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  • Female, Luv 444
  • I am It's Complicated
  • Member since: August 2006
  • Last active: 10/4/09
  • www.bebo.com/_gaboom
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Watashi ni Gabriella; 
Katei #♥
Ongaku ka inochi. (:
The Eternal Trinity:

Wakarimasu? (:
The Other Half Of Me
Rosiin Says Rawwr

Rosiin Says Rawwr

We like cheese. =D

x ; ♥
CCS; Bleach; Fruits Basket; Karin;   Tokyo Mew Mew; OHSHC; TC; Naruto; PKMN; Shugo Chara!; Vampire Knight; Sugar Rune; Zombie Loan!
The Last Alliance
Final Notice
Sorry guys, but I just don't use Bebo much anymore - you're best bet is to find me on Facebook :)

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  • - VagrantGoht

    Just wanna say... The one titled: "No Doubt Lyrics" aren't No Doubt lyrics... a different band. COMPLETELY different. S'okay!

  • Mr CLey
    Mr CLey

    I just netted $917 in 5 days in my spare time! I love this site - http://x.co/KTBL thank me later

  • Yacob
    luv Yacob

    First comment in four weeks I have too much luv to spread Apps ftw

  • Sam.


  • Angy.
    luv Angy.

    Random Love For Gabbiiii :) coz i loves her muchly :D xxx

  • Angy.

    Hehe, i cheered v.loudly for yhuu :D coz i was so proud of yhuu bruv :P Gabbi Watt!! How dare you join an anti-twilight group!! :O im ashamed ;) dw, still loves yhuu twooh :) L'uu ..x.

  • Angy.
    luv Angy.

    Congrats on thee win at thee Eisteddfod!! :D L'uu ♥

  • 5/20/09
  • 5/13/09
  • Kïttie.

    ooft (:

  • Yacob
    luv Yacob

    First comment in a week, nice Thanks for those Nintendo Points card things :D

  • luv Maythefunkykongbewithyou

    Oh, really? That's suprising Welsh author? Hmmm

  • Kïttie.

    are you still at the farm then? with all the little sheep (Y) i dislike big sheep, little sheep? s'all gravy! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Amy

    Gabbiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;) you ok? excited for work experience? loveeeeee xxxxxx

  • Charart

    that curry was hot last night haha lol

  • Kïttie. 3/22/09
  • Pussy-Collar-Jee
    luv Pussy-Collar-Jee

    You can have my love as well. I'm just a nice person lol Well, again, since it is tomorrow. Did you have the test? Or were you magically ill again, hmmm. I don't skive, i just coincedentally go outside the swyddfa at the same time as a test. Nicea bout your bedroom. Mine doesn't need redecoration I just need a new bedroom lol. I heard that you were staring at Elis Hussey in the dinner queue the other day =)

  • Pussy-Collar-Jee
    luv Pussy-Collar-Jee

    Hmmmm, a cold. A likely story. You just didn't revise did you? The thing I did at the party was one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time, but you soon realize it wasn't. Like taking IT for GCSE =) Wahaay, im in good mood today, for some reason!!! Have some love

  • Pussy-Collar-Jee
    luv Pussy-Collar-Jee

    Hmmm... I can't actually remember leaving you a comment =(. Which is quite worrying, if it was only three weeks ago. Urrrggghh, the party wasn't good, lets just leave it. as I did a few things I regret. Otherwise you would be ashamed of me lol. Well since it is tomorrow, how did Cemeg go? I had a A in mine, and I still don't actually understand it lol. Pray to Genesh, he's an elephant. Which automatically makes him cooler than any other god

  • Laurenalaarr

    we make a good team lol XD