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got a new video, well its not new, but its been re-added!

7/14/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 471
  • from telford
  • I am Single
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Me, Myself, and I
Life is too short…
Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness!

So laugh when you can!
Apologize when you should!
And let go of what you can’t change!

Love deeply…
And forgive quickly!

Take chances…
Give everything!

And have no regrets…
Life is too short to be unhappy!

You have to take the good with the bad…
Even when you’re sad!

Love what you have…
& always remember what you had!

Always forgive…
But never forget!

Learn from your mistakes…
But never regret!

People make mistakes…
& Things go wrong!

But always remember…
Life goes on!

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  • video lyrics

    Give your cards out, you’ve gotta give your cards out look
    how do you give your cards out?
    I don’t know if he’s recording or not.
    I am now yeah
    have we got to turn around
    Mike get in… don’t run away from me
    you’ve gotta go with the beat mate
    Michael!Your going everywhere man!
    go with the beat!, he said go with the beat
    you cant just jump man
    go with the beat Becky!
    you’re just jumping, you gotta do this like
    What you gotta go…
    look this is the basic yeah? Basic house music dance look?
    lets do it becky?
    this is off hitch this is
    look like this
    is this like how you dance in spain? Really classy?
    this isn’t our sort of dancing, we go down!
    and when you dance with a girl you dance like this look, no then you do this
    mike, where mike?
    dancing house yeah
    Mikes gone back in the car
    now turn around
    I am
    how long should I record for do you reacon?
    no turn around
    dance again like that
    and that one
    here gimme gimme gimme
    That how you do it
    timmy timmy timmy wait the music’s stopped

    the musics stopped man
    do that thing you were doing before
    Christian record
    see this is more like it
    this is how we dance in telford
    this is a rave!
    in the streets of telford
    rippin the streets of telford
    no beat or anything, just not like your dancing to the music dancing to your own beat in your head, stamping on peoples toes, wheres your toes gone? Where you toes? Wheres your toes?
    my light in the dark
    he’s our light in our dark
    becky keep spinning, other way other way
    why wont Michael…
    nackered now
    wheres mike? Come on Michael
    this is a road
    Come on!
    yeah mate this is the one this is the one grab this timmy
    ill record

    0 Comments 209 weeks

  • tell me what you think?

    okay so this is your chance to tell me exactly what you think of me
    it doesnt have to be good and doesnt have to be bad, i want to know what you do or do not like about me what are my up sides nd wat are my down falls? tell me exactly what i mean to you. and you can also include how can i improve?

    0 Comments 221 weeks

  • funny jokes, sayings and gags

    i shouldn't swear in my house, my nan used to say "dont say god say gosh, only say god when you want to talk to him otherwise you'll distract him from helping the poor" and i used to say " thats good point nan, but put some clothes on, get out the wheel barrow"
    - lee mack

    actually ive got a confession to make, im drinking and driving,...fuck em, everyone says its wrong drinking and driving dont they? i can tell you 2 things that are far more than drinking and driving, 1 drinking, 2 driving. do you know how many people were killed last year as a direct result of alcohol abuse? 35 thousand. do you know how many people were killed as a direct result of driving a car? 22 thousand. do you know how many people were killed as a direct result of drinking and driving? 500 :| im not taking any fucking chances!
    - lee mack

    jeremy clarksons a twat, i never understand what hes on about, do you? "if i said to you shit out of a tango you would probably say to me egsessive rear end flang injection and overly keen knocking valves" no i wouldnt geremy i would say "has it got a cup holder, and will it make birds touch my cock?"... "this little baby can take the knots, but she doesnt like cold winter mornings and blimey is she thirsty" "yeah well let her out the attic you freak"
    - lee mack

    they should get propperly mental people to reclaim the work themselves and do their own adverts, "hello, im brian triffle and am i going crazy? ofcourse i'm goign crazy, i live in a mental institution in wullamaloo, why dont you come round this bank holiday mondayand watch me run round the table tennis room with my pants around my ankles saying look at me, im a chocolate biscuit. yes im brian triffle abit messed up and mentally unstable, this bank holiday monday. i've got a knife, can stab you in the face.
    - lee mack

    the best adverts are the french perfume adverts, argh they make so much sense dont they? " i see her, i want her, she is, what she is, she sees, but shes blind, she has legs, but she has no legs, she is alive, but she is dead, she is a woman, but she is a monkey, and i know that i want her, cuz she is what she is and what she is, is a blind, dead, disabled monkey, and i know that i want her, shallamore by culam" "what are you on about!!?? what does it fucking smell like!!!???!" they've got equally pretentious adverts in france, the british adverts in france are the most pretentious in the world. "i see her, on beach, shes got it, in her hand, its a pie, i love pies!, i go over, but wait its not a pie, its like a pie, but its smaller, and inside its peas, and carrots, and gravy, and mince, and i know that i want it, cuz it is, what it is, and what it is, is pasties by ginster"

    0 Comments 227 weeks

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