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Hannah Mason

Dance show 11th July - Big one this year!! Woop!!

3/16/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 41
  • from Bedford
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 3/16/09
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Loves a lot of things
Shows way to much emotion
Cries when she's hurt
Laughs and Jokes nearly all the time
Sings very crap and DANCES very good!
Dont give Me alcohol or ice-lollies
otherwise i Get Hyper :p
Makes Mistakes and Is always Sorry
Friends Come First aswel as family!
Loves Her Friends && Family to the extreme!
She Like To Live On The hyper Side
BUT Doesn't like gettin caught or being in trouble lol.
Wishes Things Were Simple!!
And most of all Wants To Be Happy!

..♥♥.. Add My Addy its hmason1990@msn.com ..♥♥..

----♥♥-♥♥----ρυт тнιѕ
---♥♥---♥♥---ση уσυя
---♥♥---♥♥---вєвσ ιƒ
---♥♥---♥♥---уσυ кησω
-----♥♥♥-----ωнσ ∂ιє∂
The Other Half Of Me


Bestest Buddie xx

..♥♥.. Music!! ..♥♥..
A bit of everything.. lol im quite easy going really. Except no classical or blues or stuff you cant actually understand the people!!
..♥♥.. Films!! ..♥♥..
Dirty Dancing woo went to c it at London on stage 2ce woo brilliant!
Honey, Save the last dance, Step up 2, Grease, simpson movie N all da others.. Horror, Comedy, Dance, Romance everyting lol Like i said im easy going.
..♥♥.. Sports!! ..♥♥..
Dancing all types mainly street, jazz, Contempary, modern n latin american, ballroom n Recreational. I Love it!! DANCE SHOW 11TH JULY, NEW BOWEN WEST THEATRE - 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!
Also like badminton, Tennis n watchin football lol woo liverpool
..♥♥.. Loves <3 ..♥♥..
Being Happy!__Her Friends__Her family__Laughing__Dancing Anywhere She Can__The Park on a sunny day __Being On The Computer__Music__Being A 90's Kid!__Living Her Life The Way She wants__Girly Nights__Alcohol __Cute Little Texts!__Teddy Bears__Dirty Dancing__Chocolate!!__Tv soaps_ and loads of other stuff.
..♥♥.. Hates </3 ..♥♥..
Getting Hurt__Being HeartBroken__Being Ignored and lied to__People not replying to my texts__Spiders__Being Called A Push Over__Two Faced People!__Being ILL :( Confrontation__Being Under Pressure!__Losing People She Once Loved__people who say they love u but dont mean it!!!
..♥♥.. Friends <3 ..♥♥..
I love ma TRUE friends to bits, They mean the world to me!!
Sarah, Emma, Lauren, Helen, Rosie, Vickie, Emily, Shantelle, Antaya.
Love you sooo much!! Also everyone at Dance!!
Love yu Sian, Tamara, Tara, Skilly, Vicky n Emily.
..♥♥.. At the Moment ..♥♥..
Got through my interview so doing a new course B-ED Primary in september :)
Practising mad at dance!
Working at stephenson and BHS
Quite poorly at the moment but hey ho..

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  • A Little Fact File

    ..About Me..
    . Age: __Im 19
    . Full Name: __Hannah Louise Mason
    . Home town: __Bedford
    . Nicknames: __ Hanhan
    . Marital Status: __young, free n single
    . Zodiac: __Capricorn
    . Hair Colour: __ Ginger with brown lowlights
    . Eye color: __Green
    . Height: __5ft exact
    . Favorite Color: __Pink n blue
    . Glasses, contacts or neither: __Neither
    . Piercing/tattoos?: __my ears pierced
    . Birthplace: __Bedford hospital
    . Siblings names: __Anita, Jody n Jita
    . Cut your own hair?: __Nope, Hairdressers job
    . Bungee jumped: __Never
    . Went to a concert?: __1 or 2
    . Kissed someone of the same sex not related to you?: __lol mm
    . Kiss more than two people in one day: __Nah
    . Stared at the stars for hours?: __Yeh They're So Pretty, laying on da trampoline
    . Won something?: __lol mainly dance trophies n stuff
    . Asked someone out?: __Yehh i have
    . Been rejected? __Haha yup!
    . Been to a funeral?: __Yep :'(
    . Used a lighter?: __ Dont Smoke but to light candles lol
    . Been on stage?: __ Lots of times Next time 11th july

