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i dnt go on here no more so add my myspace!!! www.myspace.com/xbabyxdanbamx

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  • Female, Luv 10
  • from Hertfordshire
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 2,908
  • Last active: 1/5/11
  • www.bebo.com/x_undying_trust_x
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

*♥*name*♥* Danni, Danbam
*♥*sex*♥* Female
*♥*stands*♥* 5ft5 ?
*♥*fell from heaven*♥* 22nd June
*♥*star sign*♥* Cancer and gemini lol i got 2!
*♥*righty or lefty*♥* Lefty
*♥*inny or outty*♥* Inny
*♥*hu im lovin*♥* All ma mates
*♥*location*♥* Hertfordshire
*♥*Nationality*♥* err half english half portuguese n 1/8 irish

Gotta Problem..Solve It
Screw Me..Screw You
Cant Stand Me..Sit Down
Cant Face Me..Turn The Hell Around
Think Im A Bitch..Try Me
Love Me..Great
Hate Me..Even Better
Think Im Ugly..Dont Look At Me
Dont Like My Style..Dont Like Yours
Think Im Trippin..Tie My Shoes

♥ High Class ♥
♥ Ghetto Ass ♥
♥ Bangin Style ♥
♥ Sexy Smile ♥
♥ Luscious Thighs ♥
♥ Kandi Eyes ♥
♥ Tempting Lips ♥
♥ Killa Kiss ♥
♥ So Wave Goodbye ♥
♥ And Blow A Kiss ♥
♥ Cuz Baby You ♥
♥ Can't Handle This ♥
im sxc from head 2 toe, Naughty as hell, but I AINT no hoe! You ain't worth my time, and can't take my place! So if u got somethin 2 say, bitch, say it 2 my face! I play my game like Monopoly, I dare ANY bitch to land on MY property! Bitchy? Yeah... I might be slightly... Cuz I don't know how to say F*CK YOU politely! Bitch, did I just hear you talkin?! Yeah, dats right...keep on walkin .............................
♥ιF υ Dσи"т Lιк Mє
Dєяє"ѕ Nυтнιи I Cαи Dσ
Bт Nєωѕ Fℓαѕн Hυииι
I Dσи"т Lιкє υ♥
paramor, within temptation, lil'chris, evanescence, panic! at the disco, bon jovi, my chemical romance, iron maiden, alice cooper, system of a down, blink 182, bowling for soup, green day, linkin park, puddle of mudd, nirvana, simple plan, sum 41, nickelbak, kaiser chiefs, kelly clarkson, avril lavigne, pink, iron maiden, samantha jade, elliot minor, fallout boy, eminem, good charlotte, mc devvo, the all-american rejects, PaigeUK, enter shikari, lyk 2 songs by offspring, n loadzz more but cant b assed to type em
Films/ tv shows i like
ALL HORRORS! also the craft, the covenant, the fast and the furious tokyo drift, saw 1, 2 and 3, house of wax, dead or alive, the truman show, gimmie gimmie gimmie, rainman, buffy, xena, charmed, BALLS OF STEEL!!, next, my own, pimp my ride, see no evil hear no evil, money train, rush hour 1 and 2, karate kid 1 and 2, little man, the nightmare before christmas, bill and tedd, made ect..
A recent study shows 92% of the teenage population likes rap music. If you are part of the 8% who listen to real music, put this on your homepage!
Happiest When
on msn, when i get my own way, when i see ma cuz leanne coz she makes da day soo fun, out with mates, n loadsa ova stuff which i cnt b bovad to write
people who think there hard when there not, wanabes, homophobes, liars, backstabbers, school, plastics, people who judge other people because of wot they look lyk, wear or wot sort of music they listen to, when your havin a rele good convosation on msn and then your mouse stops working! soo many more things but the list could go on foreva!

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  • 100 Questions

    ~Basic Info~
    Name:: Danielle
    Age:: 15
    Sex:: Female
    Height:: 5ft5
    Hair Color:: originally dark brown but atm its.. dark brown, light brown, black, purple and red lol
    Eye Color:: hazel
    Body Type:: skinny
    Religion:: dunno :S
    Ethnicity:: huh..?
    Orientation:: Straight
    Status:: Taken

    Color?: Blue
    Hair Style?: my normal hair mayb..?
    Food?: pistachious (dunno how to spell that)
    Soda?: dr. pepper
    Alchoholic Beverage?: 2 many 2 say
    Store?: dunno
    Mall?: dunno
    State?: dunno
    City?: dunno
    Animal?: 2 mny 2 say
    Movie?: either the craft or the covenant
    TV Show?: Buffy
    Book?: i dont read
    Music?: punk, emo, rock and a bit of rnb
    Song?: 2 many 2 say
    Band/Artist?: wayy 2 many 2 say
    Website?: i onli rele go on this website so yh www.bebo.com

