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Lisa Gosnell

Missing you every day Leon...you are my star that shines so bright! You are my World...

12/4/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Whoever said it will get easier "It doesn't in fact it gets worst" The pain has never gone away what you do is you learn to live with the ache in your heart, swallowing the tears that are trying to flow...fake laugh and tell everyone your doing good!

Miss my Son like crazy wish things could have been different....................
My love
My son I will miss you and I know your with your Gigi Patti now I know you will take care of one another. I will pray everyday and i know god will hold you in his loving arms. I will try hard to move forward and when I feel lonely I will close my eyes and listen for you because I know you will be there! I will hang onto your sisers and brother for you, My Son i love you with all my heart!

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  • Time

    If I can only turn the time back to where you use to be in our lives!
    I struggle each day knowing you are not coming home..cry silently...
    I don't seem to care too much about things...if it happens it happens whatever.
    I lost a big part of my life and now I am living without you.
    Pain will never go away I will always feel that for the rest of my life..can you imagine living with pain that thrushes through you everyday? When you lose a child your world is no longer bright or whole...it is now dark and sad...
    When you are young and out there drinking look out for one another...don't go out to get yourself drunk...remember there are loved ones waiting for you to come walking through the door....now I am left waiting...knowing my son will never walk through the door again...but I am left hoping!

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  • Somedays

    Somedays it feels like just yesterday...and the pain feels like it is going to over ride me.
    Somedays it feels like life can be just to cruel..
    Somedays I just wish I took my kids away from here...
    Somedays I just wish I could turn back time..
    Somedays I just want to lay down and never move again..
    You don't know how hurt I am feeling inside..you see what is on the outside...the mask that I wear!
    The pain runs deep...the pain is real...the pain will never go away!
    I will always wonder who my son Leon would have married..
    I will always wonder how many kids he would have had..
    I will always wonder when I am going to get to see him again..
    Somedays I just wonder why?
    Somedays I just wish..............................

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  • My Son

    Oh how I miss you so much Leon...I prayed to God to take your place in Heaven but he did not hear me....some days are harded than others...somedays I just want to give up...but I can't...you have first hand knowledge now on what I am going through...you know how much of a stronger person I am now....but like I said someday are harder than others....I have learned to hide my feelings so well...I have learned how to put a fake smile on my face! When I lost my Mom I thought I knew what rock bottem felt like as well as pain that ran so deep..but after losing you...now I know what rock bottom feels like and how pain can run even deeper! I am trying so hard to stay strong for your brother and sisters...and to watch Kobe....he see's your picture and he gets all excited! I just wish God would grant me one wish and that would be for you to come home again....I only want you home....It hurts knowing you won't be with us this Christmas....I was watching the home movies....how you said this Christmas is the best Christmas ever!.....just wish you were here...love you so much!

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  • Jasmine Williams
    Jasmine Williams

    hello giigii hehe just wanted to leave a comment on your profile bye

  • Hope Davis-Brown
    luv Hope Davis-Brown

    Hello Lisa, how are things with you & the family going? Things here are abit under the weather right now! but we're working through it one day at a time! just totally hard on me :( need Bear so much! I was up there last wkend for the Basketball Tourny! got to see Blair & Donna for acouple minutes! was hoping to see everyone else! but i was only up there till 5:30 just went up to watch my sister & brother play! Hopefully nxt time i get to see everyone! :DD ... Well just wanted to drop in and see how you are doing! :) Much Love to You & the Family, Miss you all so much Love Hope & Nikki Rae :DD

  • Mallory G
    Mallory G

    Hi! I was just wondering how you are doing up there? Is it still snowing? It's warm here and there is no snow. I miss you! Love, Mallory

  • Family Circus
    Family Circus

    Hi! I miss our chats. Maybe we can meet somewhere between here and there. lol. School is going Great! I am loving my courses. I can't believe midterms are just next week. TIme is sure flying by. THe kids are doing Great! Take CAre! We miss you like crazy!! Much Love, from me and my kiddies

  • luv Chelsey Smith

    hope you did well during the end of the old year.. and happy new year... love you so much hope all is doing well... and i'll always keep you in my prayers <3

  • NO Gst Here
    luv NO Gst Here

    Sharing the love and wishing you and ted well this new year. Love you and hope to see you next time you are in town. Give the kids a big hug and kiss for me and we'll talk to you soon! Abidimples

  • Kaylyn Gail Yeomans Watts
    luv Kaylyn Gail Yeomans Watts

    It was great Actually it was nice having my Brother Tom & MY sister Carrie here for Christmas!:DD ii had a blast with them here now its so boring without them here!:( yes Santa was good to me!:D Found out some Good news on Christmas night!:D I'm going to be an Auntie Again!:DD Oh yeah that's good,yeah i kept myself busy too! Love ya and hope to see you soon!:DD

  • luv Chelsey Smith

    Love You <3

  • Dennis
    luv Dennis

    Hey Auntie!:D Sweet Skin! gonna use it was nice to visit and thanx for letting me use the computer:D Love You Aunt!:D

  • Hope Davis-Brown
    luv Hope Davis-Brown

    Glad u like it :) Merry christmas & Happy New Yr! Hope to see u all soon

  • Hope Davis-Brown
    Hope Davis-Brown

    Hey Lisa :D just thought id let you know... I Made a new skin for Leon :DD heres tha link http://www.bebo.com/c/profile?Previe... Much love & Take Care Miss You

  • Marlee-Anne Destiny Adams
    Marlee-Anne Destiny Adams

    hey lisa love ur profile pic. wondering if you can get donna to call. i have no long distance n no card. but my numbers 635-2252.

  • Jessica Azak
    luv Jessica Azak

    Hey auntie lisa!!:D sorry haven't seen or come around. having fun juggling things in town:L 2 different then home. how you doing?? thought i'd drop in...through bebo for now:P and show sum luv. Miss you...hope all is good. Luv You!

  • Kaylyn Gail Yeomans Watts
    luv Kaylyn Gail Yeomans Watts

    Hello Lisa!:DD how are you doing?me i am doing alright i guess could be better though!:Z I am doing pretty good in school! keeping up with my grades!:DD ugh I've been so busy lately fundraising and doing my homework and babysitting keeping outta trouble! yeah we got lots of stuff planed out for grad already!:D man i can't wait to get outta here so much drama for me!:Z i hope to see you soon!:D Take Care Love ';♥Kaylyn Gail Yeomans;xoxo

  • luv RottenPeices

    Hey Lisa...How is it Goin':) ?...Hope All is Good!....i'm just sitting here....its 5:51am.....with lots on my mind...not sure what...but...the wind sure keeps me up nowadays......leaves me with nothing to do but think of everything in life...!...baby is sleeping....and i just thought i would come online....u knoe...!...buh....i really miss u all...im doing great now myself....been training....managed to cut myself off by another 23lbs. this past summer!...trying my best in basketball....doing alright with my art work again:D ...i have to show u my mask that i have completed.....i think it is just fantastic!...well...i think i should go now.... Luv to All!... -Steven Scott Smythe

  • luv Sarah Nisyok

    Hey Lisa Here's some Random Bebo Love