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♪..Panda pa panda pa panda..♪ ^_^

8/17/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from England . Norfolk
  • I am Single
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About Me

Happy birthday from you know who :)
Me, Myself, and I
Hey There
I got told to write My Bebo
so um ..My Bebo lol ^_^
Im Lia :D
15 Years
Wants to be a photographer soooo bad
Voice acting would be great tho
Something like bleach or any awsome anime ^_^

Likes meeting new people
Apparently im awsome but thats up to you to deside ^_^

And yeah
I Dont Even Know..what to write

Chilli powda, Buttchin mainia and other awsome stuff ^_^
"This chocolate cake tastes like shit"
"Thats because its a hamburger"
*Spits* "Faggot"

Oh and my top friends are not correct. It just takes ages to move people around + im lazy

Facebook (Y)
Bebo is going down hill

You Me At Six <3
Ear Candiie &lt;3
Paramore | Hey Monday | Simple Plan | Eliot Minor | Panic At The Disco | System Of A Down | Bowling For Soup | Bullet For My Valentine | I Am Ghost | Mindless Self Indulgence | Escape The Fate | Acdc | The Getaway Plan | 30 Seconds To Mars | You Me At Six | The Killers | The Click Five | My Chemical Romance | Plain White T's | Fall Out Boy | MGMT | Avenged Sevenfold | From First To Last | Forever The Sickest Kids | Danger Radio | Hadouken | Muse | Nickleback | All American Rejects ! A rocket to the moon | The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus | MatchBook Romance | All Time Low | Cold War Kids | Copeland | Three Days Grace | MayDay Parade |BrokenCyde
I Hate
Bikes. People that beilive anything. Moths. Spiders. The Sun. Liers. School. Sleeping. Peanuts. Chairs.
I Love
Friends. Music. Anime. Manga. Drawing. Jelly Babies. MSN. Meeting New People. Harajuku Style. Awsome Hair. Plimpsols. Green. Winter. Chocolate Spread. Cookies. Hairspray. Simpsons. Old Cartoons that Nickolodeon Dont show anymore. Money. Hayao Miyazaki. Mininova. Weebles Stuff. Youtube. Shoe Laces. Neon.

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  • How the world started - Jelly Bean style!!!

    Ok so this is a convo between me and catherine late at night lol .... ITS AWSOME!!!

    Ok so first i asked why "shampoo" is called "shampoo" and then i thought that "sham" means fake and "poo" means poo ... obv ... so its fakepoo now ... and condishoner ... is "con" wich is fake "dish" wich is plate and "er" so i said fakeplateinator ... so then i said i wahs my hair with fakepoo and fakeplateinator ... lol.
    Ok so next we were talking about catherines bebo name "Chyeah im Fake" and i was saying that chyeah sounds like "chair" then i said .. "you there...chair...im fake ok!" then catherine said
    (**goes to sit on chair, it vanishes i fall im embarrsed run away and hide in a car which then someone steals and we drive off a clif and land in jellbean land*)
    Then this is where it all began :D

    In jelly bean land u find magical pixies
    The pink ones are leaders ... and the black ones are evil geniuses who plan on making humans smaller then them so they can eat them. The green ones are grass and the white ones are clouds , and they rain on anyone whos been bad. The red ones are the black ones evil minions and they help out. The yellow ones are sun :P
    The jelly beans invade the world of the liveing , but they get eaten and they have mini spaceships inside of anyone who eats them , then they make a mini universe. When we drink its raining , when we eat icecream its snowing , When we breath there is strong winds , when we throw up there is a tsunami lol. They make us go hyper by partying inside of us!

    The black jelly beans eat the humans that have died , when the humans die they shrink then they get eaten. So that means inside of the black jelly beans there is another mini universe. And so that means that we have 2 universes inside of us , one for jelly beans , and another even smaller for humans. I ate elvis presley and cat ate bob marley lol
    This means that we get shat in :S
    When humans have babies , they are the dead humans that have been shrunk and reincarnated , to grow back to normal. So basicly the world so far started with jelly beans ! Multicoloured jelly beans are god :P So that means that adam and eve where really jelly beans and that we grew from jelly beans. But we are too big for the jelly beans and thats why the black ones want to shrink us and eat us. For revenge! Because only a few of them didnt grow properly. There is only a small speicies of the real jelly beans left , that didnt grow. The jelly beans that are made in a factory are fake , they are robots , Like catherine , and this prooves that catherines bebo name is right " Chyeah im fake" And then we went back to the start of what we first started talking about to have this convo. So the world al started with catherines bebo name !
    But then we went on to say that catherine first thought of the name so that means that she is god . But then she cant be god because luis and theo said they ate her. But then we were saying that you cant trust anyone apart from me and catherine because we figured out that everyone was a jelly bean in disguise and that we were the only two humans alive. But then i didnt trust cat because u never know .. and we found out that cat was really a jelly bean in disguise and so i was the only human alive. Oh and then we were saying that there are loads of universes inside of us , because we ate jelly beans , and the jelly beans ate humans .. and so on. But then theo and luis Ate cat and luis ate me. And ive probs missed quite a bit of the story but these are the main parts lol . Oh and i ate marc who ate someone ... and luke is at the bottom of the food chain and wen he dances everyone goes hyper but tom ate luke and toms dog ate tom... lol
    Catherine ate mollie who ate ? me and catherine are in the same universe :P

    And erm yeah
    thats about it lol ... for now :P

    1 Comment 229 weeks

  • Cats bebo

    R.I.P cats bebo
    we will remeber all the good funny blonde dumb stupid werid ugly odd crazy mad secretive talkative hyperactive talkactive dinoactive expando braactive shoutative arguementative lead-onative cryative LOLOative and all the other werid , passwordative pictureative chickative drawingative wtf o saurative moment taht we have had


    2 Comments 233 weeks

  • New year reso

    Be Nicer to everyone!

    Bother to listern to what people are talking about

    Stop picking on people

    Get a decent hair style!

    choose my gcse's

    listern in important subjects .. stop daydreaming and ignoring what the teacher is saying. specialy in history , assesments r hard when u dont know what your doing.

    get out the house more

    get some good clothes , skinnies , good t-shirts , mine r boring and shitty.

    learn to draw , a four boobed lady with a long neck and a pointy nose , a huge ass and one arm is not a good drawing!

    4 Comments 236 weeks

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L is the world's top-rated detective, tasked with tracking down and arresting Kira. As such, he is Light's arch-enemy. His disheveled appearance masks his great powers of deduction and insight. L has many quirks, such as sitting in an odd manner, snacking on sweets constantly, and holding objects in a peculiar manner. He often takes drastic strategies to confuse and force the hand of his opponents. On several occasions he has willingly disclosed several of his weaknesses to Kira at the risk of his own life in the hopes that he would lure him into a trap.

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