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Oh Crab Cakes

Gotta get yo game face on :L

5/15/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Oban :D
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☺Lord Of The Geeks!☻
Me, Myself, and I
I Know I Know, I Always Put Really Bad Photo's On Here Which Are Most Probably An Eyesore For Many Of You, But The Bad Photo's Portray The Real Me, And If You Don't Like It I Really Couldn't Give A Fuck. Me N Rach, Im To The Right

I Have Hundreds Of Nicknames, You Can Add To The List If You Wish. However My Real Name Is Alanna. Im 17, live in Oban, love music :D i love my m8s like to death!

Things You Need To Find Funny....
The Duke (Rachel), Fish Eye (Simone) and oooh just anything generally hilarious
The Other Half Of Me


< that is one cool bitch the ice cubes r jelous <3

Just Ask Cos I Dont Wanna Type It All :)
Cos I Like All Types Of Music.
ooooft i love most films moulin rouge ;) me and rach will quote it to you
These People I Love...
I Love Many More And They Know Who They Are But The Bunch Of Munchkins Below Seem To Be The Ones I Spend Most Time With... Heres Why...
Oh yes And The Fact That Like They Are ALL Fucking Awesome and they dont know this but i watch them through my bino's when im in the bushes outside their houses.
♥ Simone && Hannah ♥
Apparently i ''have lost my marbles and run a tribe of nut-jobs'' OH YES THATS TRUE <3 RAWRR
♥♥Simone♥♥ Is One Crazy Mofo, But She Is The Best Crazy Mofo You Will Eva Meet! My little Jamaican man?
She Rocks, She Can Cheer You Up When Your Feeling Like You Wanna Fall Off The Earth, And Is Always in the mood for a gd laugh and she should be a child entertainment system like me :L
What Else Can I SAY Apart From '' Im Gonna Punch Yo In The Face You Crazy Son Of A Sexual Deviant'' Summer '08 was the Kefunkleshizzle, (your so good looking im gonna introduce you to my tall dark handsome grandsone... WHATT???!'') i think thats sums it up, i love you simone you little pumpkin pie... or are you a peach cobbler? '' shut the feck up am goin back te belfast so am are''i drive i crash i make roadkill - oh blood on the tubby wagon... ILY ♥
Hannah♥♥♥♥ Omg This Girl IS Like The Bombdiggidy Shes my little English Mushroom!
We Are Little Monsters Little Monsters Yay. (8) Like a virgin wooo touched
♥ Helena && Bridget ♥
Helena ♥♥♥ I Rape Her With My Knee Its Soo Exhausting We Always Almost Fall...At First I Must Admit I Thought Helena Ws Rather Wierd... But Yeah She Grew On Me and Yeah I Realise Now That She IS rather weird :P Helena is like soo down to earth and shes like mellow its like shes the gardian of the group... tryna keep us out of trouble e.g me and aaron fighting bowt my gingerness. This Chick Has Serious Asweomeness, Shes My Hug Munchkin... Rawrr I Sex'd Her
Like A Dinosawrr... Yeah Stick That In Your Blow Hole An Choke On It.
Ah Man I Love Helena ♥♥
Bridget♥♥♥ hehe shes soo funny shes like the sweet and innocent one, its soo cute :P
she gives great hugs, obvi not as good as my man hugs but yeah shes gettin there. we have such a laugh takin the piss n stuffles. We Love Man Spray. Ive Got Big Bug Glasses On Right Now So My Vision Is Restricted, But Yeah Bridget Shes like Awesome And i Like Love Her, What A Wee Happy Bunny She is :) I l y ♥♥
♥ Rachel && Dean ♥
Rachel- Oh What Can You Say Shes A Ninja, one of the funny ones from prank patrol. She Touched my cheese and didnt turn up for art there fore she will be impaled by my spoon and smooshed by my pimp mobile after i punch her in the face :P Ah Rachel Shes Crazy, Her Laughs like differ day to day and she seems like a retard to the outsiders :L nah just joking :L even if you did that doesnt matter cos u got ur m8s on the inside ma nigga. Shes Like A Gangstaa :L Ahhh Shes Such A Sicknin Person She Made Me Spew But i still love the butt munchkin. i love you about as much as you love matt tuck <3 ♥♥
Dean ♥ ahh what can you say bowt dean, he is the most randum boy ever your talking bowt one thing an the subject changes 10 mins later he comes up with somethin from the last convo thats been forgotten an ur like wott. and hes like yeah i slipped on a green and pink banana. Hes my free period buddy, we are geeks and enjoy going to the book shops and we collect marvel cards cos we is cool, and run