    . Ice cream flavor: __crunchie
    Universityl course: __B-ed Primary ITT Course
    . Breakfast cereal: __ dont eat breakfast
    . Number(s): __ 5
    . Book(s): __ teenage, romance etc
    . Movie(s): __Loads of diff 1s but def dirty dancing!
    . Favorite Country: __I Dunno, i like paris
    . Place: __newhere wif mah friends n family rele
    . Sport to watch on TV: __ dance, football
    . Bands/musicians: __Loads 2 name
    . Letter(s): __ H
    . Fast food restaraunt: __ kfc
    . Cartoon Character(s): __ spongebob lol
    . Holiday: __ prb great yarmouth LOL
    . Name for a son: __ Kyan, Kaven, Kiron
    . Name for a daughter: __ Tamara, Teagan, Edith and tabatha as middle names LOL

    . Chocolate or Vanilla?: __ Chocolate
    . Long relationships or one night stands: __ long Relationships
    . Dogs or cats?: __ Dogs but i do like cats
    . Scary movies or comedies?: __ Scary Movies
    . Croutons or bacon bits?: __ bacon bits

    ..First Thing Comes To Mind..
    . Mexican: __ sombreros
    . School: __ friends
    . Grass: __ countryside
    . Cow: __ moooo
    . Canada: __ miss penny lol
    . Mouse: __ trap LOL
    . Hand: __ gesture - WUWU lol

    ..Past 48 Hours..
    . Watched a movie?: __ yep I could never be your woman
    . Talked on the phone: __Yep to ma mum lol
    . Cried?: __Nah
    . Threw up?: __ Nope
    . Drank a glass of water?: __Onli 2 take sum tablets
    . Talked to the opposite sex?: __Yep
    . Read a book?: __Nope
    . Looked in the mirror?: __Yerr
    . Taken a shower?: __ Had baths
    . Taken a picture?: __Dont think so
    . Listened to music?: __Ovcourse..
    . Kissed someone?: __Nope
    . Told someone you loved them?: __ Nah

    ..Believe In?..
    . Heaven?: __Yup
    . Aliens?: __Nah
    . Fun for the entire family?: __Yeaa
    . Freedom of speech: __Yep Deff every1 shuld ave dere say!!
    . Love?: __Ovcourse may help wen i find da right guy
    . Magic?: __Hmm dnt tink so tho some magicians r gettin pretti gd nowadays
    . God (Allah)?: __Yeh I Do

    . Last movie you saw in theatres?: __ Bride wars
    . What clothes are you wearing right now?: __Jeans & blue top
    . What is the best thing since sliced bread?: __Erm, Crustless bread
    . What color is your backpack?: __Ent Got A Backpack
    . Do you believe in God?: ..yerr i do
    . Have you ever been in Love?: .. Yes
    . Are you in love now?: __Nope
    . Longest Relationship?: __ 4 months

    0 Comments 227 weeks

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    C =
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    F =
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    N =
    O =
    P =
    Q =
    R =
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    Z =

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    Nice? :
    Mean? :
    Immature? :
    Rude? :
    Cool? :
    Brat? :
    Stupid? :
    Caring? :
    Mature? :
    A Friend? :
    More Than A Friend? :
    Beautiful? :
    Creative? :
    Smart? :
    A Flirt? :
    A Psycho? :
    Confusing? :
    Sweet? :
    Attractive? :
    Annoying? :
    Funny? :
    Hyper? :
    Laid Back? :
    Perfect? :
    Nefin Else? :

    Fnx Luv Yuu xx

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