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Andrew Clark

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  • Male, 23, Luv 193
  • from Bridgwater
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  • Last active: 3/21/11
  • www.bebo.com/chunkyclark
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Better change this again as alot has changed since last updated!!!
My name is andrew and I:
got 3bs in my alevels woop woop
am therefore going to uni next year to do sports science
am living in new zealand from the 8th february for 4 months
am treveling around australia for the rest of my gap year
am saving lots of money
am a lifeguard
cant swim well
dont like deep water
get distracted easily
am not a very good lifeguard
The Other Half Of Me
James Higginson

James Higginson

3 years togther and still going strong!!!

Favourite Music
Anything that i can listen to that doesnt make me feel like someone is shouting in my ear.
Favourite Film
I like most coms and have be known to enjoy the occasional romcom. I think it has to be Van Wilder as my favourite though.
Rugby is my life. I cant get enough of it. I try and play most sports but usualy lack the coordination to be any good!
Scared of...
Deep water isnt my fav thing which is a bit of a problem being a lifeguard.
Plying rugby and being with friends.Im always in a good mood and am really easily amused so most things make me happy!
My main nickname is Chunky beacuse i used to be quite chubby and one of my teachers called me chunky so it stuck.
My mum is Welsh and my dad is Scottish so i have come to the conclusion that i am Scwelsh or Wettish.

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    14. What do u like best about me?
    15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    16. Could you ever love me?
    17. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    18.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
    19.Anything 2 say b4 u go?

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    My best friend-x-x-x-la vegetable
    My bit on the side-x-x-x-gareth
    My village idiot-x-x-x-tom gayboy denovan
    My best boy mate-x-x-x-higgs
    My legend
    My bumchum-x-x-x-johny boy
    MY sex slave
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    My fuk buddy

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  • clarky

    hey huni fought id draw this as we r forever goin on bout ur lil red shorts hehe. i gt bored and fought id bryten ur day up as i didnt on sunday. im soz bout sunday but as i sed i had mates wid me lol and dint wanna trail em in hehe!!! do u forgiv me? draw me a piccy bk luv yhoo lots mwah xxxxxx...

    Xsexii-Lil-Holzx 0 Replies
  • Hearrrt :]
    Hearrrt :]

    Ha! My heart's better than yoursss, I WIN!!! Loverrs youu xxxxxx

    Tamzin. 0 Replies
  • dat is art!

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  • That-Girl-Abbey
    luv That-Girl-Abbey

    nahhh we were with sports students toooo, it was prob just uni to uni banter lols, they just annoyed us that they got the lift for 5 floors, fucking WALK!! lol :P Aww shame shame =[ gutted much?? lols, i hope your with cool people too cuz im guna be at yours lots aswel you know!! :P Im never guna be matureeee, you know that!!!! lol!! aww family bbq ay?! we're having one tomorro for my pre-birthday! =] xX

  • That-Girl-Abbey
    luv That-Girl-Abbey

    No i wont have a chance to meet the others! But i didnt know anyone i was living with in my first year either, so ive already been thrown into a flat of 6 people and not known any of them, so im not really botherd about it this year! Lol we had like 4 floors of UWIC students in my last accomodaton building, and we all hated them lol, but im sure it was just banter lol, yehh ill meet your friends =]! aww awesome, yeh try get bugs bunny for a photo! you can give me early love if your away on wednesday =[=[ you best think of me though! im growing up!!! teehee!! aww have fun in paradise!! xX love love love

  • That-Girl-Abbey

    Hey and you never gave me any loveeee =[ Charming !! xX

  • That-Girl-Abbey
    luv That-Girl-Abbey

    Lol hopefully there wont be any bitch fights going on!! But ive not met 3 of them yet so who knows!! They better be nice girls or its guna be wank!! Aw bless, that room is well big for Dan!! Hes only tiny lol, Does he have a single bed then?? Haha, your guna try dragging me out with you and all your UWIC friends?? They might hate me! Aww i wish i was in a paradise right now!! Being at home is hard work after ive lived on my own for the past 9 months! stressful lol, i well prefer halls!! its awesome!! My birthday on Wednesday =] =] =] I best get bebo AND facebook Birthday loveeee =] Im havin a pre-birthday at home on sunday as im in Cardiff for my birthday so im guna open any cards n stuff that have arrived for me on sunday n that, then any more that come ill open the following sunday when im back from Scotland!! xX

  • That-Girl-Abbey
    luv That-Girl-Abbey

    Lol okies, yeh ill buy the food you can cook it then =] haha, fair enough, you can be our extra roomie! lol Im sure my flatmates will love you, plus having a guy around will prob be nice seen as though its guna be 5 girls most of the time!! Aww has Dan taken over your room?? It wont be for long anyway!! Yeh i can direct you home when your pissed, =P What if im not out but you are? you just guna stagger back to mine lol?! It was maths homework so prob was incredibly easy! im just thick lmao. You said on Facebook chat that you'd found ur home for ever, then u logged off!?! Where is it?? Is it nice?? i wanna goooo!!! lol =] I just helped my mum doing up our drive, got 2 tonnes worth of gravel & it took us 2 hours to shovel it all around the places, my hands cain now!! lol but was a laugh!! xX

