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Little Lissa Chopping

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  • Female, Luv 142
  • from Harwich!!!! wahoo lol
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 4/30/10
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About Me

lissa jayne not LISA JANE!!
Me, Myself, and I


♥ Melissa (lil) ♥

♥ 17 ♥

♥Colchester institue ♥

♥ child care ♥

The Other Half Of Me
Kita Runnacles

Kita Runnacles

Miss you keet ope to see ya soon xxx

Anything i like at da time lol
erm loads really, sweetest thing has to be one of dem hhahaha of corse dirty dancing is my all time fav though
Well me fave footy team is liverpoooooolll!!!! But i hate playing football lol!
♥Scared Of♥
heights and massive spiders dont care bout little ones
♥Happiest When♥
At a gd party, and wit all me mates
♥best moments♥
science has to be the best cant live without all me science buddies Becky, Gabby, tor, chicken, andy, sharpy, kita, rootsy and karl we do av our gd larfs lolxx
put your hands up bex
emz can ya memba fat bastard lol
and emz and bex "lblblblblba" "ur cool!!"
in maths all the time wit lianne(love you) chris nick gabby sam and greeny
and of corse lots more larfs wit ma girls and lads
♥ Love all me mates becky, lauren, ginge, Jez, Chloe, kita, tor, raf, sammi, emz, claire, chris T, greeny, doug, andy, Kyle, Jadey darlin, zoe, sophie, emma, siobhan and the rest of ya you no hu you are just tell me if i av forgot to put you here you no i love ya!!!!♥

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    My Mum*=
    My Dad*=Barney
    My Son*=
    My Daughter*=Yazzie x
    My Twiin*=
    My Lil Sista*=Pauline and kayleigh
    My Big Sista*=Char
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    My dancin buddy*= Jadey darlin
    my BESTEST cuz: LUKE!!

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    11.. What reminds u of me?
    12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
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    16. Could you ever love me?
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    18.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
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  • Shauny Kious
    Shauny Kious

    I just racked $961 in a weekend in my free time! I love this site - http://goo.gl/hy6sp Remember who hooked you up!

  • Flash
    luv Flash

    i havent given u loveee in ages lissy !! so he u go ...lol love you xx

  • Mr Brightside
    Mr Brightside

    awesome lissy!! well done! have u got a car? xxx

  • Flash
    luv Flash

    hey lissy !! yay double celebration ...the first night of hol ...we will hav 2 go out n celebrate ...ot oh mums drunk on first nite ....aahhhh !! love u more lil missy lissy xxx <3

  • Mr Brightside
    luv Mr Brightside

    LOVE U 2!!! Yay and i will be able to drive!! how awesome is that!?!? l.o.v.e xxx

  • Siobhan

    yo yo yo!! lol yeee ain sin yew in agesssss! im al gd tho hws yew??? i hot i saw u playin darts tha uva nyt i was walkin past the pub across the road frm urs n was starin in tha window lol.... ok hws colege then my dear?? rb soon ly xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Flash
    luv Flash

    love 2 go with the last message as it didnt giv u any ...... bastard !!!!!

  • Flash

    only 7 months till we go on holiday.... not long now :L love you lissy xx.X.xx <3

  • Ellie Babes
    luv Ellie Babes

    Fankyoo :) i forgot lol ,, nd yeah its tomorrow :D # love yah xx

  • Ellie Babes
    luv Ellie Babes

    hiyaa hun .. yeah my mum did tell me bout the cliff and the secret santa fing lol ,, erm am i workin at half 8 till half 12 :) Nd Omg cant wait two days till Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :P lol # Love yah gurll :) xx

  • Lianne T
    luv Lianne T

    LOVE YOU MORE! how sexy am i in my uniform? sorry cudnt talk tho :( xxxx

  • Jack
    luv Jack

    Good Good, im alright thank you :D Mainly been at college, seeing Abbie and working. Got the week off this week and getting paid for it too :D wooooooooooooo! you? xxxx

  • Flash
    luv Flash


  • Jack
    luv Jack

    HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO! Long time no speak! You alright? xxx

  • Ellie Babes
    luv Ellie Babes

    omg im shittin myself already nd i werent there but devon told me about it :S im scareddd ,, :( # loveeyouu x

  • KirstyJayne

    ohhh swear i saw u in his car lool! gt my first one monday hehe its my birthday on saturday :D lol xxxx

  • KirstyJayne

    Hello Chick You Alright?? Are You Doing Driving Lessons With Peter Tedder? Is He Good? xxx

  • X Emma Rogers X
    luv X Emma Rogers X

    heyy darlin yehh im fine fnx babe you? yehh ano shit init:( hows iut all goin neway? wheres ur placement? ly xxxxxxxx

  • Ellie Babes
    luv Ellie Babes

    yepps lol ,, need to find an outfit lol for thee party fing lol :L love yah muchly x

  • Ellie Babes
    luv Ellie Babes

    hello :D erm yepp .. :d and yeah cant turn down a party invite lol :L # love you x