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If Anybodys still alive on here add my fb my names marc horsey Roberts

3/13/11 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 463
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 8,803
  • Member since: January 2006
  • Last active: 6/16/12
  • www.bebo.com/marcroberts219
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
decided to update this god knows why XD

any way my names marc ^.^
i play guitar and screamo sing in a band =]

i also enjoy skating even tho im not adzacly good at it its fun =]

and if you want to talk to me my msn is below =]


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  • things to do summer 09

    1. last at least 2 weeks with out going home
    2. all day party
    3. learn more skate tricks
    4. get more peicings
    5.do more peicings for other people
    6. skinny dip
    7.get drunk
    8. play strip poker XD
    9. find a turtle (with jonny)
    10. draw more
    11. play a gig
    12. write a scremo crunk song
    13, get myspace famous
    14. write more skyparade stuff
    15. learn a new instrument
    16. go camping on the beach
    17. get a job of some sort
    18. go on jerramy kyle with lexxie and the crew XD
    hmmm any more?

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  • omfg best song ever

    We will never sleep, cos' sleep is for the weak.
    And we will never rest til'we're all fucking dead.

    I refuse to close my eyes.
    I have loved, and I have lost.
    I have turned, and I tossed,
    I have listened, I have watched.
    I have gave into this for long enought.
    I have lost and I have loved.

    Sleep had stolen far to much.
    So don't close your eyes, not just yest - sleep is just a cousin of death.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again - if you think you're alive then you're better off dead.
    So throw diamonds in the sky.
    We'll stay gold forever.
    I can promise you one thing, death will take us all.
    I can promise you one thing, you will die alone.
    We're all going to hell, we may as well go out in style.


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  • omg my results (not great i know but what do you expect from me ?)

    science (b)
    additional science (c)
    media (c)
    pe btec( pass)
    eng lit (d)
    maths (d)
    d&t (e)
    fine art (e)
    app ict dbl (gg)

    there we go not great i know lol

    0 Comments 257 weeks

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  • Manie Alliston

    You have to check this out http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • MarcMisanthropist

    Hey if antibes still alive on here add my Facebook my names Marc horsey Roberts

    3/13/11 via Mobile
  • Oh Stacey. 11/2/10 via Mobile
  • Popss

    hey; mail ^^

  • luv Popss

    happy christmas baba. love you too :}

  • Peachy.

    yes thankyou and good (YY) . x

  • Peachy.

    hello :) you okay ?. x

  • luv Popss

    thought you had no internet ;/ <3

  • ChelsieTwat

    Lolemz, well thats much better(H) bestfriends.x

  • luv Popss

    hello, howreyou mylovely?<3

  • ChelsieTwat

    thanksfothurtingmypiercing:L . x

  • ChelsieTwat

    =D xx

  • ChelsieTwat

    yes indeedddy doo >< aw, bestfriends [': xx

  • ChelsieTwat
    luv ChelsieTwat

    I told you; its not okay, was i right or wrong? haha. >.< x

  • luv Popss

    sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorr  ysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysor  rysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorryso  rrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrys  orrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry  sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorr  ysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysor  rysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorryso  rrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrys  orrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry  sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorr  ysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysor  rysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorryso  rrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrys  orrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry  sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry.

  • luv Popss

    im not going to die :\ x

  • Popss


  • luv Popss


  • luv Popss

    i do love you xo'

  • luv Popss

    ilove you too (: xo'