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Henry Motu

my head hurts from all this thinking

4/23/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 28, Luv 13
  • from United States
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  • Member since: August 2006
  • Last active: 4/13/11
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Me, Myself, and I
I'm in it to win it, even though it's already happened.
What's my desktop background...
A Hillsong collage
Next imminent Goal...
Cure my hunger!
Most pressing question in my head...
Why do we park in driveways and drive in parkways?
Favorite office tool
Happiest When...
the ratio of clean clothes to laundry is 3:1
Saddest When...
my poor excuse of a short-term memory kicks in, such as last week when I forgot where I parked at the Navy Exchange, forcing me to scour the parking lot for 20 minutes looking for my car...I know, I know.
Things that make me ponder...
I don't like to ponder, because it forces me to think unecessairly, adding to the instability of my short-term memory.

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  • Kapesi Ativalu Seui

    i'm with you on that..lol anyone trynna hit me up on here, might as well find me on facebook! no offense, bebo is crap..

  • May Faiivae 2/9/10
  • Kapesi Ativalu Seui

    sup Henry, how U been bro?you still on da roCK!!??

  • J-SNare And Wifey
    luv J-SNare And Wifey

    hi cuzzin, haven't heard from you in a long time. how are yah? married yet?haha! or even have a teine?lol!well send my love to the famz! teo sua tah call me....if not can you message me their number? plz! how's vaitia doing? send me her numba too! well I gots to get back to work so I'll talk to soon!luv you!

    5/11/09 via Mobile
  • Tiana Williams
    luv Tiana Williams

    Hi Henry, I haven't heard from you in a long time. How are you doing? I sure do pray that this note finds in you good health. My family and I are doing very well ~ praise be to God for he is our source and through him, we are so very blessed. What's new? I'm just ready for summer be get here...I think I've had enough of this cold...LOL! My daughter is growing so fast, but she's now more fun to watch. Well, I look forward to hear from you, but until then, God bless you!!! -Tiana-

  • ** pukkahz precious **
    luv ** pukkahz precious **

    heY HENRY!!!!! hoPe aLL ish guD @ uR enD paSsin' by 2 shaRe aIga Luv 2 u... fanKs 4 beIng moRe den a freN weN i wUs deah yEa.. fanKs 4 lettin' mee uSe ur laPtoP.. so FIRED.... fa'afeTai.. anYhooT, guD luCk on ur tRainn' n aLL shoLe, cuD u do tha AVALON CD... tha oNe i toLd u 'bout.... iTs in ur iTunes.... if u cuD giVe 2 aManda (LeaLa's daughter) she's cuMin' dis thuRsdaY... if uRe sTiLL @ haWaii... fanKs HENRY... tKe caRe ur COAST GUARD seLf.. BE STRONG... ALWAYs.... IN THE LORD!!!!!!!!!! aLofeRs 2 u n tha TIMOTEO faMz... aLwaYs sTay bLessed.. juSmeeh ~janeLLe~

  • Tiana Williams
    Tiana Williams

    Hi Henry, how are yah and what have you been up to?? I am doing good. Still living out here in Utah...blessed and thankful for the Lord's faithfulness. Well, hope all is good with you. Tiana

  • Trina

    heii henry how is everythin goin

  • Malinda Innes

    :0) howdy :S how are you pimp out your profile with this site its sooocoool :P paste this link in your browser cool-offerz.com xoxo

    8/9/08 via Mobile
  • MzOnosai
    luv MzOnosai

    Hey buddy, I guess one word summarizes everything a ea? Hi Henry...ua a mai oe? Sorry if I've neglected your page since adding you as a friend. I know, time & energy is what limits me to getting a hold of you. I heard from both Tia & Sana just a few weeks ago. I'm excited to see flicks of Tia's new bundle of joy. Ahem, I should also say the same for you too :) Nevertheless, just wanted to drop by your neck of the woods to see if all is well and dandy! My alofa'aga to you and the aiga atoa. If ever you come over to California to visit Sua, please hit me up so we can get together during your leisure. Take care & God bless you & yours!!! Dorothy Tanuvasa

