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Liam Casey

happy as a pig in shit!

4/24/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 31, Luv 34
  • from Strabane
  • I am Single
  • Member since: January 2005
  • Last active: Jan 26
  • www.bebo.com/liamcasey82
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
All's quiet,
no real craic
same sh*t different day!
but i'm loving it!
Arcade Fire, Dave Matthews Band, Duke Special, Muse, Daft Punk, Queens of the Stone Age, Biffy Clyro, the Klaxons, the Kooks, the fratelli's, interpol, Maximo park, Kings of Leon, the view, Kharma 45. Otherwise a bit of everything really quite like Ben Folds, Damien Rice, damien Dempsey, Johnny Cash, Green Day, Simon and Garfunkel, Tommy Flemming anything Irish traditional!
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars (all 6 of them), final fantasy VII advent children, Iceage 1&2, Shrek 1&2, The Godfather Trilogy, Human Traffic etc..... etc......
Football (Liverpool the true reds!!), Gaelic (Tyrone), golf , snooker, rugby and so on i pretty much like all sports just wish i was better at playing a few of them!!!!
Scared Of
Jack Bauer turning bad the whole world will be screwed not even Chuck Norris will be able to save us!! Death, losing me mates, the usual
Happiest When
Playing the xbox 360, Out with the boys, Watching 24!

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The Wombats - Kill The Director

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  • Ben Folds

    Watch the jesusland live video and about midway through enjoy the random guy falling from the balcony!!

    0 Comments 293 weeks

  • Oxegen line up Sunday

    Main Stage
    22:25 - The Killers
    20:35 - Razorlight
    18:50 - Arcade Fire
    17:15 - The Kooks
    15:45 - Bloc Party
    14:30 - James Morrison
    13:15 - The Blizzards
    12:00 - The Sawdoctors

    Nme Stage
    22:30 - DaftPunk
    20:40 - My Chemical Romance
    19:10 - Amy Winehouse
    18:00 - Babyshambles
    16:50 - CSS
    15:40 – Gogol Bordello
    14:35 - The Thrills
    13:40 - Little Man Tate
    12:50 - Dogs

    Pet Sounds Stage
    22:30 -Brian Wilson 21:00 - Rufus Wainwright
    19:30 - Bright Eyes
    18:15 - Cold War Kids
    17:05 - Sinead O’ Connor
    15:55 - Albert Hammond Jr
    14:45 - SeirreLeone Refuge Allstars
    13:40 - Mr Hudson & The Library
    12:50 - Charlotte Hatherly
    12:00 - Loko Parentis
    12:00 - The Coronas

    Mtv Dance Arena
    22.00 - Erol Alkan
    20.00 - Deep Dish
    18.30 - Frankie Knuckles
    17.30 - DJ Shadow V Cost Cutchemist
    16.00 - Cedric
    15.00 - Modesektor
    14.00 - Caged Baby
    13.00 - DJ Philth
    12.00 - Scott Mc Naughton

    New Band Stage
    23:05 - The Sounds
    22:10 - The National
    21:15 - The Hours
    20:20 - New Young Pony Club
    19:20 - Jason Mraz
    18:20 - Howling Bells
    17:25 - Air Traffic
    16:30 - Ghosts
    15:30 - Kate Nash
    14:35 - Foy Vance
    13:45 - Lost Alone
    12:50 - Unklejam
    12:00 - Miraclebell

    Green Room
    22:30 - James
    20:55 - Klaxons
    19:40 - Jamie T
    18:20 - Satellite Party
    17:00 - Black Rebel Mortorcycle Club
    15:50 - Dizzie Rascal
    14:45 - Long Blondes
    13:45 - Calvin Harris
    12:50 - Royseven TBC
    12:00 - Remi Nicole

    0 Comments 317 weeks

  • Oxegen line-up Saturday

    Main Stage
    00:00 - Muse
    22:15 - Snow Patrol
    20:40 - Scissor Sisters
    19:10 - Kings of Leon
    18:00 - The Fratellis
    16:45 - The Goo Goo Dolls
    15:30 - Avril Lavigne
    14:40 - Director
    13:50 - The View
    13:00 - The Cribs

    Nme Stage
    23:50 – Rodrigo y Gabriela
    22:20 - Interpol
    21:00 - Maximo Park
    19:40 - Mika
    18:25 - The Gossip
    17:10 - Billy Clyro
    15:55 - The Twang
    14:45 - Pigeon Detectives
    13:50 - Kharma 45
    13:00 - Frightened Rabbit

    Pet Sounds Stage
    00:10 - Wutang Clan
    22:40 - Air
    21:10 - Tori Amos
    19:40 - Badly Drawn Boy
    18:25 - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    17:15 - David Kitt
    16:10 - Delorentos
    15:00 - The Hold Steady
    14:00 - The Rumble Stripes
    13:00 - Cathy Davey

