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James - Metalthrashingmad

going to the specials 30th anniversary tour!!!!! woooooo, 200 person venue! XD

3/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

'Cos I'm in love with rock 'n' roll, it satisfies my soul <--motorhead
Me, Myself, and I
im james and chances are if you're reading this u already know me!
anyways .....

i thought id add:
bin to see:
Good charlotte
Jon Gomm
all that remains
Avenged Sevenfold
Black Tide
less than jake

Going to see:
B.B. King w/ John Mayall
Motorhead again (hopefully)
Michael Mcintyre
Download Festival (hopefully)
The Living End
The Specials!!!!!

██████████████] 99%
The Other Half Of Me
Alex Cooke

Alex Cooke

&#39;alex&#39;&#39;&shy;what?&#39;&#39;PLAN B!&#39;(lots of cool stuff happens)

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[megadeth] [pantera] [dragonforce] [killswitch engage] [motorhead] [anthrax] [avenged sevenfold] [trivium] [metallica] [Stone Sour] [Slipknot] [iron maiden] [system of a down] [bullet for my valentine] [slayer] [lamb of god] [mastodon] [etc]
Punk bands
[The Offspring] [Rancid] [Anti-flag] [Dropkick Murphys] [Ramones] [Misfits] [bad religion] [Dead Kennedys] [Sex Pistols] [etc]
Other Bands/artists
[johnny cash] [led zeppelin] [motorhead] [slash's snakepit] [beck] [flight of the concords] [R.E.M.] [airbourne] [michael angelo batio] [danko jones] [foo fighters] [sum41] [pendulum] [the prodigy] [guns n roses] [velvet revolver] [buckcherry] [queens of the stone age] [nirvana] [jon gomm] [bob marley] [Billy talent] [tenacious d] [aerosmith] [eric clapton] [yellowcard] [mad caddies] [blink182] [daft punk] [dr dre] [snoop dogg] [lethal bizzle] [dizzee rascal] [bob dylan] [the police] [ludacris] [NWA] [ice cube] [eazy e] [jimi hendrix] [etc] [...so a fairly eclectic mix]
[Skatin] [basketball (my fave teams are the heat and the sixers woohoo they rock)] [skiing] [hockey] [Mountainboarding is sooo fun! (thank you tom for asking me to go)]
most excellent quotes
[thats wot she said] [so's ur face] [bananahammock(scrubs)] [anything from bill and ted] [wot in the name of, hi god its me margret, were u thinkin?] [in life if everythings coming ur way, ur in the wrong lane] [GEGENUBER]
[the shawshank redemption] [the usual suspects] [walk the line] [oh brother, where art thou] [family guy: stewie griffin, the untold story] [iron man] [the monty python's] [spider-man 1, 2+3] [star wars] [cool runnings] [the terminator trilogy] [the simpsons movie] [hot fuzz] [shaun of the dead] [space jam] [etc]
i want
[to be as good as daewon song, chris haslam, or chad muska at skateboarding]
[to be as good as dimebag darrell, dave mustaine or michael angelo batio at guitar]
[to have a dimebag darrell razorback or dave mustaine vmnt]
[to meet daewon song and dave mustaine]
[to be good at basketball and skating (or both, like at the same time)]
[to be sponsored for skating at some point]

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House: That top makes you look like an Afghani prostitute.
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  • IRON MAN!!!!!

    omg........so awesome!
    before i dive in to my in depth review of this legend of a film, i must warn you ... im a nerd...nuff said

    this film is so goddamn awesome and is true to the comic book characters!
    within the first minute there is explosions and gunshots!!!!!! always a good sign. when tony stark breaks out of the terrorist base as iron man mark 1 it is one of the coolest moments ever dedicated to film ..... until he developed iron man mark 2!
    he made the second iron man suit and it is so goddamn cool .... after a huge fight with lots of explosions he is supposed to cover himself with a lie formed by S.H.I.E.L.D. (oh yeah, they were in it) but instead he uses the immortal line.... 'i am iron man'. me, sam, ben, jake and alex practicully jumped out of our seats with excitement as he said that then iron man by black sabbath came on.
    there were so many links to a kick ass sequel in the film! Rhodes (who is war machine in the comics) sees an early version of the suit and makes some form of reference to 'next time', which means war machine is in the next one!!!!!! then also S.H.I.E.L.D. were in it, and they are effectively the dudes in charge of superheroes. then we waited for what seemed like an eternity for the credits to end and all u see is a sillhouette of someone speakin to tony stark, then they step forward and its nick fury (one of the coolest comic book characters ever) played by samuel l jackson (one of the coolest people ever) and talks about S.H.I.E.L.D. wants him for an avengers mission!!!!!!!!! AVENGERS!!!! the greatest group of superheroes ever!!!! i mean theres iron man, captain america, thor, beast etc (basically all the cool ones)

    iron man rocks!!!!!
    a billion star review!!!

    bring on the Avengers movie!

