some stage lol, one of my mates got so drunk he was being sick over ma fence and pissed himseld at the same time...was well funny, so look on the bright side atleast u didnt so that!! haha. hows ur week been? n soz i aint bin on in a few days.