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  • I find this gr8 lol ... so read it BITCHES xx

    Dear Fucker...
    You are my fuckin friend...
    And I hope u know thats fuckin true...
    No matter what the fuck happens...
    I will stand the fuck by u...
    I will fuckin be there for u...
    When ever the fuck u need me...
    To lend a fuckin hand....
    To do a fuckin good deed...
    So fuckin call on me....
    Whenever the fuck u need me...
    Fuck, i will always be there...
    Even to the bitter fuckin end...
    Send this fucking promise to all your fuckin friends to show your fuckin friendship and watch who fuckin Sends it back to u...and if they dont send it back.... FUCK THEM!!!!!!



    I Cba Sendin This But Its For Evry one cos i love yall lol xxxxxxxx

    0 Comments 298 weeks

  • cancer + maddie

    ------♥♥------Put This
    ----♥♥-♥♥----On Your
    ---♥♥---♥♥---Bebo If
    ---♥♥---♥♥---You Know
    ----♥♥-♥♥----Who Died

    ----00-00----Put This Yellow Ribbon
    ---00---00---On Your Bebo
    ---00---00---The Safe Return
    ----00-00----Of Little Madeleine!!!

    0 Comments 312 weeks

  • rfc





    wots eh difference between a hedgehog and a bus full o celtic supporters/
    the pricks r all INSIDE the bus

    follow follow we shall follow celtic
    will we fuck blow them up join da rfc XD

    0 Comments 316 weeks

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    Hey hows you ?? urghh i've got a day off finally... What you been at ?? xxx

  • Aimee M
    luv Aimee M

    hiiyaah havv some luvv :D xxx

    2/14/10 via Mobile
  • X Maya X
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    Lol cool, eh im in the kitchen!! Fuk knows hw i got a job in ther! he he anyway erez sum luv xxxxx

  • X Maya X
    X Maya X

    No one uses bebo anymre itz shit!!!!! I've only jus got to grips on hw to use bebo i ave decided to boycott facebook!!!! lol!! i got a profile on facebook i just cnt mind my password :( och well bebo duz me fine!! I jus been workin away at the steakhouse and do a couple of shifts in the hospital frm tym to tym!!! U goin oot 4 ure bday??? x

  • X Maya X
    X Maya X

    Heylooo my lil boritto long tym no spreken(i think that's hw ya spell it) anyhoo wats been happenin with urself!!! C u still got those gammy pics of me!!!! lol i'll forgive u eventually u not eighteen on valentines day??? gots to hook up 4 a wee sesh well geez a call sumtym lup yooh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Peek ª Boo.X

    Hey Hunni How Arr Yoo Wot Yoo Been Up To I Haven't Seen Yoo For Ages Lolz wb Love Yoo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox oxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Lisa Mccuish
    Lisa Mccuish

    Hey u hows u why u called crab cakes lol fink its funny x

    10/7/09 via Mobile
  • Kristalbeenabella

    Hiyaaaa stranger wat yu beeen uptaaa wb xxxx

    10/7/09 via Mobile
  • Paul Broughton
    luv Paul Broughton

    hey hun how are u? god i havnt talked 2 u in ages so what have u been up 2? hows it all going? im should have my own flat 2day :) xxxx w/b

  • Peek ª Boo.X

    Hi shnuggle monster wot yoo been up to how arr yoo doin I am sooooooooo bored wb xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Dee B
    luv Dee B

    When are you getting your assback to rugby?Training is now only on a Thursday.See you soon I hope as the matches are imminent.....

  • luv Saska Lilly-Anna Rose.

    Hey shnugle bunch! ino i miss you too did you come to the shinty dance? im good im an auntya a full aunty lol beautiful lil girl caled lola heheh! oh god you braught up such happy times lol i do miss the rampages xxxxxxxxxx love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ella

    heyah bbe :) how yuh doinn....?? wat u been up 2 lately? missuloadz hunni wb ilu XxxxxX