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Toun Toun

fatti fatti!

7/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I have recently experienced how much effort it takes to stand up in front of people and say something you believe in. Its when the people who you love most... friends and whanau... don't understand you, leaving you battered and bruised. It's probably why, a lot of people don't say anything... even if they themselves do a lot of talking. Im still learning to trust my voice... which tells me un-erringly to keep towards building people. This is what I stand for. This is why I speak. I haven't got it right yet... but thats ok.

You see... I still haven't found an organic way to converse, see, hear and learn from others... however... I definitely do not want an artificial one.

Much love & light...

PROFILE PHOTO: Fatti fatti
Pepiria was born Wednesday 4th March 2009 to Chris and Lowgs, and like Aio-Bebe, she is named after Nan.
The Other Half Of Me
Aio-Bebe Hollis

Aio-Bebe Hollis

Oooooh too cute!

Message from Koka Bill to TTMM & da kids
"Flying... is learning how to throw yourself at the ground... and miss it!
Message to the stupid
"There are no stupid questions... just stupid people!"
Ka 'smashngia' au i a koe! (quote: Koka Bill)
Message to the grumps
"Its better to be GOOD than be beautiful, but its better to be BEAUTIFUL than be UGLY"
Message to the stubborn
"I've met a few hardboiled eggs in my time, but you're fricken twenty minutes!"
Happiest When
Message to the clever fullahs
56.7% of all stats... are made up on the spot!
Message to the world
I intend to live forever!....so far, so good!

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Stan Walker - Purple Rain - Top 9 Australian Idol 2009

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Education Info

Waikato University, 2000
Primary School Teaching Diploma,Post Grad Education
Waikato University, 1995
Bachelor of Arts,Humanities - Te Tohu Paetahaai
Manutuke Primary School, 1987
Lytton High School, 1992

Work Info

Disney Theatrical Productions - The Lion king
The Lion King - Performer
Time Period:
2005 - 2006
City / Town:
Disney Theatrical Productions - The Lion king
The Lion King - Performer
Time Period:
July, 2006 - October, 2006
City / Town:
Te Puni Kokiri
Kapohia Nga Rawa
Time Period:
November, 2006 - February, 2007
City / Town:
Disney Theatrical Productions - The Lion king
The Lion King - Performer
Time Period:
2004 - 2005
City / Town:
Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School
CTS Tutor
Time Period:
February, 2007 - December, 2009
City / Town:

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What Maori god are you ?

My result is: Rongomatane

(deity and father of cultivated foods)
You are the maker of peace. You are also a fruitful person,
a crop grower and a mummy's boy.

Rongomatane and Haumiatiketike,
the gods of wild food, took refuge in the body of Papatuanuku,
mother earth, who hid them until the storm passed
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  • Teina's speech at the International Folksong Festival 2008 - Beijing China

    E nga mana, e nga reo, e nga maunga karangaranga huri noa te ao, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

    In the words of our ancestors… to the many dignified people gathered here today, the many voices, each voice representing a different country, we greet you all.

    We greet you because we have all traveled to this beautiful land of China to share and celebrate our songs with each other. It is my hope that as we raise our voices and sing our songs we will hear each others difference, and celebrate the diversity of cultures that exist in our world.

    We are Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. Te Manawa Maurea - The Invigorated Heart. Our ancestors are Polynesian and we are closely related to other races of Polynesia. We are a small race of people. In comparison to Beijing’s 17 million people, there are only 4 million people in all of New Zealand – and only 400,000 of those are Maori. Although we are small in number, we are big in heart and big in voice. We believe we can share with the world a way to live ‘better’, people with other people, and people’s fragile relationship with the earth. We can teach these things through our songs, and by nature of the way in which we sing them. We call our particular style of folk-song KAPA HAKA. I am happy to be introducing the real heart of KAPA HAKA to you.

    Our songs come from our connections to the environment of which we are guardians. The oceans, the wind, the animals, birds and insects, all inform the way we sing and the content of what we sing. We sing in short about connections, and relationships. When we sing we remember those who have passed away, and so there is a fine line separating the living from the dead. We must therefore always sing with passion and freedom. We must express how we feel with vigour – and most fiercely with aroha – love.

    This passion in performance is called HAKA. HA in Maori means the breath of life – and KA means with energy likened to electricity, perhaps very similar in nature to CHI. This passion is expressed and shown in action through the wiri (shaking of the hand), the pukana (protrusion of the eyes), and whatero (poking out of the tongue). Each of these actions, encourage us as individuals to feel passionate about life, and to express that passion, encouraging others to feel passionate about life also.

    KAPA – literally translates to mean stand in rows. This form insists in the ability to sing as a group, or an ensemble. We must learn how to contribute as an individual, but always to benefit the whole group. We are constantly looking for a collective FLOW. When one person moves in a particular way, how does the next person respond to achieve FLOW? When one person sings a particular note, how do we listen to put in our own harmony? We must learn to not sing louder than the next person, but in harmony with them. How does this teaching reflect the way we live in the world? Can we as a global society achieve the same sense of FLOW?

    In this way of thinking, there is no hierarchy. In KAPA HAKA there are no real soloists. Each person in the group is important and they know why they are important. They do not necessarily look the same, sound the same, or feel the same. In fact they are all quite different.

    KAPA HAKA – is therefore a collective passion of expression. I encourage us all to keep singing, adding our unique voice into the bigger global mix. In order to sing well, we must first LISTEN harder, and know when and how to harmonise with others. Only then will we achieve FLOW on a global scale.

    Dah Jia Hao!

    0 Comments 250 weeks

  • Mihimihi

    When everything clicks, and there is an optimal experience. This is called FLOW.

