Callum Jenkins.

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Addicted to the turbulence...
Me, Myself, and I
Hello, I am Callum. I'm quite a lot of things. I study law at the University of Edinburgh and come from Aberdeen, where I continue to live over most holiday periods and during the occasional weekend. I'm in my third year of the LL.B. at the time of writing.

I don't really use Bebo anymore, I get all of my networking kicks out of Facebook - truly a better waste of time.

I won't be gay and delete my profile though. I've just made my profile a bit more bare.

Enjoy the relative emptiness :)
I enjoy
Not spending time with Mary
Films and American TV
Being productive or creative
Spending sprees
Music taste
Rock, metal, electronic, classical, 70s-90s chart and dance

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  • Finally going to catch them all!

    Pokemon catching, summer 2008

    (In summer 2007 I caught about 420, now I need to get some tricky last ones to make 493!)


    New Pokemon obtained this year so far:
    Lunatone 25/07
    Sceptile 23/07
    Groyvle 23/07
    Treecko 23/07
    Ivysaur 23/07
    Bulbasaur 23/07
    Latias 23/07
    Lugia 23/07
    Ho-Oh 23/07
    Latios 23/07
    Deoxys 23/07
    Mew 23/07
    Swalot 22/07
    Omastar 22/07
    Marshtomp 22/07
    Mudkip 22/07
    Croconaw 21/07
    Forretress 21/07
    Glalie 21/07
    Blaziken 21/07
    Cradily 21/07
    Gabite 21/07
    Torchic 21/07
    Pupitar 21/07
    Jumpluff 21/07
    Grumpig 21/07
    Metang 20/07
    Huntail 20/07
    Ludicodo 20/07
    Dusknoir 20/07
    Magmortar 20/07
    Magmar 20/07
    Regigigas 20/07
    Articuno 18/07
    Mewtwo 18/07
    Entei 18/07
    Moltres 18/07
    Arbok 16/07
    Zapdos 15/07
    Kabutops 14/07
    Venusaur 13/07
    Zangoose 13/07
    Nuzleaf 13/07
    Shiftry 13/07
    Gliscor 13/07
    Masquerain 13/07
    Kyogre 09/07
    Groudon 09/07
    Gulpin 04/07
    Seedot 25/06
    Lotad 25/06
    Lombre 05/07
    Mawille 04/07
    Slaking 30/06
    Solrock 04/07
    Swampert 29/06
    Combusken 25/06
    Seviper 05/07
    Registeel 03/07
    Regirock 04/07
    Regice 04/07
    Lugia 03/07
    Rayquaza 01/07
    Suicune 03/07
    Pineco 25/06
    Gligar 25/06
    Anorith 03/07

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    Kristofer Castanié

    how come you didnt add me on twitter? I thought we were gonna hook up?

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    Andi Rafferty

    Hey everyone! Add my new profile!!!!

  • David McLennans Alaya

    Thanks Callum

  • Kayleigh
    luv Kayleigh

    Hey! Having a round of pub golf for my birthday, fancy joining me and quite a few others for a drink or 2? it'll be Nov. 20th, a while away but giving u time to plan!!! Lol! Have some love x x x

  • The Hive

    Surprise! Thursdays have gone a bit bangers & mashed - our new student night starts Sep with The Cut Up Boys (Ministry of Sound) & Silent Headphone Disco booked for October. Details on our profile. Back to September - free for all students September 3rd, 10th, 17th... feck freshers week, let\'s have a freshers month! 1.50 drinks. Bargain? Room 1: Electro/R&B/Chart. Room2: Embarassing Cheese/Eighties/Classic Rockℜtro Hits. Bangin\'? September 24th is Freshers Frisky Frat Party - neon traffic light party badges, numbered to get you flirting with some fine folks. Each Uni/College representing by wearing a different coloured shirt. Mix, mingle make love and listen to the music. Free entry for all those neon-ed up in their uni/college colours. Check the sexy beasts we call regulars & sign up for details at - guestlisters wanted! As ever.. Fridays remains Misfits: Twisted alt. disco of indie/electro/pop/rock. 1.50 drinks. 2009-09-05 09:10:44

  • Becca S
    luv Becca S

    hey how are ya?? having a few folk around on wed if you wanna come?? let me know?? xx

  • Mary Garrick
    luv Mary Garrick

    Hey, Can you go on msn please? Facebook chat isn't working :/ Keeps telling me you are offline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Misha Misra
    Misha Misra

    you like sheep yes you doooooooooooo:D

  • Becca S
    luv Becca S

    had four drinks last night then i was sick!! even woke up with a sore head lol!! dont think i can handle it any more:(

  • Paul Hutchings
    Paul Hutchings

    Well i am not shit in bed!! :@

  • Becca S
    luv Becca S

    hey how are you?? let me know when your coming to see me?? havent seen you in months!! i miss you:( xxx

  • Davie W
    luv Davie W

    Not bad mate - Doing my usual - Managed to get a project to lift off the ground with theo now! You might like it :P or hate it :P What you been up to? Cycling round the world yet? x

  • Davie W
    Davie W

    hi ^_^ x