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Erin Culley


2/22/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 62
  • from London!
  • I am Single
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well what can I say ppl?!? Im always out for a good time and want to have a laugh with my mates! My best mate is Jo aka Spud she's a complete nutta we love to go clubbing and just go mental with Perrin and Hols we make sure we always have a good time! At the mo I've just finished the NC Performing Arts course at Telford college. It was good fun, and I'm looking forward to starting the HNC Musical Theatre this year!!!!!!!! I love living it up in Scotland wiv my 'crew' which includes Kerry (my bitch), Leigh, (my gay boyfriend) and Jason (my other bitch). I love them to bits and I love going CCs with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My taste in music is varied! I love all types of music! My fave singer is madonna as most ppl will know I also like R n B and Hip hop music cos I love kanye west, Timbaland, Aaliyah (R.I.P) and love soul too I love ray charles ike and tina turner, otis redding I love my musicals as well and I like rock as well my fav is guns n roses dey r the shit! I just love my music!
FORREST GUMP! 'life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gona get!' u gota luv forrest hes great! 'those look like real comfortable shoes I bet u can walk for days in shoes like that and not feel a thing....if i close my eyes and think real hard I can memba my first pair of shoes, mamma said they was my magic shoes, she said they'd take me anywhere!'
I love kickboxing! I take kickboxing lessons which are wicked! I love watching darts, boxing and I love playing netball I memba the days of netball bk in st. marys and fink evry1 else does as well lol
I love all musicals but I'm just gona name a few of my absoloute favs!!! Wicked, Oliver, Little Shop of Horrors, Rent, Jekyll & Hyde, Les Miserables, Chicago, Annie, Sweeney Todd, Miss Saigon, Grease1 & 2, Smile, Company, Guys and Dolls, We Will Rock You, Jailhouse Rock, Blood Brothers, Bugsy Malone, Cabaret, Mary Poppins, Chorus Line, Sound of Music, Spamalot, Beauty and the Beast, Chess, Cats, Evita, Godspell, Into the Woods, My Fair Lady, West Side Story and the list goes on and on....... there's so many musicals I still need to see, but I love it cos musicals is my life!!!!
Happiest When
I've had a drink and partying with my mates! (also im happy when I'm having a good old gossip and finding out what's going on! Like the days of me and Steph in form funny days!)

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Forth Childrens Theatre " Jekyll And Hyde

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  • Tesco Raps!!!!


    Yo! Yo! Yo! My name is Judi
    And I like to eat lots of dudhis
    I'm so so cool
    I don't even go to school
    Watch out cos I'm Jud Jud Judi!


    Yo! Yo! Yo! My name is Helena
    And and I'm totally insania
    I just hang out in Tesco
    and I like Al Fresco
    Don't mess with me I'm Helena!


    Yo! Yo! Yo! My name is Maz
    And I have loads of pazaz
    I aint no spaz
    Don't mess with me I'm crazy Maz!


    Yo! Yo! Yo! My name is Dane
    I ain't no pain
    I got loads of chat
    I don't even need to wear a hat
    Look out for me I'm Teamleader Dane!


    Yo! Yo! Yo! My names is Jenna
    And I don't need to use any henna
    I am funny
    And don't you dare call me 'Honey'
    Watch out for me I'm nutty Jenna!

    7 Comments 280 weeks

  • Tesco Poems!!!!


    Oh Dane!
    You are so tall
    And you make me feel so small!
    You're so cool and kind
    You sort of remind
    Me of me!
    Ha Ha Ha!


    You live in a lane
    Somewhere near Spain
    Where it doesn't rain
    Your eat loads of candy canes
    You have a big mane
    And your car is lame
    And you drive me totally insane


    Everyone hates work!
    Espcially when you haven't got a Tesco T-shirt
    We get rude customers aho annoy us and are full of shit
    We all just wanna hit
    There's nothing to do
    I'd rather do a big poo!
    But the pay is okay
    And at the end of the day
    It aint that bad!

    Don't Know!

    I'm sitting here doing nothing
    Thinking about food and humming
    Today is a drag
    And I've got a major craving for a fag!
    I'd rather be at home eating and watching TV
    But I'm sitting here like a cripple, looking like I'm having a pee!
    I don't care what they think, I don't know them!
    Bet they are no way near as cool as my pen
    I know I'm talking shit and probably don't care!
    So fuck off and go do your hair!

    Fuck No! Tesco!

    When you are down and all your mates are acting like big hoes
    Does work make you feel better?
    Tesco? Fuck No!
    When you're having a shitty day anf wanna go out,but aint got no dough!
    What makes you feel better?
    Tesco? Fuck No!


    Oh Erin Oh Erin
    How you smile
    It lights up my life
    Every once in a while
    With eyes that sparkle like ice
    We all think you look very nice
    So give me a grin to lighten up my day
    And I will be smiling on my way

    Oh Dane!

    Oh Dane
    You hear my cries of pain
    and you know what to do
    And that is to move me to till number 2
    Oh Dane you make me insane
    Take me to Spain
    Oh Dane!
    Oh Dane!
    Oh Dane!


    My little Maz
    She's a little nutta, who attracts pervs
    She's pretty superb!
    She always tries to skive
    Well, at least she tired!
    I know I'm not tall
    But she's so cute and small!

    1 Comment 280 weeks

  • Audrey Hepburn


    On May 4, Audrey Kathleen van Heemstra Ruston is born in Brussels to a Dutch mother, Ella van Heemstra, and British father, Joseph Hepburn-Ruston. She has two older step-brothers—by Ella's previous marriage—Alexander and Ian, who are eight and four years her senior, respectively. Her father's work means that he is often abroad and her early years are spent travelling between London and Brussels, Arnhem and The Hague.