    Dance Arena
    23.15 - Felix Da Housecat
    21.15 - 2 Many DJs
    19.45 - Tiga
    18.30 - Booka Shade
    17.00 - Justice
    16.00 - Digitalism
    15.00 - Datarock
    14.00 - Dr Lektroluv
    13.00 - Jon Averill

    New Band Stage
    00:30 - I’m From Barcelona
    23:30 - The Noisettes
    22:30 - Junior Boys
    21:40 - The Horrors
    20:45 - The Wombats
    19:54 - YSPWSD
    19:00 - Zico Chain
    18:10 - Tokyo Police Club
    17:15 - The Dykeenies
    16:25 - Polytechnic
    15:30 - Cherry Ghost
    14:40 - The Milk Teeth
    13:45 - Dirty Epics
    13:00 - MyokHotel

    Green Room
    23:55 - Queens of the Stone Age
    22:20 - Editors
    20:45 - Jet
    19:15 - Ocean Colour Scene
    17:55 - Enter Shikari
    16:50 - The Bravery
    15:45 - The Maccabees
    14:45 - Jack Penate
    13:50 - Justin Nozuka
    13:00 - My Aloamo

    0 Comments 317 weeks

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  • Ryan George Carlin
    Ryan George Carlin

    your never on this hi :O :L LOL

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    luv Lyndsey Wilson

    lol :L :L I love that line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i definitely think u need to put ur P in a V haha but not just any V mind u!! Be warned haha xx

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    luv Lyndsey Wilson

    well i dont know how other men defend women but u shud definitely make me tea and bring me buns!!!!!

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    luv Lyndsey Wilson

    In response to b-rii's comment, i am very offended and hope that u will defend my honour.....wont u?? lol

  • Bronagh

    Just thought id post a comment on here, but its very possible that i wont get a word in edgeways with that wilso one yakking away lol

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    luv Lyndsey Wilson

    Ring Ring..Hello..Destiny? Ive been expecting your call. LMAO its definiitely up there with the dumb and dumber quote haha ps i dont like you!!!!!!

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    luv Lyndsey Wilson

    [Quagmire sees a cheerleader tied up in a bathroom stall] Quagmire: Dear diary: Jackpot. lol i dont know why but that reminded me of you!!!! :L :L

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    luv Lyndsey Wilson

    Ring Ring...who is it? Destiny...Ive been expecting you!! Lmao!! the single greatest quote in any movie lol

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    luv Lyndsey Wilson

    Peter (narrating his life): "I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I looked with a grimace at the questionable meal Lois had placed in front of me. Of course I'd never tell her how disgusted I was with her cooking, but somehow I think she knew. Lois had always been full of energy and life, but lately I had begun to grow more aware of her aging. The bright, exuberant eyes that I had fallen in love with were now beginning to grow dull and listless with the long fatigue of a weary life. (Lois knocks Peter out.) I woke several hours later in a daze." LOL :L :L

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    Lyndsey Wilson

    Peter (after Lois tells him he's childish): "If I'm a child that means you're a pedophile, and I'll be damned if i'm going stand here and take this from a pervert." im still tittering away to that one...im using that in work tomorrow haha

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    Lyndsey Wilson

    Bonnie: Somebody save him, he can't swim! Peter: Oh, he's not even kicking. Kick Joe, kick. Lois: Peter, he's a paraplegic! Peter: That doesn't mean he can't hear. Kick Joe, kick! lol i love that one!!!!!

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    Lyndsey Wilson

    Tom Tucker: A bit of breaking news. A local family is forced out of their home by ghosts. Who are they gonna call? Diane Simmons: Ghostbusters, Tom. Tom Tucker: No, Diane. Their insurance company. That's just stupid what you said.

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    Lyndsey Wilson

    Stewie: Now, I'm going to do something I like to call the 'Compliment Sandwhich" Where I say something good, talk about where you need improvement, and then end with something good. Brian: Whatever you gotta do... Stewie: Something good... something good... You look like SNOOPY and it makes me smile... but you have smelly dog farts

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    Lyndsey Wilson

    lol well is there any tread left on the tyre at all or at this point is it like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!!!! lol

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    luv Lyndsey Wilson

    I am pleased to see that u have amended this oversight regarding Miss Magee-Chesney!!! She is not one to be messed with.....I have the destroyed nerves to prove it lol :L :L Hey Stewie, what u doin?.."Oh nothin, just me and pubes haaaaangin out" lol

  • Bronagh

    Im disappointed Mr Casey!!! I cannot believe I am not in your top friends list... tut tut. I expect that after I use the theory of logging on and off again, I will be in your top friends the next time I enter your page! Get it sorted lol

  • Lyndsey Wilson
    luv Lyndsey Wilson

    i know i cud text u this but i was browsing and just remembered to remind u..to remind me to tape 24 tomorrow lol!!! does that make sense?hope so :L

  • Vicki

    yurp still slavin away over er but only a yr left nw so its al gud!wat u at dis weather??

  • Vicki

    hey hommie hows fings???