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Brad Westlake

Bebo-What a load of wank :)

5/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 20
  • from Crawley
  • I am Single
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About Me

The legend that is...
Me, Myself, and I
This profile is a bit short maybe? I dont give a shit, im not some sort of bebo warrior, i dont spend any time on this, i don't add people for the pure hell of it and i really dont give a shit how much love or comments I get. Its a sodding profile, if you want to wank over each other.. do it in real life or summat
Well, i started off liking all that gangster stuff, now cant really stand any of it. I will isten to pretty much anything though, favourite stuff are things from MCR, 30 seconds to mars, PATD, fallout boy, funeral for a friend, bullet for my valentine, enter shikari, then youve got your kaiser chiefs razorlight, and anything of that kind of ilk. But yeah, anything is good, also like a bit of trance etc... I like ot listen to all of the shiat around, i mean come on woo, cut my wrists music is teh bestest ever...! But yeah, as long as it has some beat to it, some speed, s'all good. x
Would watch any sort of action, horror, comedy movie, not really a big fan of anything else. Any war movies as well, just basically a good film that really gets ya going.. -_- But yeah whatever, its all good to be honest, as long as it aint no romance crap, that gets on my tits. x
Does some intense ps3 gaming count? if so, fook me, im the dogs balls...
Main sport, football, play for a monday night league team, am a season ticket holder for chelsea, have been for 4 years now, no i am not a glory supporter etc. Enjoy playing any sport though, cricket, tennis, hockey, darts, snooker, Anything is good.. Least it gets me out the house. x
If you have it then.. www.myspace.com/bradw27... Much better than bebo (and its a little less sarcastic). x
If you are crazy enough to want to add me: bradleywestlake27@hotmail.com
But dont hope to divulge in any interesting conversation with me, as i will end up leaving you bored and yawning. and probably leave you wondering whats going on and suddenyl having the feeling for some sustenance. x
Things that piss me off
People in the queue at tesco's at lunch... Stop pushing in the god damn queue, i mean, line up like yourself and dont fucking push in front of me, stupid tits.

..Shitty chain mails- Fuck off, seriously, i dont give a shit about sending a mail on to 10 people in a minute, because i am not going to sodding die or whatever, its a stupid pathetic mail, seriously..

.. People posing like twats on thei pictures.. No-one wants to see you look like a complete arsehole by looking a complete dick head in a profile picture. Seriously, get a fucking life, you cant look hard in a fucking internet web page...

..If anyone walks into me again, i will tear their bollocks off and use them for a bow tie.

Also, people that take the piss outta me, find someone else. It is like taking the piss outta a piece of shit. I couldnt give 2 craps about it, oooh "but your ugly"... i know, get over it, i did years ago
Oooh, look at me, i have lots of bebo comments and love. z0mg I R amazing. No it means ou can make friends on the internet, it doesnt make you special just because you have these things it means you need to get out more and maybe make some friends, enjoy the sun a bit and have some fun.

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  • Erin M
    Erin M

    [12:02:45] Bebo Mobile Timestamp Hiya! I am messaging you from the Fall Out Boy group of which you are a member of. I thought that you might be interested to know that there's a contest at avenue7.com right now where the winner gets 2 tickets to watch FOB live in concert. WB if you have any questions! From your Ultra FOB Fan :)

    9/23/08 via Mobile
  • Soopphhii.

    :L Thats The Best Way To Do It... Yeah I Know What You Mean....Just Nice To Have Some Time Off!!! Iv Just Been Chilling Out Really...Went To Center Parcs Last Week (:L Yes I Know, Not The Most Fun In The World But Was Good Anyway) Can You Believe It I Played Golf And Remembered How To Ride A Bike :L :L Which Is Kinda Weird When Your Used To Driving! HaHa... Ooo And I Passed My Theory! So Thats That Out The Way... Hahaha I Knew You Loved Those Songs As Much As Me!!! :)