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Laura B


5/8/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 525
  • from Oxford(Miine) Italy(Our's), Gloucester(Toria's) And Vicky's House:)
  • I am Seeing Someone
  • Profile views: 7,314
  • Member since: May 2005
  • Last active: 4/19/12
  • www.bebo.com/xxbruno_babexx
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*L A U R A*
Me, Myself, and I
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Laura Elizabeth Bruno

Don't Really Use Bebo..
Facebook Mee:D .. Laura Elizabeth Bruno
The Other Half Of Me
Vittoria Bruno

Vittoria Bruno

Love Her SO Much .. Miss Yoou XX

Hacked Again Laura! 16/10/08:D
Laura...Where Do I Start??...When We Was Like 3 Years Old And Crawling Around South Oxford Social Club I Guess!!! Ha Jokes...We Have Been Through Quite Alot Aint We!..Good Times, Bad Times..But We Pulled Through Um!..Glad We Are Back To How We Are Now!..Thanks For Always Being There From Me!..And Remember Im Here For You To Babe!..Love You Alwayys! From Rachel:D Xxxxxx

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  • Slang Dictionary-Copied From Dale:)!

    Air- To be ignored
    Anything- No good, ordinary
    Alow it - leave it
    Ang Tite - To big up someone
    Bate- Obvious
    Ballin- Crying
    Beef- Want to fight
    Beast- Ugly
    Bandolo- Fool
    Buff/Bum- Looking good/sexy
    Bare- Meaning alot
    Bad mind- Just plain rude
    Butters- Just plain ugly
    Blud/Bredrin- another word for freind
    Blaze- To smoke weed
    Boid - Taking the piss
    Baffelld- Confused
    Bless- Bye
    Blud/Bredrin,breh, star- friend
    Bizzle- Ok
    Brass- Thats rubbish
    Bounce- To leave
    Breaded- To be paid
    Breeze- Talking rubbish
    Bre- Boy
    Brapp- When something is good
    Cherps- To chat up opposite sex
    Choong/Chung- Over good looking
    Cuz- Cousin
    Chick/Gash- Girl
    Clash- Music battle(MCs OR DJs)
    Click- Crew
    Chop- To have sex with
    Cotchin- To chill/rest/take up space
    Crepes- Trainers
    Convo- Coversation
    Dapper- Dirty/ a compliment
    Doughnut- Idiot
    Drum- your house
    Extra- Over the top
    Endz- Your area
    Fool- idiot
    Gunn- To see someone get cussed
    Garms- Clothes
    Gash- girl
    Hyped- Over excited
    Hench- Muscular
    Hood- Neighborhood
    Hatin- Jealousy
    Heavy- When something is good
    Inabit- See you soon
    Innit- Term of agreement
    Innabizzle - bye
    J's- By yourself
    Jigga- Ok or Fine
    Jokes- Funny
    Joker- A funny person/Not serious
    Jacked- To take from someone with permission/steal
    Long/Long-ting- Boring or wasting time
    Major- Big/Worth it/Important
    Man dem- Your crew
    Manor-where u live- see ends
    Merk, Merkage- Beat or Destroy
    Minor- Opposite of major, Insignificant
    Nang- Good
    Nuff luv- Safe, big up
    Offski - When your going
    Peeps- Very close friends
    Peng- sexy
    Peng-a-leng- same as peng but better
    P's- Money
    Prang- Scared
    Pon- Short for upon
    Quick-ting- Something that wont take long
    Regs- Regular
    Rags- Standard
    Reppin- To represent
    Road- Street, Outside
    Raaah - Meaning surprised
    Skeen- Understand
    Shubz- Party
    Screwin- Annoyed about something
    Safe- Hi/thanks/bye
    Street rat- Person on the street 24/7
    Stoosh- Deep
    Sick- Not bad meaning, but bad meaning good
    Shook- scared
    Slew- To beat or better
    Swag- Rubbish/crap
    Sekkle - go away
    Trus- Trust me
    Two Twos - Even though
    Twisted- Confused
    U get me- Do you understand
    Village- Small and not very good
    Wha gwarn- wots goin on
    War- (MC term for b

    0 Comments 215 weeks

  • Thiinngggg


    Is your hair up? Nope.
    Is your phone right beside you?: Deeffoo
    Do you have a bf? No
    Do you wish you were somewhere else? Sure Do
    Do you have plans for tonight?: Do Hair, Bed:)
    Are you wearing makeup? Yeep
    Are you wearing chapstick? No
    Are you cold?: Noopt
    Are you tired? Veerry..
    Are you excited?: Yeepp:D
    Are you watching t.v.?: Nope...
    Are you wearing pajamas?: Noope
    Who's the last person you IMed?: Kaite Or Rachel..
    Who's the last person that called you? Rachel :D


    Anything you regret? Well Yeah..But Its All Good Now..
    Ever lied?: Everyone Has....
    Ever stuck gum under a desk?:Yes..But Dont Do It Often
    Ever spit at someone? Nope
    Ever kick something living?: Ermm.. Ant Maybe?! Well Stood On It..
    Ever had your nails done?: What Nails:L ?
    Ever thrown up because you cried so hard?: Yeah.....:(


    Had any plans last week?: Yeahh
    Who did you see most last week?: Rachel :L
    Was last week interesting? Kinda...


