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Ivor O Callaghan

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  • Male, 30, Luv 38
  • from killanena
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  • Member since: August 2006
  • Last active: 1/8/10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
update: time for a change id say! asia till jan and oz for another while and c where i end up from there! sounds gud?? traveln wit ken kerry and enda! ok people drop me a line for the craic!
i have a taste in every thing but not manafactured crap, luv the strokes, smashing pumpkins, idle hands and naked bear are class, greenday, the bobs dylan and marley, jimi hendrix, prodigy, ra sonds that make me proud of my country!!
the usual suspects, young guns, the thin red line, bravehearth, star wars.... use the force.., rocky, MICHEAL COLLINS, old school, snach, the shawshank, sherk! once upon a time in the west, luv westerens and anyting by Quinton Tarintino, class act! AND TV like Fr Ted, lost, tommy Tiernan!!
Chelsea..... hurling, on the banner, soccer, swimming, gym, foxy boxing
Scared Of
scary womem...ahh, and going mad in my old age!!
Happiest When
im happiest when im wit my friends that i knw i can call my friends, if were are just at notn r doing sumthing there is always a laugh to be had!! when im wit my blue box... u knw it! when im locked and the proccess getting there! and happy when a foxy lady smiles at me
Family Guy
pure class, if u dont know it watch it, if u do know it... victory will be mine!!!!
Question to all??
2 people dead or alive u wud like to meet??

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  • Brian Quaners
    Brian Quaners

    hey brother how are you keeping long time no here tried calling you a few times but got no answer anyway i lost my phone a couple of weeks ago so i lost all my numbers too what a bummer !!!how is the ravell pal im unemployed now but i have an interview mon so see how that goes it up in galway too so how bad :D keep in touch brother thinking of ya be safe Quaners

  • Chris Garvey
    luv Chris Garvey

    hell ya.... might even get to hear mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  rrrrr kenneedy............KENNNEDDY:) :) in the flesh ... his a legend ... might even go myself .. bonus ya know could use a hol .. no promises but have something in the pipeline how's tricks braaaaaaaaa?? any news

  • Cathal Collins

    callaghan man whats the craic, how ya gettin on?

    3/3/09 via Mobile
  • Grace Waterstone
    Grace Waterstone

    Hows d travels go ivor.did ye get over d xmas in one piece.

    1/20/09 via Mobile
  • Cathal Collins

    Callaghan man, how goes it?? where abouts in the world are ya now?? im stilll ere living up and living it up in galway, working in O2, its handy enough, sales so its just being able to talk to people!!!!

  • Sinead Lynch
    luv Sinead Lynch

    hey stranger whats up?how was ew years over??mad i`d say.i`m jealous.any news 4 mise?

  • Darragh Broderick
    luv Darragh Broderick

    yo ho ho,kid....wats the story....youstill living the dream

  • Irene R
    Irene R

    laura dat used live with ye.... was talkn 2 mauras bro n t gardens wen we were der...went sking d odr day twas great craic, god ders so much 2 do over ere its all go we dnt get ne sleep ins:O :O

  • Brian Quaners
    Brian Quaners

    yes brother i did,im in india as i bebo with work its an eye opener il tell ya here for another too weeks,it mental i though they drove craz in thailand they dont come close to that compared to here lol how are you josey?

  • Catherina Staff
    Catherina Staff

    hey ya liking perth.not enjoyin the whole hse huntin shit tho :( me and brian stayn wit my sis til we get sorted :) ye win loads money on the melb cup?oh ya did ye go the to oz v ire international game?we went to the 1 here in perth was really good pissed rain after put bril atmosphere only 1 point in it.anyway hope ur not workin too hard :) tel brian (rash)i said hi.

  • Katherine Moroney
    luv Katherine Moroney

    Hey baby face, Really good to hear from you!! Why are ya stayin another yr??? We want you home! Our limerick house parties just are'nt the same without you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not that i can rem much of them lately) :) Ken f**ked off back on us, then sarah did, what is it with that bloody country :( Ok ill stop now. Begining to sound like joey. Miss ya loads!!!! Kate xx

  • Cathal Collins

    Finished college and graduated last week! Ya wouldn't think this is my 5th year living in galway would ya! Gettin feckin old now! Im workin in an o2 shop now, selling phones and stuff, work awful hard to come by now about here but was lucky to get something! No woman at the moment, keeping quiet shur ya know me!! Must tip over to oz myself in a few years, have to wait around for this court case wit my leg, but that'll take 2yrs or so, but then i intend to belt over!! Chelsea going well this season minus one or two hiccups!

    11/10/08 via Mobile
  • Irene R
    Irene R

    ha ha ur sum numbnuts.....dee jst met laura der a few mins ago der on d street.....small world.i hear yer gona b n sydney 4 xmas??

  • Chris Garvey
    luv Chris Garvey

    stoooooooooooooooooooooory how did races go bruva

  • Pebbles

    Hey Hey I'm back:) How ya getting on down there, how was the cup? what ya up to now, you going farming at all? Hows Maire getting on, where did she end up? HAd a ball at home, same old same, drink drink n more drink. I even cooked for the boys like the night you guys cooked for us( seemingly the girls cooked last month but they got take away and served it as their own, twas horrible and the boys not impressed :( poor ladies) Anywho chat to ya soon.

  • Brian Quaners
    Brian Quaners

    hey brother hope you enjoy the cup day :D happy gilmore no doubt,just here at my place with bist and add we are jamming the music out..im off india monday with work for three weks so thts pretty sweet other than that chritmas is getting close man the time just rolls by speaking off rolling :-) laters Quanovic

  • Irene R
    Irene R

    yo ivor hows tng wit ye?say yer havn a bit of a mad week 4 d melbourne cup???ya have d week off?hows d new house? its frekn freezen over ere:(

  • Catherina Staff
    Catherina Staff

    hey hows all in melb????my god lookin for a hse in perth at the mo wata pain in the hole :P honestly sick to death already.talkn to maire today working hard up there goin to get really warm id say.anyway hope ur not workin too hard :) talk later

  • Sinead Lynch
    luv Sinead Lynch

    hey how ru?got bebo off u 2day and last one b4 that was ages ago.hows the job scene going?ru going to try 4 those exams to work as sparks over?whats ur news u must have loads