    At age 5 Audrey is sent to boarding school in England by her mother. Ella arranges for her to spend holidays with a coal miner's family to further immerse her in English language and customs.


    Audrey's father walks out on the family leaving no forwarding address. He will settle in England. Audrey would relate her father's disappearance as "the most traumatic event in my life."

    Audrey begins to take ballet classes, her desire to dance first kindled by being taken to several ballet performances in Brussels as a very small girl.


    Her parents formally divorce. At Audrey's pleading her father is given visitation rights—but he subsequently fails to exercise them.


    Preceding the outbreak of WWII, Ella wrongly considers neutral Holland safer than the risk of staying in England, and moves Audrey back to live with the family in Arnhem.

    Audrey is forced to quickly learn Dutch, her being fluent only in English at this time. Years later, when asked if she felt more Dutch or English, she said she leaned towards English "because I was more English than Dutch when I went to Holland."


    In May German troops and artillery march through Arnhem. Dutch resources are exploited fully by Germany and, in time, virtually all of the van Heemstra family's property will be confiscated: property, homes, bank accounts, securities, jewelry.

    Due to her British citizenship, and fear of internment, Ella warns Audrey not to speak English in public: "My mother was worried about [my] speaking English in the streets with Germans all around."

    At this time, in England, Joseph Ruston is among hundreds of fascist or pro-Nazi activists imprisoned without trial—this unknown to his wife and daughter.


    Audrey begins her first serious ballet training under Winja Marova at the Arnhem School of Music. She will study there through to mid 1944, becoming the teacher's star pupil in the process.

    Food rationing becomes increasingly severe. By spring it is hard to get the single weekly rationed egg, let alone meat; by summer there is no tea of coffee. During winter the fuel shortage means that only one room per home is allowed to be heated.


    Audrey's Uncle and four others are executed by the Nazis purely for publicity and retribution for a Dutch underground attempt to blow up a train. Audrey witnesses other such reprisals in Arnhem: "We saw young men put against the wall and shot, and they'd close the street and then open it and you could pass by again...Don't discount anything awful you hear or read about the Nazis. It's worse than you could ever imagine."

    Alexander goes underground to avoid being rounded up to work in forced labor for the Germans. Ian is caught and is sent to work fourteen hours a day in a munitions factory in Berlin or—for all his family knows—to his death.

    Ella and Audrey, now on their own, are taken in by her grandfather, Baron van Heemstra, and Ella's widowed sister, in nearby Velp.


    Despite the occupation Audrey draws herself more deeply into music and dance, finding an outlet for her talents in a series of "blackout performances," held in secret with locked windows and drawn blinds. They also serve as a fundraising activity for the Resistance. During the war Audrey also acts as a courier and occasional secret messenger for the Resistance, as children often did, carrying messages and illegal leaflets stuffed in socks and shoes.


    0 Comments 301 weeks

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what type of make up are u?

My result is: mascara!!

u are mysterious beautiful an comfortable in yourself. u can be very lazy an have a tendancy to stick to things that ur use to although ur always up for trying new things once someone motivates u. mascara is ur perfect make up must-have because it shows off ur =]
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January 4, 2012 - You'll have neither more nor less problems to solve than usual, and yet you'll succeed in taking the blows of fate with dignity and ease, in preserving at least in appearance a comportment full of pride and serenity. In your life as a couple, the unexpected will replace monotony; you'll have very stimulating relations with the other one. Chance will be on your side in the material field; certain long-term investments will begin to prove profitable. You'll also have the possibility to carry out good financial operations.

close What kind of drunk are you?

What kind of drunk are you?

My result is: Happily Hammered

Put a little alcohol into you, and suddenly you’re transformed into little miss sunshine! You love everybody, laugh constantly, and become the life of the party. Nothing can bring you down, and while you may seem a little bit silly to the more sober members of the crow, you could care less. Whether it’s breaking it down on the dance floor, kicking butt at Texas Hold’em, or flirting with the person next to you, you emanate fun and lack of inhibition.
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Whenever you just need to yell and say to other people something nasty and rude, you just don't have the heart to say something nice...Please go back to yourself, find out something wrong with your brain :)
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    Baby you've got to change your relationship status your no longer single, have some love since I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    hiy thier bbz hows things not been on for a while but thought id pop in a wee message been thinking bout you latley xxx

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    Shagtag Edinburgh

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    KARMA NEWS!!! Dont forget to get on the guestlist for some great nights coming up!! On the guestlist you get free entry before 11:30!!! Coming up we have: Sat 23rd Oct - Chris Fountain (aka Justin Burton - Hollyoakes) Fri 30th Oct - Club Galaxy live at Karma Sat 31st Oct - Halloween fright night! Sat 28th Nov - Scott Maslen (Eastenders) Remember our drinks prices are the best weekend prices in Edinburgh!! Only �2 for a spirt and mixer �2.50 for bottles. We also have fishbowls and half yards for only �5!! Remember to get on the guestlist and also check out the pictures online via karmaguestlist.com Lots of love Karma! xxxx lfdgvebl

  • Gemma Pullinger
    luv Gemma Pullinger

    hey, hows u? kez has been tellin me bout ur new course. r u enjoying it? sounds like ur gona b knackered with still working at wkends 2. I'm at dundee 5 days a week this year, but at least i av th wkends off.

  • O'Couture

    ocglasgow.com for electronic guest list every night. Also half price food this week when you say 'oc food rocks' get involved AppLink:10193193349

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  • Am The Mama
    luv Am The Mama

    hey hun hows things been missing your sweet txt x mwah x

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    Sunday Dance Anthems

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