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Dakota Scott

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  • Male, 24, Luv 12
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 2,124
  • Member since: May 2005
  • Last active: 10/16/12
  • www.bebo.com/dakotascott
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
My name is Dakota A. Scott i love to play sports my fav. ones are hockey and fastball...and hang out with my friends...and going out and having fun with dem....drinkin beers hahaha and just being cool you know...check it...dakota_scott@hotmail.com
neyo, t-pain...and a shitload more
I LOVE"EM mainly hockey and softball
Scared Of
i'd have to say MICE..lol
Happiest When
probably when i'm winnin in a hockey game..hahaha

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  • My...........

    My Toke Partner- Tony K, Valdez B, J.r I, Barney B
    My Buddyz - J.r Val Tony Barn Mike Kayllum
    My Bitches - shelby, tassie, fallon, bree, mia, areil haha jk girls
    My Stalker - you probably!
    My Scrappin Partna - Floyd Cook
    My Smoking Buddy - dont smoke
    My Friend With Beautiful Eyes - Bree Star*
    My Drinking Buddy - All my dawgs..and my girls
    My Godess - fergie lol
    My Chilled out friend -Mike
    My Sexy Ladie- Dallas Thomas hahaha
    My Big Teddy Bear- Thomas Pratt
    My Big Sisters - No one
    My Gangsta Friend - Blair P.
    My lil nephews- Daine..
    My Big Bro- Nathan Scott
    My Right Hand man - Valdez Fuckin Bear
    My Wrighten Buddy - wtf is dat?
    My Daughters - bree and fal
    My Cleaner - Mr. Clean
    My Driver - T- rex
    My Hitman - Keldon Sanderson..stone cold killa
    My Stripper - shelby bear..
    My Uncle'z- ken and felix
    My Fav Auntie - lisa t.
    My Good Friendz - Valdez,Tony,Barn,j.r,kayllum and Money Mikelol
    My Booty Call - Shelby Bear..lol
    My Slave- girls lol
    My Trainer-
    My Drug Dealer - LEO! haha
    My Girls - Eve Fal Bree Tass Mia Sasha Ariel
    My Favorite Hockey Player - Daniel Breire n Craig MaCullum
    My Inspirtion- courage bear
    My Pimpin Friend - Valdez fa sho
    My Everything - My Friends
    My Body guard - Fallon lol
    My Partner In Crime - Kayllum Isaac lol
    My Favourite Cousin - Valdez Bear
    My Favourite Girl- Shelby Bear
    My Hottie- Mia Isaac..lol
    My Cutie- Fallon n Bree
    My Awesome Friends- Valdez Bear and Tony Kinistino
    My Nieces - Claire
    My Crazies Bro - Craigy M.
    My All*star- Shelby Bear
    My Funniest Friend - Tony K.

    1 Comment 313 weeks

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Chips: $1,715
Rank: 1368344
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Chips: $102,718
Rank: 375348
Chips: $57,810
Rank: 92656
Chips: $37,600
Rank: 424940
Chips: $36,192
Rank: 318263
Chips: $28,744
Rank: 172360

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  • Pratt

    I just racked $988 in a weekend in my free time! I love this site - http://goo.gl/S0AjZ Remember who hooked you up!

  • Lyndell Poitras
    Lyndell Poitras

    I just racked $997 in a weekend in my free time! I love this site - http://goo.gl/taTIy Remember who hooked you up!

  • Jordon Michael Dubois.JD.
    Jordon Michael Dubois.JD.

    ayy whats gewd bro long tyme no talk no see or nothyn lmao jus thought id drop a few for a brotha lol later bro

  • Evee
    luv Evee

    .Sawpp`myy mOss Checkkestt brOh Of awl broh'ss :L Anyway;ss Here'ss a Heartt, Hangg On to iiht Tiight!.:P

  • Alana Taypotat
    luv Alana Taypotat

    Heyyyyy .... What it izzz?? it iz what it iz .. :P .. So whats happenin wit u bro!. Haven't seen ya in awhile, well since the last party that is!... lol AND a big CONGRATS for the beautiful baby boi!... met him at cowessess powwow... A handsome one u 2 gotz... But yea, I'm jus stoppin 2 share the luv with muh brotha'... Taker' eaze bro...cya round sumtime!!! -Joebut*

  • Shelby
    luv Shelby

    Thought i smelled stink... :L haha jk im kidding..

  • Shelby

    just jealous bc ur not funky fresh!! lol

  • Shelby
    luv Shelby

    hey yew!! man bro.. where yew at?? i miss hanging wit ya! lol get ur stink ass back here. lol but yea just telling you i missed you! Shelbz

  • Ariel

    heyy brohh! man i miss hanging out wihtt you!! Xox [pCe.]

  • Shelby
    luv Shelby

    i miss you dogg!!!!!!! lol :P

  • Ricky Opikokew
    Ricky Opikokew

    fuck ur so bad bro......fucken toe drag you and make you look like a pre-novice

  • Ricky Opikokew
    Ricky Opikokew

    toe drags all day.... VACCUUM

  • Shasha Scott

    Hey Yew! Whuts up? Haven't see yew in a while. How have yew been? Me good, just busy with volleyball, werk, hip-hop, and school. I'mma a busy girl. aha. Grad ohh eight, this year! Yew bette come. If yew don't i'mma a black out! ahah, j/k. too ruff. We're going to get crunk! ahha, yew know. Shasha.

  • Stacii
    luv Stacii

    wudd up bro??? so where r u at now still whitewood?? but yeh so whens the next time ill see u ?? but yeh just droppin lines for a brotha but yeh u should drop sum on mine r u still winnin those medals?? but yeh well luff yeh \\// give me sum luv too!!!!!!!