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Champ Delorme

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  • Male, Luv 163
  • from United States
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Last active: 10/4/12
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Me, Myself, and I
Well iam about 5'10. I dont think iam gonna get much taller then that but yah lol. Iam a pretty nice character if u get to know me i guess for the ones who do know me they know how iam lol. Out spoken dude, I like to have fun alwayz looken fer a rush. outgoing guy that aint scared to do anything, have to alwayz try something new u know.. how u gonna know if u dont like it... RITE ?? i guess. mmm well i dont know what else to pit in here so laterz!!! dont be scared to ask questions hit up my page!!
Country, a lil of everything i guess.
Romance Baby!! (jk)
Basketball, breaken dem horses, baseball is alright, Hunting is my Most fav.
Scared Of
Nothing Fears Me
Happiest When
When i get a big buck, Partying, Or if I am singing
The Other Half Of Me
Sheala Jetty

Sheala Jetty

my lil TUTE cuzen SHEALA aka MY big teddy bear jk

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Alright Guy by Gary Allan

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  • ?????

    How could I say this? Sorry everything I've done. The ways I mistreated you if I did, tell me what ways. There are so many things running though my mind I don’t know what to think. SOMBODY PLEASE TELL ME what to do. I’ am lost in my own world. I’ve never been this lost ever. How many times could u give a person another chance again? Was It time for me to leave I don’t know, was it a good decision? that I don’t know. Why stay there and take a licking when there’s someone and more out there that could treat me better in so many different ways that u couldn’t have. You done something’s right but u didn’t make the best choices for yourself. Why is that? Why that is when I told you something u totally did the opposite. Was it because u didn’t like to be wrong; are u thought u new it all? I was always wondered if it was me then I seen what type of person u are and what you are aiming for I’ am not heading in that direction. Something better is on its way in my life and I can’t wait until its here. I’ve been thinking the world of that. you know why It didn’t work its because u thought u could control something that nobody could have accomplish that makes me different from a lot of other guys in this world, u know in a relationship its suppose to be mutual, its nobody’s business to tell you what to do, your own boss in this world. But there’s time when u have to make the right decision, and stop to listen to see if your make a wise choice.


    2 Comments 218 weeks

  • It happens for a reason !

    Ive been sittine here starin at the clock on the wall
    and ive been layin here prayin prayin she wont call
    and its just another call from home and u'll get it and be gone
    and ill be cryin
    and ill be beggin u baby
    beg u not to leave
    but ill be left here waitin with my heart on my sleeve
    oh for the next time we'll be here
    seems like a million years and i think im dyin
    what do i have to do to make u see
    he cant love u like me
    y dont u stay im down on my knees
    im so tired to bein lonely
    dont i give u what u need
    when he calls u will go
    there is one thing u should know
    we dont have to live this way
    baby y dont u stay
    U keep tellin me baby
    there will come a time
    when ull leave his arms and forever be in mine
    but i dont think thats the truth
    and i dont like bein used
    and im tired of waitin
    its too much pain to have to bare
    to love a woman u have to share
    y dont u stay im down on my knees
    im soo tired of bein lonely
    dont i give u wat u need
    when he calls u will go
    i cant take it any longer
    but my will is gettin stronger
    and i think i know just wat i have to do
    i cant waste another minute
    after all i put in it
    ive given u my best y does he get the best of u
    so next time u'll find
    u wanna leave his bed for mine
    y dont u stay im up off my knees

    1 Comment 282 weeks

  • cowboys poem

    He practices for hours, waiting for the big day.
    He rides for action, not for pay.
    He gets bucked off, crawls right back on.
    This man is very strong.
    He's not afraid of what the future will hold.
    A cowboy's strong and very bold.
    At night he dreams of the big bull ride.
    If he loses, he knows he tried.
    The cowboy's teard of accomplishment roll down his cheek.
    Those that see him crying do not think he is weak.
    The cowboy travels to follow his dream.
    From town to town he will be seen
    When the chute gate is opened and the bull comes out.
    The people that are watching scream and shout.
    The cowboy will stick to his dream until the end.
    This may be pretty soon my friend.
    The risks he takes are better than all.
    You will be able to see this in his fall.
    A cracked rib or a broken leg.
    These are some of the prices a cowboy must pay.

    1 Comment 305 weeks

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  • StacyRae

    Hi champ how u been doing ???

  • Marlo Jean
    luv Marlo Jean

    Dam...i kno rite..its been awhile...its good to hear all is well...how's the lil man? As for me i'm hangin in there...got myself a dam good job...back on the rez...actually doin good for myself...haa but yea it was good to "chat" with you...ttyl and take care

  • Tyrrell Decoteau
    luv Tyrrell Decoteau

    Wut it do cuz?

    6/5/10 via Mobile
  • L I T A J
    luv L I T A J

    ChAmP!!...>>>> :D

  • Kas
    luv Kas

    you're awesome! ;)

  • Kas
    luv Kas

    ghee howcome no one leaves you comments no more.. big stuckk upsss!!:P :P lol

  • Alyssa Mary
    luv Alyssa Mary

    JAGAR misses you!...

    12/20/09 via Mobile
  • luv MakeNithurtsogood

    Yeah same to u hope u have a good xmas n happy new year cuz .

    12/18/09 via Mobile
  • luv Tye Jetty


  • luv MakeNithurtsogood

    Hey just wanted to say hi!

    12/6/09 via Mobile
  • luv Vannah

    Hey punk what you been up to? Well i hope all is well... Call me or text sometime soon!!! Vannah Jean HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

  • Tye Jetty


  • TaNa

    hey cuz wuzzzzzzzzup

  • Kas

    otay. :D

  • Kas

    watcha getting me for my birthday? :D :D :D

  • ND'S Most Wanted
    luv ND'S Most Wanted

    Hi there...heard bday was the 21st thats s0 crazy cuz my bday is 0n the 21st too!! lol...Happy Belated Birthday h0pe everything is well with y0u and ur baby