  • That-Girl-Abbey
    luv That-Girl-Abbey

    Lol, Good, as long as you dont disown me when you get to uni!! We agreed like 2 years ago that you would be my cook!! =] Otherwise the title of best and hansomest friend will have to be taken away!! lol Aww, glad your enjoying aus! Your guna find being at home so weird!! and then you'll be straight off to uni!! busy time for mr.clark!! Lol ill try and carry you when your pissed! im not as strong as i used to be lol!! OMG, i just rememberd that time at college when i was sat in the canteen doing my maths homework and u came and sat by me after rugby or something and i got you to do my homework for me cuz i didnt understand it!! lol do you remember that?? that was in our first year! Then your friend said they could tell i fancied you or something becuase i "played with my hair" LMAO!! Hope the time difference isnt too confusing for your little brain =P xXx

  • That-Girl-Abbey
    luv That-Girl-Abbey

    Lol i know you'll always be crashing at mine!! haha, feel free! Whenever you want, cuz dont forget you said you were guna be my cook!! So your not going to forget me when your at uni, your going to be coming over on a weekly basis like you said!! Im going back to cardiff for my birthday =] Its my old flatmates birthday on the 7th so we're going out on that night so she spends her last hours of her brthday out and my first few hours out and we're guna have a big badge and at midnight pass it over to me lol YAY! =] Hows Aus now your there then? Nice n hot? we had a big thunder n lightning storm yesterday ALL freakin day!! Cuz its been sooooo unbelievibly sunny so i guess that was the consequence, just feel sorry for all the people at glastonbury!! lmao, gutted it always rains when thats on!! You've caused a stir on my FB between puddy and jordan lol, look on mine n jordans walls, its no big deal ,just funny lol. Love youuuu besty <3 xx

  • That-Girl-Abbey
    luv That-Girl-Abbey

    lol well you can stay at my girly boodwaaa whenver you like!! aww storiessss of little andrew, bless, bet you were a proper hyper little guy! lol Hey, i just thought in your second year, which will be my third year.. house?? Party central!! lol I cant believe your going to miss my 19th as last year you ALSO MISSED MY 18TH!!!! GAWWD!! =[ loser!! Hope your having fun in the cold tehe xxX

  • That-Girl-Abbey

    HEY im 19 in like 4 weeks!!! Just cus your OLD! Lols aww i love hearing stories its so much fun :P ill ask your gran for a story! It was alright, just wasnt as thrilling as i wished it was, so ill be coming out with you and your flat gang =] xXx

  • That-Girl-Abbey

    Aww you little first year you!! hehe I want to meet this granpa of yours lol! will i be told loads of stories of little andrew? lol i bet your'll be round a lot! i dont wanna be the queen bee, just wel respected! I dunno im just really looking forward to coming back to uni, its just all round amazing! i love it! Such a good experience! My freshers week was proper crap, so i might tag along with you to yours and be a re-fresher lol =] xXx

  • That-Girl-Abbey

    Number one Cardiff girl =] i like it! Why, is ur granpa blind? Lol, yeh all girls, i hope it wont be too bitchy! there'll be 5 of us and i know one girl Laura, shes on my course shes like my best friend here, just gotta meet the other 3 in september! Living in this flat with 4 girls 2 boys was stressful at times and JEEZ we've had SOOO much drama in just our flat its unreal!! But thats what makes uni awesome!! =] Im SO looking forward to next year already ive only just finished my first year lol!! xXx

  • That-Girl-Abbey

    Lol i know! i was a bloody drowned rat at the end of it! Yep im sure we looked a site lol :P oh well! we had fun!! Lol why will they love me? You didnt realise?? CHARMING!! allll that effort i take to click the Luv button and you dont even realise =[ We'll take endless trips to the beach and the valleys =] Dont you go bailing on me when you make you "new friends" !! Cuz dont forget my flat is an ALL GIRL one next year lol =] xXx

  • That-Girl-Abbey
    luv That-Girl-Abbey

    Well NO, becuase there ARE rules to a water fight, WATER fight, not lucozade fight WATER!! lol! Take a Hint! Lol but yeh, that was a goooood day! Fun college memories =] Yeh im looking forward too! Dont forget im having lunch with your grandparents too =] xXx My Last Luv! Be Greatful!

  • That-Girl-Abbey
    luv That-Girl-Abbey

    I dont give you reasons to?? :O RUDE! Im ALWAYS nice to you Mr.Clark! Your the one who runs around after me when we were at college throwing water over me! Lols, Spose it gave EVERYONE in college a good laugh to watch as we ran past! AND it was unfair cuz you were using Lucozade, so you broke the rules!! So i still claim i won =] Looking forward to our Cardiff adventures next year?? You should be =] xXx