    Have you cussed?: Durhh..Always Do..
    Have you yelled at someone? Noot Todaaii
    Have you gotten mad at someone? Noot Toodaaii
    Have you cried? Noot Todaaii
    Have you called more than 3 people?:Yea!.Nick.. Rachel And Vicky!
    Have you IMed more than 3 people?: Yupps..
    Have you eaten anything gross? Noppeess


    Q. First thing you did this morning?: Read My Texts..

    Q. Last thing you ate?: Woteva It Was Mum Cooked:L

    Q. What's something you look forward to most in the next 6 weeks? Rachel's Dads,, Ball :)

    Q. What's annoying you right now? Someone's Fone Is Off!!:@

    Q. What's the last movie you saw? Juno:)

    Q. Do you believe in long distance relationships?: Nooope

    Q Where is the last place you went?: Chippy.. Rachel's Fat You See..

    Q: Who is the last person you called?: Rachel

    Q: Been cheated on?: Noppes

    Q: Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now? I Hope So...:D

    Q: Choose one to have (love, beauty, creativity): Love..:D

    Q: Do you wish on stars?: I Did But Then That Got Boring:L

    Q: Does it work?: No

    Q: Do you untie your shoes every time you take them of: Nahh .... That Effort..

    Q: When did you last cry? Uhh.. Friday.. When Rachel Got Home..

    Q: Do you like your handwriting? Kiindaa..

    Q: Are you a friendly person? Yeeppss:L Unless People Really Annoy Me

    Q: Are you keeping a secret from the world? Probably

    Q: Who's bed did you sleep in last night? Mine...

    Q: What color shirt are you wearing? Black

    Q: Do you have any pets?Dog.. Too Many Past Animals Aswell:L

    Q: What is the color of your bedsheets? Pink:D

    Q: What were you doing at 9 last night? Got Outa Thha Bath

    Q: last person you talked to: My Mum

    Q: When is the last time you saw your dad? Eirlier

    Q: Look to your left: I See A Mirrow.. Wardrobe And Fish Tank:)

    Q: Ever cried yourself to sleep? Yeah...

    Q: Ever cried on your friends shoulder? Yeaah.. Mailly Rachell Foor Thhat:)

    Q: Song that makes you cry? Robiie Williams Angels

    Q: Are you a normally happy person? Yaahh

    Q: Is your self-esteem low? Noot Really

    Q: What color are your eyes? Bluuueeee

    Q: Long or Short Hair : Short Not To Short Like Them Bob Thnigies..

    0 Comments 240 weeks

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  • luv Vittoria Bruno

    heyyyy !!!... aint left u a comment in tym cuz i never come on ere!! hope you are okay miss you loads d loads.... love yhoooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sophiiee.X

    Heyyy Yeaa Thankss youuu?? i Noo ii Missed Yuu Loadss=[ Lovee youu too x

  • Amy Louise'
    luv Amy Louise'

    Heya wt u att ehn bab ent seen you in time man i will need to come up 1 time and to come and see you :P ...X

  • Sophiiee.X

    See ii Kneww Yuu Had Bebo!! x

  • luv Vittoria Bruno

    heyyy bbe its okai .... im gd tar bbe u ?? yehh its okai borin but at least im gettin paid and doing my training at the same tym !! how is skool going bbe??... i aint bin doin a lot reli jst workin nd goin 2 matts nd goin out when i av tym lol wot bout u ?? its bigger than the otha 1 ur av 2 come down and see it coz i cnt be bothered 2 describe it coz ill be ere all day trying 2 think lol write back love youu lds miss u bbe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx tell every1 i sed hello hope there all ok bbe xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Arnyaa-Xx-
    luv Arnyaa-Xx-

    Good Good :D :D X

  • Mr Matthew Leach

    shes worth it i love her

  • Arnyaa-Xx-

    It was Kinda shit coz i was ill but thankz anyway :D You?? XxXxXxX. . . . .

  • Arnyaa-Xx-

    Yea nothin much :D i'm good thnx you?? xox. . .

  • Arnyaa-Xx-
    luv Arnyaa-Xx-

    Heyaa!X Thankz for adding me :D Wubu2?? Xx. . .

  • Rachel Louise
    luv Rachel Louise

    willie bounce HA what a name...my i remind you its a song?! ha yeah ill try my best babe dont you worry omg its like a weeke before DONCASTER 09!!! YEAH BABY! Love you Darlinn Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rachel Louise
    luv Rachel Louise

    oh i love that women!! :L :L :L he accent is just the greatest! Xxx Lovee you Bestest:D

  • Rachel Louise
    luv Rachel Louise

    Love You!!.. your amazing:D dont you just love how we greet each other afta a week apart?! any one wud think we was upset to see each other with them tears:L ... see you 2 morrow darlin love for youu!>>>> Xxx

  • X Louise M X
    X Louise M X

    heya hunn... Because i have no credit & & im gonna be 2 pissed later 2 write this HAPPY NEW YEAR =] x x x

  • Vicckkiiz.

    Meerryy Christmasss Babeee:D x

  • Rachel Louise
    luv Rachel Louise

    Laura! i miss you alreadyy!!! Thanks again for my pressies!! well happy!!! hope u have good xmas babe and i shall see you wen im back in Oxford! Love you!! Xxxxxxx

  • Vicckkiiz.

    Heeyyyaaaa! Ohhh Okkk Well Hopefully Youu caann, but dnt matter if you dnt cuz i would of seen you the night beforee loool:D :D Andd Imm Okkk, Just gettin ovaa what happened last nightt. :( LoveeYouuu xxxxxxx