    Always looking for it... not always easy to get... requires an openness to recieve off others... union... communion... It requires trust.... faith... heart. FLOW.

    I am excited. I witnessed FLOW last week once more. It was here in Wellington, Kapa Haka Kura Tuarua A Motu ' 08. That was the most powerful experience. I acknowledge, appreciate and am humbled by the people who experienced it with me... for without you, FLOW would have been impossible.

    Thank you!

    1 Comment 265 weeks

  • FLOW

    This is not a recipe for how to achieve ‘happiness’. Rather it is a description of what I am interested in exploring and experiencing. FLOW.

    I describe FLOW as becoming aware of when and how information is synchronised with individual purpose, and that when these align there is a psychic energy that moves effortlessly through the body, creating a sense of connection externally.

    Johnny once spoke about this as his experience of surfing his first tube. Time seemed to stop and the feeling was euphoric. His body and movements were in connection to the shape and curve of the wave, to the board, the wetness. Every shade and colour was detailed, and all his senses were alive. He described a silence and stillness as the water tunnelled around him. He was synchronised with his emotions, which manifested into a physical extension of purpose – to ride the tube. An optimal experience - FLOW.

    Trentham Race Course 1998 – Aotearoa Traditional Maori Performing Arts Festival was another optimal experience where FLOW existed within a number of individuals. I remember walking backstage before performing in front of thousands and the wind was whipping up little mini maelstroms. These whirl winds reflected my emotions. As we began to walk onstage I experienced a sense of collective purpose, the wind seemed to ease along with my emotions. Almost as if the universe itself supported this synchronicity. Again, every detail was clear. And although we were in full physical flight, and there was trumpeting applause, I experienced stillness, and complete satisfaction. Happiness.

    Perhaps the universe does encourage FLOW. Perhaps FLOW happens all the time and in order to continue to achieve it, we need to consciously unify our purposes.

    Perhaps. Are you interested?

    6 Comments 276 weeks

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  • ra 4nau tein

    anei he keke mou...

    Miss Te Peeti 0 Replies
  • Hey shawtee itz ya burfday....
    Hey shawtee itz ya burfday....

    I mean Happy Birthday Tein...:P Been finkin of ya lately e hoa hope u aint stressin' out
    hav a fab trip ... pray u guys reach all destinations safely bro especially home!
    Kymmy & Iraia :)
    I see my gurl beat me she told me & says Ata told her and Bay told her ...

    KyMmy.S 0 Replies
  • KIA ORA !
    KIA ORA !

    Thanks heaps for adding me the other day.
    Ko Aroha Waru taku ingoa. Ko Wiremu Waahi taku tane. Kei tamakimakaurau maua e noho ana. Tena hoki koe!
    Wow! the bebo world really is a awesome place to keep in touch with whanau and friends! thats for real! including meet and interesting people!

    Wahine Ataahua 0 Replies

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    matua bei add me its tehurutea

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    Matt Paki

    Nga mihi e hoa! Ae, still ora tonu ki konei! Kua tae te wa o te hotoke, so kaukau ana i te moana! Peheana koutou e noho mai ra? still think of you fullas often, give my luff to Munchy when you next talk to her bro. Nga manaakitanga! Be back in Jan 2010, let us know where youse are from early to end of Jan! Nga manaaki me te arohaina! La & Matt xx

  • -Sacrifice-
    luv -Sacrifice-

    Kia Ora Tein.. Kei te pehea?? How you been?? Fa live in the same city as you and still haven't been over for a visit.. How sad is that?? Lolz Ah well.. It is soon coming.. Hahaha Just thought Id drop in and say Kia Ora.. And we'll catch up soon.. Arohanui Del xx

  • MatuaMahia

    Hey matua pewheana koe ki runga i tau nei papa o manu2ke? Roa nei te waa

    7/13/09 via Mobile
  • X.Tahli

    Are yoou kidding me:L Noo a cool one !

  • Keriana Whati
    luv Keriana Whati

    Eow shuuush my darling im mauiui and your supposed to be my takuta eow...lol, anyway you have a good day mwuahh! Bet kei te ngenge koe aye, kaitoa thats what happens when you wanna be matua utube alnite! hehehehehe! Love ya!

  • Pennie Stills-Nepe
    luv Pennie Stills-Nepe

    Hey toun,, hey bud hz wellies??? stink weather hea!!! arohanui..

  • X.Tahli
    luv X.Tahli

    Its alright you can do it know lol . it doest have to be long X0x0

  • Chrissy Moets
    Chrissy Moets

    Wassup toun spot you online - hey tell me what wa kaupapa you wanna do for our apps. need them asap. fattifatti says: hi uncle remember when you gave me a horoi....

  • Keriana Whati
    luv Keriana Whati

    Hey my darling..... DO SOME BLARDY WORK... hehehehe .... Oh should i call you TAKUTA FIERCE!

  • X.Tahli
    luv X.Tahli

    Hey mate ! Send me a song please Loveyou sooo much:L

  • Pennie Stills-Nepe
    luv Pennie Stills-Nepe

    hey toun, much love to u and yrs from me and mine !!!

  • Keriana Whati
    luv Keriana Whati

    Hey my darling...hehehehe 5 pages a day lol, by the way get out of bed and stop slothing!!! Yep you will get a great big complexities debrief when you get home on Sun which wont take to long coz theres not much to discuss lol!! Raripakapu! hehehe, Love you heaps too my darling you have a great week hope the wananga goes well, hi to all the whanau!! By the way I had a great moe but i aint goin to blame coz i mea mai a Collin Cox kaua e blame!...hehehe Mwuah love ya!

  • Selena Pirika
    Selena Pirika

    So will that mean we have to where the african pari? Which is nothing.....don't expect me to jump any trees...lol...mwah!!!! with love.