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Oblivion take you!

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  • Male, 21, Luv 286
  • from wherever the fuck i feel like
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: August 2006
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About Me

the spice expands conciousness
Me, Myself, and I
<<im seth
lifes good...bebo sucks..my soul is black yadayada :P

What to say im a nice guy...i love death metal i love makin music tho so far its not a success probably because we all cba... i love all my freinds but i wouldnt die forthem tbh...i would probably get realy hurt for them....dyiong for someone is dumb...all my mates know who they are and if they dont then learn... if you want to slap a comment on my page go ahead but please comment me if your going to add me... else i wont accept ya bunch of nuggets...

feel free to add my msn setha_rok:hotmail.co.uk

chow bitches

"just like my daddy said right before he killed my mom...you want something done right you gotta do it yourself"

"you can be a king or a street sweeper but one day we all have to dance with the reaper"

"put your pants on jesus someones at the door"

"its ok i beleive in god i actualy met him...right before he kick into hell for commiting suicide"

The Other Half Of Me


dno what to say iv said it all....ILY!!!XXX

Anything thats thrash, deathcore , death metal , grindcore , noisecore, metalcore, hardcore...its not all metal i love drum and bass like pendulum etc....or old school trance like cosmosis or astral projection....
andrew(the ginger specy cunt (NO *BREAKS NECK*))
what can i say...hes ginger...loud but alot of fun... hes the kinda dude that can make eerything funny and loves to be.....r...racism jokes.......lolololol cotton fields lol.... but yeah hes my band mate and probly th most lively of the band...his guitaringis comin on good....he can play knee deep :O job for a cowboy xD....¬¬

yeah i love this ginger lunatic lol
John boy....
john is the kinda guy thats serious until you get too know him...when you do youl know how cool he is lol...me and him seem to think sean isnt as funny as a rock...which is allmost true...have to admit tho sean has his moments... john is vocalist for the band and his vocals are gettin immense...hes alltogether a cool guy supportive etc...so yeah respect this MOOOFOOOOO... dun dun...dundun...dundundund dun ddunduuuu
oh jeez band mate, brother and best freind good times, laughs... and bad times (mostly good) all in all awsome weve done heaps together (Defenders hell yeah bitch) argh been to a couple of good house parties... been drunk together nd shit... aw jeez he's like family...we hate wimin cuz they suck like eh...
is amazing and probly one of the greatest people ever...i feel 100% comfortable with her which is rare for me too be fully comfortable around someone...she makes me smile and keeps me warm at nights and refuses to let me sleep alone when she can :P which is great...i like too wake up in the morning with you in my arms :) your just so dam awsome and i love you so much :) :) your the best :) :) i dont ever want too have too see you cry or be upset EVER i wish you too be happy all the time and i aim too make you happy LOVE YOU SO MUCH X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
aye where too start with this guy...hes like me only smaller lol or so it has been said... little violent shit cool too have a drink with, a good laugh... people dont like frazer cuz they think hes "annoying" well fuck them hes just a fun hyper little cunt :L
hes like a wee bro too me and i hope im like a big bro too him min ehwe have an identical music taste which is just kinda weird lol...we like chasing josh and makin him scared(that was funny(sorry josh)) stay cool frazer and if you dont like frazer then fuck yarself :P
hes ace bam...
love ya ti bits ya wee shite

still need too go mc dees for scraps...and i dont mean chicken scraps ;)
shove it up ya
ya prick

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Austrian Death Machine-Total Brutal-What It's like To Be A Singer At Band

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  • Devourment - serial cocksucker

    Whores that suck dick for money
    I will kill with no forgiveness
    They need to be taught a lesson
    In butchery

    I will leave them dead and bleeding
    After giving them a beating
    With my hammer I will smash the teeth
    Out of their fucking face

    These cocksuckers will pay the price when
    I fuck their faces with my knife
    I will force my blade down their throats
    As if it were my massive dick

    The streets are filled with dirty whores
    I'll show them what that pussy's for
    They'll be forced to drink the swill
    That spews from my erection

    You sluts I'll show you all the way to everlasting pain and torture
    To take your lives is why I live, for your crimes you'll be butchered
    You'll be forced to suffer through torture, you dead cum dumpster bitches
    I'll kill you all then throw your slaughtered asses in the ditches

    I need a prostitute to fill with my diseased liquid
    Stalking the dark street corners I find a cunt that lives to suck the dick

    I'll kill that dirty bitch

    I force that pig into my van and then I proceed to beat her
    Blood spurts forth from every wound and splatters on me
    With my knife I must sever her head and take it with me
    She will now be forced to suck the cock
    Fell the urge

    Dead hookers fill my crawlspace, all of them decapitated
    They have all gotten what they deserved, every single head I've masturbated
    I won't stop until I have killed every slut walking the streets
    They will be punished for their ways, forever to suck dicks in hell

    0 Comments 246 weeks

  • Stolen from bernie :P 20Qz

    1. Whats your Name?

    2. Are we close?

    3. What do you think of me?

    4. Describe me in 3 words?

    5. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?

