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Sucka For Love

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  • Female, 19, Luv 331
  • from Dyserth
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: August 2006
  • Last active: 4/15/12
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
~ RebeccaLouDilkes'x
Fifteen Summers Old

..Becky <<3

.. ♫ she moves in her own way ♪ ♫


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The Script- Fall for Anything

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  • Memories With Charl (:

    Awkward Times With People :L
    Lee Evans
    War Over Balloons
    Charls Phone --> Out The Window
    Eyelash Trimmings
    Webcam [;
    Water Aerobics :L
    Charl Trippin Over In Chester PMSL
    Me Slidin In Uggs
    Our Drunken Lap Dance
    Wacked In The Face With A Condom
    & AGAIN
    The Notebook
    becky gallon over after gettin off the bus lmao
    Aeroplanes/ Peter Pan :L :L
    Charls Hairdo's ;)
    Bikini Baths
    Becky --> Sick --> Charl's Bin
    Trolley In Sainsburys Car Park
    Carden Park Restaurant ..Wine Guy ;)
    Babysittin At Jane's
    Becky Strangled With T-Towel
    Charls Bunny Face
    More! Magazine
    Cinema ..Mwahaha
    Ethiopian & Obeseity
    MATHS ..Mrs Roberts :L
    Crazy Dancin
    New Years Eve
    Becky Yelpin
    Cups Of Tea's :)
    Strongbow Tshirts
    Lily The Lizard
    Missin The Train
    Becky Pushed Off The Bed
    Charl Slipped On Her Bedroom Floor LMAO
    Beckys Flyin Art Folder
    Screamin Down English Corridoor
    Becky Chokin
    Gettin Served, We Felt Hard ;) :L
    Discoverin Pockets
    Getin Perved On
    Stressful Shopin
    Biology ;) :L
    Fryin An Egg
    beckys hand > in cake; jus made by the mother :L :L
    becky trippin in heels hahaa

    SPAIN 09
    man walkin in on us in the toilet whilst becky pulling up her knickers :L
    charl walkin in on the man whilst he was pissin
    beckys boob out in the pool
    charls face whilst drowning !!!
    charl and hot-stud- late night on the golf course (;
    becky drunkenly CHARGINN into chest of draws
    ..THEN nearly KOed on the floor
    the towel !
    the family
    becky deformed eyelash curlers found on the pavement, morning after a very drunken night.
    singin.. umm SCREAMIN.. on the terrace
    traumatised in the pool after being constantly dunked under by the lovely boys
    bein asked out by the spanish boys
    .. and they sang barbie girl too becky :L
    us doin soo well on the driving range lmao
    smelly man sittin next to charl on the plane :L :L
    our saucy books
    chucked out the pools on the last day with THE FAMILY
    fat face photo :L :L

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  • Seán Hickey
    Seán Hickey

    did she ?? leave my accent alone haha did u talk 2 da 2 boys yet? X

  • Seán Hickey
    Seán Hickey

    im great miss da birminham boyz tho !!!!!!! is your friend on this ?? X

  • Seán Hickey
    Seán Hickey

    welsh girl frm hoildays haha hws u ??

  • Raz-R

    Soo Miss Beccy Dilkes How Are YOu ?? Ly Xx

  • Raz-R
    luv Raz-R

    Stop With The Smartiness :L x Just Say Normal Everyday Sentences :L :L Whata Babe For TRYING To Be Clever xx Ly XX

  • Raz-R

    Ino But It Hasnt LEt Me Accept Anything :( ly x

  • Raz-R

    Love Im Onit "/ xx ly

  • Raz-R

    Asif you dont love me :) :) = xx ly

  • Raz-R

    manutillidie _rooney8@hotmail.com bit gay but had it since year 6 :( :( xxly

  • Raz-R

    They Better,Otherwise Becky Is Gunna Have To Give Them A Good Seeing To :) :) Yer Im Ok Just Finished Paking Luv :D Cant Wait xx Ly

  • Melissa Southern
    Melissa Southern

    muha (: <3

  • Raz-R

    HAHA LY XXxx

  • Raz-R
    luv Raz-R

    For Footy :) xx N Thanks , Atleast Somebody Will :L :L How YOu DOing Babes ?? xx w.b

  • Melissa Southern
    Melissa Southern

    becky dilkes. you sexy copper (:

  • Raz-R
    luv Raz-R

    No Not Reli Just Chilled :L Went Liverpool Today :F x N TOmorow Got A Tournement In Conwy I Think It Is :L N From Monday To Fri Im Not Gunna B Here Im At An Army Camp.. You Gunna Miss me ?? :( x.b XX ly

  • Firth
    luv Firth


  • Raz-R
    luv Raz-R

    Same Well ...On Monday Going To An Army Camp For a Week Gonna Be Great :) :)

  • Raz-R
    luv Raz-R

    Well TBH I Said To Kie Who's That, He Said No Ide N I Was Like Blondie ;) ( Wit Woo ) LMAO You Alryt Aint Had A Textin Session With You In A While :( What You Been Getting Up To ?? XXx w.b

  • Raz-R

    Becky Laaaa :L :L I've Just Seen That Coment Luv:) :) I Thin YOu Cum Out With Us 1 Sunny Day N U Wear The Pink Glasses ...Coz Im Just A Great Guy :D xx w.b.s xx