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Cliona Gormley

school girl no more : (

5/9/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from bc
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About Me

im afraid your just an uncurable werido...
Me, Myself, and I

<< i love you Salou :D

This has actually turned out to be the BESTTTTTTTTTTT SUMMERRRR EVERRRR!! i shall miss you dearly!!.....well bar the few odd mishaps lol!!.....bring on freshers week :D :D

my skank senses are tingling.......

:L :L

"all you do in my room is sleep, boke ans watch gay porn with your friends"


oooooo yeaaaaa
friends!!! guithre house + its antics, food, bullying elizabeth, nights out, helium balloons, SUN, going farrrrrrrr away, playing tig indoors, cuties
eehh nawww
maths, dervla kicking dirty nappies at me, mistaking female bouncers for men, salmon legs, men feet, anal babies.......and most important my eternal flame.........lollllllll
i have faith in the jam system

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  • AMAZINGNESS of Reading

    1) trolley races and winning

    2) having frog parties with people

    3) Annies tramatic bird experience

    4) Irish dancing with fur coated Tippearay guy

    5) limboing in camp yellow

    6) our neighbours : "welcome to BOOM TOWN .....population.....you guys"............"guys wheres the bog roll......i gota release some anal fury" ahahaha

    7) Annie and Clionas Adventures....

    * crowd surfing with uncontrolable flashing

    * doing the konga around the red camp with south africans

    * kidnapping a guy in his sleepingbag and moving him half a mile away from his tent

    * selling glow sticks for beans on toast!!

    * getting free tatoos off a beautiful (lol) Australian guy

    * getting into a VIP carling party just cause of our accents

    * our friends nick and dean and their bald friend

    * annie falling from a ten foot drop into mud

    * placing discovered porn on campbell and piggys pillows aaahaha

    * the swooping bridal men ahaha

    * the funniness of gaining 20squid

    *getting stuff cheaper cause were irish, espcially from bulgarian men

    * having a horse laughing fit together up cows lane

    * annie doing a roundoff over a fire

    * the water fight where i won

    * bristol guys shoulders for the klaxons.........my poor poor fat man :S

    *dancing too bin banging bands

    *new york midget and sexc boy

    8) when campbell farted in my face

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  • Why not like..

    01] I _____ Cliona.

    02] Cliona is _____.

    03] If I were alone in a room with Cliona, I would _____.

    04] I think Cliona should _____.

    05] Cliona needs _____.

    06] I want to _____Cliona.

    07] Someday Cliona will _______.

    08] Cliona reminds me of ________.

    09] Without Cliona_____.

    10] My memories of Cliona are ________.

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  • Teesha

    OMG... this girl is naked on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on CarlotaBynesbkbyu@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Teesha

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  • Lizzie Hamilton
    Lizzie Hamilton

    hi huni hw did your birthday bash go?? sorry i wasnt there but ill make up for it with a lovely nice prizzie :) home yhis weekend?? xoxox

  • Brian Gormley
    Brian Gormley


  • Dervala Donnelly

    :( :( awww baabi... we need a lil catch up..im missn u and ur randomness :D :D xx

  • Brian Gormley
    Brian Gormley

    soooo...........how many STI's have you caught in salou so far..........SSSLLLEEEGGGG

  • Dervala Donnelly

    thank youuuu SOOOOO SOOOO much your SOOOOO SOOOO kind :L :L fun fun times stayn out until4 on the riparoo then workn at 6 ;) we're sum pups no luv left soo il giv ya sum homemade luv

  • luv Dervala Donnelly

    just passin thru wit sum luvage yeee hornabll :D ;) xxx

  • Kiara

    LOL thankz for the supper SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW chips lol

  • Sean Rowan
    Sean Rowan

    yea he should be if we chip in for petrol! u for kellys this wednesday? What about john u been texting him much , tell him ur thinking of coming up to see what he says x

  • Sean Rowan
    luv Sean Rowan

    Aw u serious u shuda told us i wuda went, sick of ballycastle wudnt mind a night out in newry and cud maybe c at girl lol ;P 100% dont care if i have work next morning ill be there (as in kellys ) :P ! u out tonight, have u got jacks numberx

  • Sean Rowan
    luv Sean Rowan

    Nice profile pic lol, was gonna use it but dont wanna copy u! U hit kellys

  • Michaela
    luv Michaela

    VAGINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luv Andy Hayes Aka Hedgy

    aaa! cool, i was lookin through the one wit the list of degrees... gd to know, u just boosted my confidence in my head size! hahaha. did u get paid for havin ur foto in the prospectus? oo nice, sounds very fancy, u's gna reck the place? yeah same here! will be a nice extention to my bday week hehe.

  • luv Dervala Donnelly

    :L :L hold on a min dear.... hu was 1 z 2a close mate "aww id go wit pearse but cudnt cos derv wud go mad" lol ;)