    0 Comments 273 weeks

  • MEGADETH!!!!!!!!!!

    easily the best band i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they absolutely kicked ass!
    there were mahoosive pits to every song and i was in them all apart from the first three when i was trying to get to the front!
    also, circle pits!!!!!!!!!!! an entire new revelation to me, id never been in one until last night, when i was in all of them!
    the supports: evile were good, job for a cowboy were shit!
    furthermore: i crowdsurfed! like half the length of the academy at the end of their last song (holy wars obv) and wen i went over the barrier the bassist cheered at me! so cool!
    they played so many good songs! such as:
    sleepwalker, wake up dead, take no prisoners, washington is next, in my darkest hour, skin o' my teeth, ashes in your mouth, gears of war, a tout la monde, peace sells, hangar 18, tornado of souls, symphony of destruction, holy wars and many more that i cant quite think of!
    but the gig was easily better than every other gig ive been to(and they were all amazing!)
    anyway, check out the pics im gonna upload!

    0 Comments 283 weeks

  • star wars marathon

    date: 19/20th feb 2008
    location: sams house
    from 19:33 to 09:20 the next day me sam and ben watched the entire 6 film star wars saga back to back with no sleep and less than 5 mins between each film! it was actualy painful towards the end!
    in order to stay awake we consumed: 9packets of crisps each, 6 rounds of toast each, a big bar of galaxy, 2 multi-packs of moams, lots of haribo, a big packet of chocolate digestives, lots of coke and copious amounts of tea and coffee (10+ cups each). but it worked!

    0 Comments 284 weeks

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  • Kitkat

    whipped cream on pizza?you disgust me james!and the curly fries at half 10 this morning, you freaky eater i hope you dont eat cold leftover takeaway food too. oh we're so right about the whipped cream...there are faaaar to many things that can be done with it! xox

  • Jon Gomm
    Jon Gomm

    No doubt I will be, but not got anything confirmed as yet mate

  • Kitkat

    whats up with my home boy?!! good weekend deary? i dont see you much anymore except for briefly as i walk into biomology which sucks ass. sorry you had to be informed of hannahs bedroom actions on msn - nothing dodgey at the time tho! xox

  • Alex Cooke

    Fuck Yeah!

  • Alex Cooke

    check my skin!

  • Alex Cooke

    james reppin the tasty vidz!

  • Rich

    yo man, this songs about fucking sex, and i dnt mean jus sex i mean oral sex. hahaha fucking ledge man u well got to listen to his shizz wen u next skating ? w.b

  • Alex Cooke

    not a lot in warrington, but its lyk a 30min train to liverpoll or manchester so i was sorted! =]

  • Alex Cooke

    sounds lyk fun! u spelt cherry wrong. im in warrington (more exotic) with my aunite just havin a laff till thursday. goin in2 manchester 2dy, myt see if i cn pik up tht cap any cheaper..... im holdin fort while my mum n dad ave buggered off to madrid on their wedding anniversary. they didnt even take me!!! cheeky buggers. if there are any spellin mistakes in this its cz im on a mac n the keys r all in slightly different places!! have fun in einen bizzle (c wt i did there??)

  • Alex Cooke

    boi i just checked have u SEEN HOW MUCH IT ALL IS!!!!!!!

  • Alex Cooke

    u mean route 1 as in the shop tht used 2 b in chester?? n sounds lyk a plan, few beers, few games, lots of hookers..... screw the beers and games!!!!

  • Alex Cooke

    oh yeah..... lol im wearin my BLS uniform 2mro! woohoo!!! lol and tht sounds like a plan. i think poker is gna ruin my life, as we play it al the time in college and one of my frends is havin one at his house with a fiver buy in but no otha bettin. I cn see where this is goin.... lol

  • Alex Cooke

    its true its not like im gna change it! there comin along gurd! couple of ones in my head i need to get down onto paper. advertising scheme: hookers? check fire? check ninjas? check blackjack? check cherry pie esque theme tune? check balls to everything but the hookers? oh yes my frend.

  • Alice Helen
    Alice Helen

    Believe what you want to believe. I know im right. Though isn't it rather petty your bringing all this up again now. Looking for an arguement? Not getting one.

    10/22/08 via Mobile