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If Only

loves him 2! but does he know it!!

11/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 30
  • from Edgeware
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 9/6/11
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
*Im loud if i want be, but im very shy sometimes, bless. I have 7 sisters(well 2 are step, kind of) 1 lil bro and i love them all, they mean the world to me, well most of the time! i love all my m8s and love having a laugh!! i love to party!! xxx Im really odd, a very strange girl if you ask me! but thts just me!! i love meeting new people and trying new things!! i am also totally in love with this hot, sexy guy, but thats a long story!!

----///-\\\----Put This
---|||---|||---On Your
---|||---|||---Bebo If
---|||---|||---You Know
-----\\///-----Who Died
------///\-----Of or is
----///--\\\---with cancer!
The Other Half Of Me


My FUNNY, sexy better half!! lol!!!

All sorts but i love Bon Jovi!!!
horrors, comedies
football, i like watching it i cant play 2 save my life but stiil. i support Chelsea of course only the best for me. Tennis and Softball are cool to. i love pink ball lol!!! greatest Oriel game ever!
Lemonade n Lime, Budwiser and i love wine so much, i couldnt live without it. im really into strongbow at the moment! but FANTA is the greastest of all time!!!!
Wot am i scared of
Spiders and i have social phobia, but i think im starting to lose it now, at last, although i still go red a lot which sucks!!
Actors n Actress'
Johnny Depp, lush. Sean Bean is hot too. but they are also great actors!!!Whoppi Gold, well funni. Holly Marie Combs, great
I love 4x4's and meganes, but i'd love an audi TT!! but i reli want just a little car at da mo, like a celo or fiesta!!

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Lee Evans - Suicide Song

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  • i was bored!!

    Have you ever called a person useless?

    How often do you give high fives?
    a lot

    What does the 10th text in your inbox say?
    love you darling x x

    Is your shirt new?
    quite new yes

    Where is the last place you went to go eat?

    Have you bought any clothing items in the past week?

    Do you sing in the shower?
    of course

    What is the last store you bought a clothing item in?

    Do you have the same name as one of your relatives?

    Are you looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend?

    Do you prefer a call or a text?

    Have you ever been on television?

    How many cities/towns have you lived in?
    omg!! 10 i think!!

    Do your parents drink coffee every morning?
    dunno! Mum does when im there.

    Have you donated blood?

    One song that's meaningful to you?
    bat out of hell

    Do you twirl or scoop your spaghetti?

    Do you drink milk straight from the carton?
    nope i hate milk

    Who was the last person who told you they loved you?
    a hot guy!

    Addicted to anything?
    the high street i think!! Lol!!

    What were you last listening to in the car?
    applebottom jeans - low

    Do you like anyone?

    When was the last time you sang out loud?
    im am now

    What did you have for breakfast?

    What instant messaging service do you use?

    Did you have a nap today?
    nope i don’t need to sleep that much!

    What was the reason you got in trouble last?
    don’t even remember the last time i got in trouble

    What do you wear more, jeans or sweats?

    Do you swear a lot?

    Where did you get the shirt your wearing?

    Do you have any regrets?

    What was your first alcoholic drink?
    omg i dunno!! Wine i think

    What color are your favorite shoes?
    mmm, black

    Who would you like to see right now?

    Anyone close to you ever pass away?

    Have the cops ever come by your house?

    Would you rather sleep with someone, or alone?

    What do you wear to bed?
    top and bottoms

    Do you trust people?
    yea after a while

    Who was the first person you texted?
    don’t have a clue

    looking forward to something this weekend?
    i hoping to!

    0 Comments 271 weeks

  • dude dis is hot!! esspecailly 4 u Rhianey!!!


    0 Comments 339 weeks

  • x factor

    Xxxwhaoo Xfactor concert soon i cnt waitxxX

    1 Comment 339 weeks

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  • WE LOVE .......


    Divie D 3 Replies
  • S.E.X

    yeah its a woman sucking on a "HUGE" penis :]
    hope yoo dont mind such a grotest thing 2 b seen on yoor page lol!

    ly millions

    Just Tit 1 Reply
  • US crying in the cinema!
    US crying in the cinema!

    can yoo member that time we went up norwich & the very first time i went into the norwich cinema..... lol!
    can yoo member wat we watched ???
    that bloody poseidon film,, with the boat sinking. that was such an emotional film. we both pratically cried throughout the whole film :D

    i havent wat...

    Just Tit 1 Reply

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  • Faye

    I snagged $489 in two days doing almost nothing! I got it from - http://x.co/KTEN Keep this a secret!

  • Faye

    2 Weeks And 4 Days!!!!! :D x Hope You Come! Love You xxxxxxxx I've Missed You!!!!!!!!!! xxxx

  • Sophie Gillett
    luv Sophie Gillett

    hi dannii hope u iz ok a d had a gd party soz dint go but u know wot i iz like luv ya xxgilliexx

  • Lee

    helloooooo keep me udated on wts happenin nxt week :D love yas xxxxxxx

  • Matty A
    Matty A

    heyyy whos the blonde small girl who sits across the other side mof the media room? :D lol wb :)

  • luv Lee

    hiyaaaa sorry 4 late reply lol im gd thnx u? wooooooo ive already seen bon jovi so :P hows work? love u xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Glen
    luv Glen

    elloo! yea im not tht bad thx nuttin much partyz on saturdayz an wrkin in the wk dyz lol wubu2 ???? tap bck xx

  • Ryyan.
    luv Ryyan.

    hi :D yh im sure i will do ok, i quite like my art exams cos ther practical rather than wrritten :D but ive got english on 16th, oh yh so hav u! i need 2 revise :L luv u! xxxx

  • Ryyan.
    luv Ryyan.

    :D ive done a week of exams, they've been ok! only 2 weeks feft 2 go, and then ive finished year 1 :D :D :L hav ure exams started yet? hav u started work yet? i start at cherry lane on the 17th :P luv u xxxx

  • Ryyan.
    luv Ryyan.

    dannii! hows college going? are you ok? yay! holiday soon :D xxx

  • Eastern Music Underground
    Eastern Music Underground

    hi thank you for being a EMU LIVE friend EMU stands for eastern music underground we aim to put on small festivals and other music based venues by being a friend on bebo you will have access to other EMU linked websites to do with EMU and are offical website www.emu.122mb.com please tell your bebo friends about us tim & chris

  • Glen
    luv Glen

    elloooo!!! yea im not 2 bad thx gettin there never all there lol u???? tap bck xx

  • Jenner-Z -Donkey

    i cant forward tht e-mail Karen sent me lol, add my msn i will send it to u on there Donkey55@hotmail.com u can printit and annoy her with em lol

  • 3/4/08
  • Ryyan.
    luv Ryyan.

    found ure comment! it was buried naughty dannii on bebo at college. LOL! naughty me not bein at college! i explained why didnt i? lol they told me off wen i got ther, but at least id finished the coursework! just ignore the bit about missin 3 lessons :s i know! if u hav a car u can work more XD thts wot i want one for, thn i can get wherever i want! how r u? i cant remember wot else u sed :s luv u xxxx