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Kate Sutton

kev has gone back in the cupboard!

6/7/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Aberdeen/Townsville (QLD)
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Me, Myself, and I
Hi - I'm Kate. I am a Scottish/Australian loud-mouth! I have been living in Bristol for about four years and plan to stay here for a year or so more.

I have just finished BA (Hons) in English Literature and Cultural Media Studies at UWE this past April (I got a 2:1 - woo hoo!!). My plan now is to get a good old 9 to 5 admin/PA role and pay off my debts and save to move to Oz next year or to go and do an MA in Events Management.

Anyhoo . . . I'm into my music and films and TV. My two passions in life are film editing and event managing. I want to do either when I grow up but that's a while off yet, I guess - coz I'm about 12 years old in my heart - though about 90 in my soul - I'm an old wise soul me! I LOVE food too - I love to cook - yum! And I love to drive. I'm just waiting inpatiently to pass my driving test. And I love my friends!

So that's me - Kate aka Booby aka Paps aka Titty aka Fun-bags aka Scozza aka Stink-Arse - Oh, I do love my friends so!!!!!!

<a href="h
Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Bowie, Hendrix, Offspring, Redgum, Led Zepellin, Paul Simon (ha ha), Eminem, Flaming Lips, St Germaine, St Etienne, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, Blur, Madonna, DJ Supreme (ya here me pumpid?!), french dance music, Michael Jackson, Super Furry Animals, Guns N Roses, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Moloko, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Pink
I love ALL films but here goes . . . "Shawshank Redemption", "Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas", "Watership Down", "Footort Flats: A Dog's Tale", "Dazed and Confused", "Pitch Black", all the "Alien" films, EVERYTHING by Spielberg, "Indiana Jones", "Star Wars", "Full Monty", "Billy Elliot", the Kevin Smith films, "French Connection" 1&2, "Wizard of Oz", "Alice in Wonderland", all the M. Night Shylaman movies, "Fight Club", "Garden State", "Spirited Away, ", "My Neighbour Totoro", "Princess Mononokoe", "Supersize Me" and the Michael Moore docus
I don't do sports myself tho I am trying to get fit - I'm just too fucking lazy to do sports . . . but working in a bookies kinda demands a decent sporting knowledge and interest. I have been getting into my football now for about a year. I support Aberdeen coz it's my home town but as I live in England I felt I should support an English team so I randomly picked one . . . and I got Wigan - sexy, sexy Wigan - lovin' it!!! So, yeah, I support Wigan. I also know quite a bit about horse-racing and golf and tennis and American Football.
Scared Of
spiders, bridges and other over-hanging structures - not caves tho for some reason
Happiest When
drunk, post-shag (and mid-shag for that matter!!!), talking definately, watching movies, smoking the weed, drinking beer and so on and so forth . . .
"High Fidelity", the Ben Elton books, Stephen King, Iain Banks, "All Families are Psychotic", "Generations" - in fact most stuff by Douglas Coupland, "Rocket City", "Money", "Death in Venice", Michael Foucault, Deridda, "White Noise", "Five people you meet in Heaven", T. S. Eliot, Baudeliare, Wilde, (whose doen Englsih Lit, I wonder?!!), Ray Bradbury
X-Files, 24, Big Brother, Huff, The Apprentice, Dragon's Den, Simpsons (of course!), Family Guy, South Park, Michael Moore, all documentaries - history, nature, architecture, sex, human behaviour -

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  • pirates, movie-marathons and popcorn


    So, what have I been up to? Well since I lasted blog I have been down to Cornwall to see my Mum who has broken her hand doing DIY. The poor thing has had the worst luck with her health this past year and now she has to have her hand in a cast for 3 months.

    i have started dancing lessons with my new friend, Garry. We're doing Leroc - a cross between ballroom, salsa and jive - soo much fun.

    I am still playing football with the guys from work and I am in the work team for a touch rugby tournament starting in a week's time.

    On friday we had a leaving do for Dave Bartles at work - he's such a sweetie! We had a booz cruise with pirate fancy dress - so I'm sure you know how much I enjoyedmyself. After the cruise I met Dan in town - he flew down that evening. On Saturday I drove Dan to Swindon to get Lydia. The three of us went for lunch and then i drove them to the airport. On Saturday night Lee and I went round to Katy and Ash's for a BBQ. Then on Sunday Lee and I had one of our movie marathons - we watched "Severed", "friday after next" and "mission impossible 3".

    Today I have just been monging out watching tv and playing on the net. I'm going to edinburgh on wednesday till saturday.

