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New Scottish Youth Orchestra

MY God is mighty to save :D

8/1/08 | me too! | Reply

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We Bow Down, And Confess, You Are Lord, In This Place
Me, Myself, and I
Now in it’s 5th year, this event has been a great success! The wide variety of musical experiences will encourage you to grow in confidence and the week will finish with a flourish, with all 65 campers performing in a concert as the grand finale.

Jeremiah 29:11 (The Message)

I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

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  • Camp DVD 2008

    To All,

    Looking for any video footage, esp. of concert, and photos you would like to see featured in the dvd.

    If anyone has any, please forward to



    0 Comments 256 weeks

  • Quotes of Camp 2008!

    there seem to have been many memorable moments and sayings to this years camp, so post them here! if you're a band member you can just edit the blog, if not I'm sure someone will copy them onto the blog if you leave them as a comment!

    let's hear a wahoo for camp 08!! *wahoo* I'll start off shall I...?

    Wilf: These string players are all the same... *while 'fighting' with McLarty*

    Lora: Health and safety!!! (cause clearly she's such a responsible leader...!)

    Megan: I think it's maybe not working cos it's broken... (to be fair it was 1.30am)

    Peter: *after being soaked be McLarty in a 'fight'* This shirt cost me £50!

    During Murder Mystery:
    (After a bit of confusion as to whether Jamie was English or Northern Irish)
    Usher Hall member: "So Wilma, some of your other family members were confused as to whether they were English or Irish...are you English?"
    Wilma/Laura Porteous: "Ja".

    During a musical impossible rehersal.
    Matt: *said in an Irish accent* Your truly beautiful!
    Dawn: Thanks...

    David B: Can you see a scratch or something under my nose, 'coz it really stings.
    Lucy: No, David, that's a moustache. Maybe if you shaved, I could see something.

    Catherine: Your Just Jamie, in a Jamie sized body.

    Pete: You are such an ugly woman Jamie.
    Jamie: Yasss, i know! Thats a good thing!!! =D

    Jamie: Hi, I'm Jamie, I'm from Edinburgh/Aberfeldy and I'm married to Laura
    *wild applause*
    Eilidh: I'm Eilidh, I'm from Dingwall and I don't know how to follow that.

    Mairead: "wow! dundee is in Scotland" and "Look at this carrot!"

    *someone*: yeah cos Rhona's so fat!
    Eilidh: well that's what we call her, Fat Rhona...
    Rhona: now everyone's going to call me Fat Rhona...

    Rhona: Fat Rhona is not amused...

    **"We bow down and confess, you are Lord in this place."**

    12 Comments 262 weeks

  • Camp 2007 Review

    Hey People.
    This is the place where you get the chance to have your say on
    CAMP 2007!!!!

    Best Moments, Worst Moments, Memorable Moments, Random Moments, Sad Moments, Happy Moments, ANYTHING MOMENTS!

    Give us your say and we should see these appearing in the upcoming Music Camp 2007 DVD!

    5 Comments 314 weeks

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  • Ross

    I've signed up for this year coming already. I can't wait ! >.<

  • Prashanthi Rasaratnam Xx
    Prashanthi Rasaratnam Xx

    Me too:] I agree with you both!! Camp has been soooooo amazing this year=D We are all one big happy family xxxxxxxx

  • Mog

    hey guys, spare a thought for me when your eating fairy cakes at dinner time... :(

  • Jayne
    luv Jayne

    Ok, contrary to previous comments, I am now booked (: xxx

  • Mog

    I'll be coming to the febrary thingy to spectate.... -the only clarinet practise i get these days is busking- And I'm too old for summer camp. I'm at university now :(

  • Jayne
    luv Jayne

    I have apogised profusely :( xxx

  • Kirsten

    Jayne would rather go to CURLING CAMP than go to MUSIC camp which i find rather insulting :( i gave her a good telling off for it though! :D

  • Lola Siriaraya
    Lola Siriaraya

    Hey guys! WE Need your help! If you are interested in youth orchestras, please visit this page!! http://www.bebo.com/MusicF9 Zuhal Sultan is campaigning to set up the Iraqi National Youth Orchestra composed of a group of 14-25 year old youngsters of war-torn Iraq looking to make a change! Show a little support and become a fan! or Come visit the page and give us some feedback/comments!!

  • Jayne

    Ok, so I'm coming in February....but not in the summer :( x