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  • Male, 24, Luv 14
  • from taree
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Last active: 8/3/09
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
not much to say im 18 live in checkerboard taree not as bad as u would think.i like hanging out and goin down to pub wid mates.i dont go to school and love it lol. if you want to know more send me a comment or add me on msn
The Other Half Of Me
I Love Matt

I Love Matt

sexiest girl ever love her to bits

n e thing really..
riding my bycicle nufin can go wrong when you are ridin unless you fall off
n e thin not fussy id prefer it to make me pissed tho

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  • subject

    ------------------GENERAL INFO------------------

    *Starting time: 12.42
    * Name On Birth Certificate: Matthew james mcgann
    * Star Sign: aquarius
    * Nicknames: fat duck, McG
    * School: ATC last year
    * Location: taree
    * Colour of eyes: couldn't tell u
    * Hair colour: browny
    * Shoe Size: 11-12
    * Brothers/Sister: 1 of each :(
    * You live with: mate

    ------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------

    * Missed school because it was raining: yes
    * Put a body part on fire for amusement: hell yeh
    * Been in a car accident: yeh
    * Been hurt emotionally: depends
    * Had an imaginary friend: pffft
    * Cried during a Movie: not cried
    * Ever thought an animated character was hot: foxy out of drawn together
    * Been sarcastic: if i feel like it


    * Shampoo: pfffft its the same isnt it
    * Soap: the yellow one
    * Fav. colour/shade: blue
    * Like/dislike about it: huh
    * Summer/Winter: winter for sure
    * Cartoon Characters: foxy
    * Drink: smoething strong
    * Food: meh tis all the same
    * Movie: n e one thats funny
    * Ice Cream: meh
    * Subject: marine
    * Animal: dog
    * Person: n e one who tlaks to me lol
    * Girls name: april or amber
    * Boys name: seth
    * Chick Movie: fuk that
    * Guy Movie star: all the same probz rambo
    * TV show: The O.C

    ---------------RIGHT NOW------------------

    * Wearing: shirt shorts and a terbin lol
    * What color underpants: blue u wanna see
    * I'm feeling: drunk
    * Eating: nothing
    * Drinking: woodies and sambuca
    * Thinking: my next driink

    --------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------

    * Cried: no
    * Cleaned your room: never

    ------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-------------------

    * Santa Claus: kurt is santa clause
    * Tooth Fairy:and the tooth fairy to
    * Ghosts: its all about casper
    * UFO's/intelligent life in space: yep we hang out and play nidendo
    --------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------

    * Do you have a soul mate? f in a
    * Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: sure do
    * Do you like anyone?: the tooth fairy
    * Who have u known the longest out of your friends: luke ward
    * Who's the loudest: ME and fano
    * The shyest: kurt until a few beers
    * Who's the weirdest: sam
    * Who has seen you cry: nidge (when i sunk the boat lol)
    * When have u cried the most: when i got smashed and sunk me dad's boat
    * What is the best feeling in the world: about 3 seconds after sex
    * Worst Feeling: runnin out of grog

    -----------------FOR EVERYONE TO FILL OUT-----------------

    * Silver or gold: silver
    * diamond or pearl: niether both gay
    * sunset or sunrise: sunset coz u r awake
    * Do you sleep with stuffed animals: cant say i have for quite a while
    * Ever broken a bone: to many
    * any piercing? fuk that
    * How is the weather like right now? dark
    * What time did u finish this quiz: 12:49

    0 Comments 340 weeks

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    Laurietons One And Only

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    lol what a fag

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  • Laurietons One And Only
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    oi u! its mi birthday on the 8th march ill b 18 yewwww anyways u shood come up n go out with us! hmb bitch love ya

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    Glen Greathead

    Merry Xmas Matt how are ya been some time wolfman.

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    luv ErynElizabeth

    haha nothing special well except from graduating and shizz I'm living in QLD. ♥