    ~This or That~
    Soda or Juice?: Soda
    Music or Internet?: music.. actually mayb internet coz u can listen to music on da internet
    Rock or Rap?: Rock
    Dogs or Cats?: dogs
    White or Black?: Black now
    Myspace or Bebo?: Messenger?
    Cell Phone or I-pod?: iPod
    Curly Hair or Straight Hair?: Straight hair
    Lap-Top or Computer?: dunno
    Corded Phone or Cordless?: Cordless
    Mountain Dew or Pepsi?: Pepsi - What is Mountain Dew.. ?
    Pen or Pencil?: Pencil
    MP3 Player or I-pod?: iPod
    Phone or Internet?: Internet
    Single or Taken?: Single
    School or Work?: none!

    What do you do on your spare time?: msn, going out, shopping
    What do you wish you had more time for?: going out
    Whats your usual clothing style?: i dunno i lyk all different styles
    Whats your usual hair style?: i dunno my normal hair
    What are you wearing?: clothes lol
    Are you single or taken?: How many times do I have to answer this!?!
    If taken, by who?: .........no one.........
    Who would you die for?: My friends n family
    Whos your best friend?: dnt rele av one
    How long have you been friends?: My group has been friends for 4 years now
    How did you and your best friend meet?: first day of school
    Do you have any pets?: Yes
    If yes, how many?: 2 rabbits, 1 parrot and 1 budgie did have a dog called krystal
    Do you plan on getting married?: i dunno im still young..dnt need to think bout that jus need to enjoy life
    Do you plan on having kids?: like i sed i wanan enjoy life instead of finkin bout stuff lyk dat
    If so, how many?: I DUNNO!
    How old did you wish you were?: 16
    If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be?: anywhere but where i am now
    Why?: coz im fookin bored!
    Ever gone Camping?: nope
    Have you ever caught a fish and ate it?: EWw!
    Have you ever gone water skiing?: nope
    Have you ever gone water tubing?: nope
    Have you ever gone skiing on a mountain?: nope
    Have you ever gone tubing on a mountain?: nope
    Have you ever gone Snowboarding?: nope
    Ever gone to church?: nope
    Ever gone to a famous water park?: nope
    Ever gone out of State?: huh..?
    Ever gone out of the country?: Yh
    When was the last time you left town?: dunno..
    Anything you got planned for this weekend?: Yh
    If so, what?: jus aload of stuff
    Is this survey curing your bordom?: no
    Do you resemble anyone famous?: well when i was younger i used to look like victoria beckham
    Are you related to anyone famous?: err i dont fink so but den agen theres loads of people in my family that i dont even know about!
    If so, who?: .......................
    Do you think your hott?: ew no!
    Do other people think your hott?: yh
    Do you think your skinny?: yh
    Or do you think your fat?: no
    Or just in between fat and skinny?: nah id say skinny
    What year were you born in?: 1992
    Ever been on a blind date?: nope
    What do you enjoy doing when your bored?: msn or going out
    What do you do in the summer time?: go out n av water fights!
    Are you naturally tanned?: well im portuguese.. n ma skin is darker den all ma mates
    Or are you kinda pale?: nah
    Do you live in a house?: Yeah
    Or do you live in a apartment?: no
    What do you have on your mind?: These questions are really stup

    0 Comments 321 weeks

  • My Life As A Movie ..-.. i think some of my songs go quite well with the questions


    So, here is how it works:
    1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every question, type the song thats playing
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
    6. Dont lie and try to pretend youre cool....because your not!

    Opening Credits:
    Build god, then we will talk - panic! at the disco

    Waking Up:
    stab my back - the all american rejects

    First Day At School:
    highschool never ends - bowling for soup

    Falling In Love:
    love me or hate me - lady sovereign

    Fight Song:
    complicated - avril lavigne

    Breaking Up:
    the river - good charlotte

    its my life - bon jovi

    Lifes OK:
    boulivard of broken dreams - greenday

    Mental Breakdown:
    my happy ending - avril lavigne

    is there anybody out there - lil'chris

    perfect - simple plan

    Getting Back Together:
    everybodys fool - evanescence

    Birth of Child:
    getting enough - lil'chris

    runaway - linkin park

    Final Battle:
    teen hearts beating faster - panic! at the disco

    Death Scene:
    famous last words - my chemical romance

    Funeral Song:
    headstrong - trapt

    End Credits:
    but its better if you do - panic! at the disco

    0 Comments 322 weeks

  • About Me

    Name: Danielle
    Date of birth: 22nd june
    Current location: hertfordshire
    Hair colour: brunette
    Righty or lefty: Left =]
    Zodiac sign: cancer and gemini

