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Martyn S.

...we are broken, what must we do to restore...

11/28/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from i live in cornwall nd its fantastic, lol!:D
  • I am Down for Whatever
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About Me

Hell Yess!!!
Me, Myself, and I
Hiya! I am a fun lovin guy who is always up for a good laugh, A GREAT PARTY or a bit of cricket!

- YOUR -


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plz leave some lv and i will retern the favour!(:->

If u want to talk then u can catch me on MSN (team-kookaburra@hotmail.co.uk) or click on the skype link!
i like all sorts of music, mainly stuff with a good beat or good lyrics, so lots of old stuff as well as new. i am really likin' bloc party, biffy clyro, snow patrol, muse, elliot minor and the pidgeon detectives at the moment though!!
well to be honest there is only one real sport and that is CRICKET!!!!! it is an amazing sport. i have only really started playing properly in the last 5 yrs. i mainly play for my clubs second team as I am now the vice captain, and I am look forward to the comeing season, and i am eager to get some more sixes under my belt, well in the next field, and i hope to improve my average of 2 wickets a match.
Fear Of...
Happiest When...
playing cricket.... but if i cant play cricket, then just hang out with my friends doing anything that is hilariously funny or that will be very membrable, like going on random walks nd camping trips or going to partys and dancing (which i have taken to like a duck to water...once u BOP u just cant stop!lol)....

i also like driving tractors, call me a janner, but i dont no wot it is, but there is a certain satisfaction to be gained from holding up other road user's. The best part though is pulling out in front off someone at a junction, and seeing the smile fall off thier face as they relise that they will be stuck behind me for a good 5 miles and they ere going to be soo late...lmfao (*evil laugh*)
Pass times
I like to do a lot of different sports when ever i can. I like playing hockey, tennis and badminton. i also enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking and sledging. I am also a member of the Air Traning Corps which means i get to go flying and glideing (i got my solo flying wings last summer), kayaking, climbing, absailing, walking, running, shooting, etc, etc, etc.....
My pages
u can also check out my, myspace account(http://www.myspace.com/_steners_), yo... account (http://www.youtube.com/user/cricketf... there is also a face box one to, but i forgot the password so thats the end of that one!

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  • Russel Howard gig...

    haha, the funniest gig ive ever been to, pmsl! f**king awesome, :L

    0 Comments 300 weeks

  • bloc party gig

    went to the bloc party gig last monday, nd they were amazin'....biffy clyro were fckin' lush too!!!:D

    1 Comment 326 weeks

  • the 10 Tractor commandments

    1. In the rare occasion of salin in a tractor wit thy farmer friend tho shalt use the alocatted passenger seat only for journeys more than 5 mins. the onli exception for this is a ladyfriend who is granted the seat at all times.
    2. If no seat is present then the hydralic arms are your preching place for any length of journey, under no circumstances must u stand to the right or left of the driver as most importantly u may block the throttle and secondly the clutch may b blocked.
    3. The most widely used phrase over a CB must b "ur bak dor is open!"
    4. If a tractor is about to pull out in front of you let it, its a lot bigger than u in u car and will hurt ur car alot if it hits it.
    5. Always drive ur tractor as fast as it will go as it is onli right to hold ur fellow road users up as little as possible.
    6. Beacons must always be flashing no matter wot u r doing
    7. If someone aks you for a pulling match always refuse unless you want to damge ur tractor permanently, tractors are made for pulling forwards not pulling other tractors backwards.
    8. Always floor the throttle between gear changes as this impresses those hu have not yet aquired this skill
    9. Most importantly only give way to lorries as these are the only vehicles on the road that will cause ur tractor to get seriously hurt, if a car is stupid enuf to come out in front of you then thats its fault

    0 Comments 330 weeks

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  • James May
    James May

    I racked in $636 in 3 days doing stuff on the computer! It's all because of - http://goo.gl/Wc7XV friends help friends!

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H

    Alright martin, yeh I,ll think about. Im fine thank, yourself m8?

  • Parky

    Thank you mate it will be a good one. Cool stuff, are you liking it? That means Calum isn't far from his brother then? I think you should join the RAF lol....Good luck with the degree though, it sounds as though you have it all planned! Let me know how you get on then.

  • Parky

    Hi Martyn, Yeah I'm good thanks, how about you? Sorry I've taken so long to reply. Things are really good up here mate. My new years eve and day were really good. The RAF is going well, still at Leuchars, which is a really good base. So when are you joining the RAF. How are things for you? Are you still in touch with Calum? I am getting married in April, I can't wait. Things up here are really really good. Speak soon mate, Parky

  • Eliza Thomas
    Eliza Thomas

    aw thats good to hear (: christmas....staying at home (: few parties, seeing friends blablaaaa, the norm rele :P going to amercia in january though which should be niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :D how bout you? off anywhere? x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Eliza Thomas
    Eliza Thomas

    heyheyyy (: yeh long time no speak! im great thanks :D hows you? hows everything going at uni? just finished my mocks (: and getting excited for holidays tbh x xxxxxx

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H

    Oh right. When do you start university again?

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H

    Martyn how does feel not going cadets any more m8? sad? lol

  • Retard.
    luv Retard.

    Heyy babe..I'm good tah youu? Because your a uni bum now :( Things are good thanks youu? College is great :D Uni?! Ly xxxx

  • luv Jordan Miles

    umm.. well im sorry ive already got one!! nothing against u babe but i cant 2 time! it would b unfair soz lyxxxxxxxx

  • Retard.

    Heyy babe:D I'm good thanks you? .. That would be because i been on hols 4 2weeks Lucky mee:D .. Apart from sunnin mahself not alot You? .. Love you xxx

  • luv James

    hey cnt belive ur not goin in ply in da day on fri bt goin at night grrrrrr !!! i wanted 2 meet up o well have fun !

  • Jordan Miles

    hey i havent got any credit!! just thought i'd tell ya coz u might think i was ignoring you!! lol im free most of the week a part from friday because i've got my prom!!! and yes i am going to cdts!!! xxx

  • Metzii

    Lol-age:L Didya go kayaking yday?? N cheers:D xx

  • Metzii

    u fool your not sposed to tell ppz wot ur wear in 2 my party!!:L the idea is that no one knows hu each other are! teehe!!! x

  • James

    ok then np u goin hetis masked ball party ?

  • James

    hey u better go 2 da beach on wed im gd thxs u ?