    6. What was ur first impression of me?

    7. Do u still think the same?

    8.. What reminds u of me?

    9. If you could give me anything what would it be?

    10. How well do u know me?

    11. What do u like best about me?

    12. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?

    13. Could you ever love me?

    14. Give me a nickname and explain why?

    15.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?

    16. How funny am i?

    17. have u ever fancyd me?

    18.would you pull me?

    19.would you ever go out with me?

    20.Anything 2 say b4 u go?

    4 Comments 251 weeks


    Wonder and wait as I stare at the cross,
    Thinking in ways that have Christ at a loss,
    Kick your ass out through the lord's pearly gates,
    When heaven burns and engulfed into flame.
    Blasphemes villain, the killings begin,
    Murdering Christians and torturing them,
    Conquering churches and slaughtering lambs,
    Doing it all for my love of Satan... (I love you Satan, my lord)
    Bring death to your god; tear apart his begotten son,
    Christian you are dead, fucking kill every one of them,
    Drop down in defeat, retribution of hypocrisy,
    In life is unknown, after here I will own your soul.
    Death to god banished and burned to incite the invert,
    Blasphemy.... When heavens burns we inherit the earth,
    No more lies, churches and crosses confusing the mind,

    Agony watching them burn in their righteous empire,
    When heaven burns I will dance in its fire!!!!!!!
    Drop dead hyraces, paradise has begun to bleed,
    Give praise to the lord, over run in the face of war,
    Christian wait with death, heaven burns into nothingness.
    Satan on his throne rejoice in returning home.
    End of god, when heaven burns it will fall to the earth,
    Watch it burn angels on fire and screaming berserk,
    Holy ghost, lost in confusion and puking in pain,
    When it burns pissing on prophets that fall to the flame.

    Wonder and wait as I stare at the cross,
    Thinking in ways that have Christ at a loss,
    Kick your ass out through the lord's pearly gates,
    When heaven burns I will stomp on his face.
    Blasphemes villains, the killings begin,
    Murdering Christians and torturing them,
    Conquering churches and slaughtering lambs,
    Doing it all for my love of Satan!!!

    0 Comments 265 weeks

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  • Ghost.

    Goth pants. :L

  • Ghost.
    luv Ghost.

    such a turd............ :P

  • A O I F E
    A O I F E

    Oh I get you now, about me sneaking away hahaha

  • A O I F E
    A O I F E

    What do you mean I'm trying to sneak away? hahahaha I know I don't go on it anymore. You on facebook...if you are, ara sure i'll add you :D

  • A O I F E
    A O I F E

    Hello :D I see you added me again, Sorry I deleted you in the first place, secretly tried to do it, but ah well you caught me out! :L

  • Ghost.
    luv Ghost.

    Hello :) dont know why im leaving a comment just havent been on here in soo long so im gonna say hi :) to your bebo account that is lonley :)

  • Ghost.
    luv Ghost.

    :D :D ::D :D :D :D :D :D : xxxxxxx

  • 8/2/10
  • Pullam

    Hey man how are you :DD ?

    5/14/10 via Mobile
  • X.


  • Pullam

    hey man you said leave a comment so here it is :L hope everything is good leave a comment next your going to st nicks man. :DD

  • Ghost.

    E05A ahahhaahahhah

  • Crêpe O
    Crêpe O

    Yo man hows it goin? Cha been up to? x

  • luv Sparky

    fit likey min u going in toon is week bud :P :P :P WB xx cockfighting on VH1, i smell a BIG 1

  • Pullam

    Hey man :DD long time no speak :)) how are you ?

    2/11/10 via Mobile
  • Crêpe O
    Crêpe O

    Wog........Thats all really

  • Owen Evans
    Owen Evans

    hey sorry to bother you :P im posting this on like everyones page, just incase you didnt know already, Exit ten Are returning to aberdeen to play a show on the 27th of january at The Tunnels, should be even better than last time they played, they will be playing some new never before heard material, if you havnt heard of them ; check them out on www.myspace.com/exitten, or on youtube or whatever, Here are the other bands playing, tour support comes from; The Casino Brawl www.myspace.com/thecasinobrawl Dividing the line www.myspace.com/dividingtheline Local Support comes from: Dividing The Silence www.myspace.com/dividingthesilence Saikano www.myspace.com/saikanouk Starts At 7, Cost £7, you can pay on the door or buy tickets from the local bands or get them in oneup records, If You Have any questions dont hesitate to ask, the poster is up on this myspace page with all the releven info, www.myspace.com/aberdeenmusicpromo thankyou x

  • David

    hyi seth if u are on verry soon u may be able to get a training thing at shmu so if u can mail me ur number ill pass it on to brian webb and him or crissy will get incontact with you

  • Crêpe O
    Crêpe O

    come get wasted with us in town this weekend

    1/12/10 via Mobile
  • Rue
    luv Rue

    I just jacked your PINGAS!!!!!