  • Tiana Williams
    Tiana Williams

    Awww Henry, I was so blessed to hear about the passion that you continue to have for the Lord. I am thankful to know that we are serving a mighty God. I'm doing well~ I'm not in Missouri anymore. I'm now here in Utah with my little family. We attend True Life Christian Center (church) and has been tremendously blessed. I'm still working as a financial aid counselor in higher ed~going on my 4th year and I'm really enjoying it. I do pray that we'll get to move back to Hawaii some day real soon~I miss it so much, but I know that God also has a calling for us out here. Well, thanks for being a blessing~continue to love the Lord and know that we're all on this earth for a reason~you are the salt of the earth! God bless yah~ Tiana

  • Aifiti Ah Kee Timoteo
    Aifiti Ah Kee Timoteo

    i see your light on, and your answering your phone, anyway the car is ready, do you want us to bring it home, or lock it up over here, than you can turn in your rental tomorrow and they can shuttle you here to pick it up...it came out so nice, all the scratches that was on the rear and front bumper has been paint, even the dent that was on your door, it looks brand new, we end buying the light from the dealer....lol...anyways holler at us, before we close.

  • Tiana Williams
    Tiana Williams

    Hey Henry, how are yah...I do pray that all is well with you. What's new in your world. As for me, God is forever faithful and I can't thank him enough for the mighty things that he's done in my life. I did come down about a month ago...it always isn't enough time. I got to see Wodrow and a few others...but wished I could've spent more time with them. Well, hope to hear from you. Tiana

  • Ashley Fidow
    Ashley Fidow

    howzit? you're prolly trying to holler at me but can't. yea small kine on vacation..LOL! so yea we gotta go thru bebo for now..haha well hope all is well, heard you're comin out to our sku'z banquet..kewl. see you there with the letter. Hows everything coming along for the trip? CHEEE-PONO im so xcited and i jus gan't hide it..i know i know i know.. n i think i like it ?? lol.. aite gotah bounce.. much alofas.

  • Makelika

    MOTU, where are thou????/

  • luv Koko N Vali

    Hi Love, OMG!! (((Big Hugs))) Thanks for getting back at me even though it's been a year later:) As I was reading your post I could not help but to be excited for you. I Love hearing Praise Reports of the AWESOME things God has done in anyone's life. It just comes to show God's faithfulness and that his word NEVER returns to him void!!! I believe God is truly raising up an emerging generation. Thank God for radical christian soldiers (like you) who are willing to step up to the plate and make a difference. I'm so proud and yet ecstatic for you:) :) :) You know, our Pastor (P. Art) has been declaring that this year is the year of a turnaround "Life 360" in every area of our lives. I believe 2008 is your Life 360. God has already begun a turnaround in your life already. Brother, this is just the beginning of something GREAT that God is doing! So get ready because increase and multiplication is right around the corner!!!! Keep in touch. Love you Mucho Grande:) ~Vali

  • luv Koko N Vali

    Hi Henry, Thanks for the add! Great to see you on bebo:) :) How are things on your end? Have you and Janelle been behaving?? Well, I know you always behave yourself. Not sure about my sister Janelle!!! :D :D Anyhow, just slipping you a note to say hellurr. It was so nice to see you at our Easter Production. Well, let's plan that "MADEA" night because it's a must!!!! Leave it up to our coordinator "Janelle".. Hahahaha. Enjoy the remainder of your blessed day. Madd Love, ~Vali

  • Ashley Fidow
    luv Ashley Fidow

    aye cuzzo.. great time last nite..i so wanted to go again 2nite..but i was following the holy spirit..and it lead me to come to sku.. :) hehe. JESUS TAKE DUh WhEEL!!! well n e hoo..while you're there tryna find ur way out the aquarium.. (heh) jus pray fuh me aite. i've got a lot of things on mai hand that im going thru... but i thank God for evrything he has done..yep my G O D is B i G !!!! chyeah! well you guys have an awesome time in the Lord. btw, sorry i couldn't come to the store with you diz afternoon.. my mother was my only ride to town (jus so i can go to bible sku) and she wanted to leave by the time you calling to meh..aye! lol.. okay okay i've gottah run. ttylz love you muchos p.s dnt fuhget the packet paper thingy (donation sign up paper) thanks again God Bless "TELL ME HOW Im SUPPOSED TO BREATHE WiTh NO AiR"

  • Makelika

    hey you, we need a starbucks or a movie nite...i believe waikiki is calling us...its been a long long long time a ea? well lemme know whats good...ttyl maki