    I have been so busy with all my new activities - it's so nice to be busy busy busy for a change. I'm loving life at the moment.


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  • oh my god - i can't believe how long it's been since I blogged


    well i haven't blogged in AGES coz i can't get onto bebo at work.

    can i be arsed telling you what i've been up to? not really - so here's the update.

    I LOVE my job soooo much - the people are great, the work is rewarding and there's a future in the company - so that's all good.

    I went out with Simon for a while but I don't really want to be with amyone at the moment so I split up with him.

    I'm pretty excited about life at the moment - I'm gonna start night classes in September and I've taken up squash to get fit. I'm thinking about moving to Glasgow nect year - or maybe home to Oz but I'm not thinking to hard about it all yet - just concentrating on the here and now.

    In the past 2 months I have been to London to see Crowded House at Hyde Park Calling 2007, I passed my driving test (wooo hoo), I have been down to Cornwall twice to see my Mum, I have been to Edinburgh to see Dan, Milda, Lyd, and my Dad, and I have been to Sports day with work which kicked ass. I'm sure there's more besides that I have forgotten all about.

    The latest is that I got back from Mum's where I was holidaying for a week. Dad was there for a couple of days which was really nice.

    Yesterday Lee and I had a day out at Weston Super Mare. He won me loads of teddies from those crane machines - he's really good at them, we wen't on the dodgems, ate chips and ice-cream and had a really nice day. Then we went to the cinema to see the Simpsons movie - sooo good. It was such a nice day.

    Today I'm just chillin out watching movies.

    I'll try to keep blogging. But if I don't well . . .



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  • one long bed-in with reptiles, kfc and a stolen leek!

    hello hello

    Sooooo, on Friday - after work - Simon and I went to Edwards for some food and some drinks. We went up to Fishponds around 9:30 to meet Katy and Ash at the Eyes. We were joined by two of the pub regulars and Jim came along for an hour as well, so I think it was quite a big group - maybe a bit overwhelming for The Boy but he enjoyed himself. Afterwards Simon came back to mine.

    NO! Nothing like that!!! YOu filthy-minded bastards!! We just hung out. We chatted till 2am and fell asleep.

    We spent hours and hours on Saturday just lying on my bed chatting. We had a mole hunt and we talked about all sorts of shit - some deep and meaningful, some sexy, some shite, some silliness. We had a really good time. Later in the day Katy and Ash came over and I drove us up the road to have some lunch at the Porto Lounge. Then we drove over to Katy's and took Lily for a walk through the Frome Valley. After that Simon and I came back to mine coz Jim, Ash and Katy were all going into town. We thought about joining them but we fancied just hanging out with each other.

    We stayed up till 4am chatting. We have such good conversations. On Sunday Katy and Ash came over and I drove the 4 of us to Filton to go to the Reptile Zone (or whatever its called) to see some exotic reptiles. I want a new pet and thought I'd see what they had. It was soooo cool. We saw a young alligator (not for sale - just there on display), some fucking HUGE snakes, some very cool lizards, some cool frogs and some grumpy but sweet looking little tortoises.

    Then we all went to KFC where we bumped into Gilb and Chiznel. I haven't seen Gilb in ages - he's still as funny as ever. And he thought my cane was wicked. I love people who don't question my eccentricities. Gilb didn't frown and say "whats with the cane?" he just appreciated that it was cool.

    Anyway, i then drove us home - via the scenic route. It has been raining really hard down here for days and so there are HUGe puddles along the road sides. We found a long, long puddle and had a log flume ride in Dave. he he he

    After that Katy and Ash headed home and Simon and I chilled out some more. He stayed over till 9pm despite us both having work. After he went home I had a smoke and chatted with Gishy on the phone - laughing my ass off.

    Oh boy, I can't tell you how nice it is feelig back to normal. I've been such a miserable bastard for the last month or so but the new job, the new man and no more money worries have brought me back up.

    But credit wheres it due - I couldnt have got through this sticky spot without Katy and Claire and Ash. And Lee did his part too - mostly boneheads and DVDs!!!

    I'm not working today afterall - I had to call in sick coz I feel quite rough today. Not sure why exactly but I'm sure it's just a bug or something.

    I have organised my next driving test - 5 weeks away. That's gives me plenty of time to practice with Bear and take lessons with Mike. it's gonna be OK!

    I have the rest of the week off to sort myself out for my new jobn- starting on Monday. I have soooo much to do but I bet I don't do any of it!!!

    Anyway, till next time - goodbye!!

    b x

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