    My fears: nuffin
    My perfect pizza: sausage (fink dats how u spell it)
    My current love: ma family n friends

    My first thoughts of waking up: im off bak 2 bed!
    My best physical feature: dunno.. eyes probs
    My bedtime: wen eva im tired
    My most missed memory: wayy 2 many 2 say

    Pepsi or coke: none i like dr.pepper
    McDonalds or Burger King: mcDonald
    Single or group dates: group
    Adidas or Nike: neither!
    Lipton tea or nestea: none
    Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

    Take a shower: yh! who doesnt..?
    Think you've been in love: nah
    Believe in yourself: nope
    Have feelings for someone you shouldn't: nah

    Gone to the supermarket: yh
    Been on stage: nah
    Eaten sushi: EW NO!
    Gone skating: yh
    Dyed your hair: yh loads
    Got asked out: yh

    Played a stripping game: no!
    Gotten beaten up: nope
    Changed who you were with to fit in: nope u were born an orignial dont die a copy!

    Age you're hoping to be by married: dunno
    Age you hope you die: NEVER EVA!!!!!!
    Age you want to have kids: i dunno im young! i dont need to think bout fings lyk dat!

    Best eye colour: any colour
    Best hair colour: any colour
    Clothing style: anything it doesnt bova me

    1 minute ago: Writing this!
    1 hour ago: tv
    1 day ago: out with louise, gemma, don, craig and pete
    1 year ago: eh? Um hav no idea!!!

    I love: gummy bears!
    I feel: wierd
    I hate: fish
    I miss: nothing
    I need: nothing
    I want: to go out
    I regret: nothing

    0 Comments 324 weeks

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    Whats Up hit me up if you wanna get freaky with this gal on cam, my msn is surrendervqou@hotmail.com xoxo bye xoxo

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    hi dan u ok wuu2 w/b

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    Heyyy id rather b hated 4 sumfing i am den b loved 4 summit im not! All Bow Street Runners tracks are on FREE download at www.myspace.com/bowstreetrunnerstheband Only until midnight tomorrow!!! Plus, watch the band live at www.livewebstars.com BSR UK Street Team

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    hey hunni i send u my luv doesn't meen i want one back but how come i aint on ur top friends lol luv u , u are fucking amazing

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    Greetings from Vampyrouss, To celebrate the completion of our new EP 'Prologue' 01. Tidal Lullaby 02. From Lust To Dusk 03. I The Samhain Feast 04. Beyond Mortal Passion 05. Midwinter's Eve We have filmed a music video for our cover of Joy Divisions classic 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' You can watch the video and listen to the EP for free from the front page of our website www.vampyrouss.co.uk We hope you enjoy and any feedback is always welcome

  • B.I.G.

    hey bbe u ok how was ya xmas hope u ad a gd 1 wat u get fanx 4 addin me into ya top m8s =] i feel luved looool w/b x ly x

  • Mousey

    hey stooooooooner dudette d=]] hows yoooh? and hows ur sexy beast doing??.. did we oficially succeed in gettin him fucked out of his face this weekend?? haha that was fun =P oh oh oh wait wait for it wait for it.... YEAAAA.. .. .. TOAST! lol.. dat was funny singing that in the car.. you just bin hit by the carrot of Lurvv! lol LUFFLES xxxx scribble back coz you love me so very very much xx

  • B.I.G.

    ello bbz u ok i dont remember da last tym i spoke 2 u on ere lol jus fort id drop u a comment wubu2 an u do any fin gd da weekend ?? w/b x x much love x x

  • Mousey

    hey dudette! OMG DANIELLE i wrote that 3 weeks ago and u onli JUST fookin read it. you dairylea lunchable maniac! tut tut.. lol.. and i no yuu love me dan. i love me too =DD but i love yuu mostest (as sam would say in her baby voice to ben) ahaha =P woop woop WHERES MY CAR DUDE? Dude wheres your car? APPLES! =D =]] love yooooooooch xxx scribble back xx

  • Mousey

    dan ur friends looks a bit fucked.. 1. youve got me twice coz i changed the pic on ma old one n shit.. 2. youve got that dickhed Zoe first =S Eek! R u like fucked up or sank? lol oj.. but that is pretty sick lol newaii wb coz yuu love me so very much. hope u got ur coursework done!!!! GRRAGE!! newaii wb love you xxxxxxxxx

  • Mousey

    ur usin one of ma bakgrounds =P =]] me likey hehe.. id make u one if yu want =]]