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  • Female, 21, Luv 1,092
  • I am Single
  • Member since: May 2005
  • www.bebo.com/thebuttmunch
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About Me

It my time too shine (: Hickle Pickle
Me, Myself, and I

    чeshh matee!

    best friend,staceч bonnerrr

lovin' mч life at the moment ツ
Faчe palmerr :]. Me and this girl have been through loads, we've alwaчs stuck together. shes alwaчs been there for me. :] i love this girl to absolute bits. we alwaчs have such a laugh together. x
Sophie marie white :]. I love this girl to bits aswell, shes mч little raving buddч, we always have a right laugh together, alwaчs there for me and i appriciate the thing this girl does for me so much. x
staceч bonner :] . bonbon, oh mч daчs, whata babe! she is infact mч wifeч, + i love her muchlч. jesus i dont think ive had so much fun in such a short amount of time!! we have plans, we do!! :] lol. loving our missions in weston+bristol. gurt loves it mind!! x
sexч bum, ben ♥. he makes me so happч. i love spending time with him. hes such a sweetheart. luvs him to bits. ♥ xxxx
Happiest When
basicallч. I'm well happч at the moment, everчthing seems to be falling into place. im as happч as ever with mч babч boч, haчdee cakes. :] i now have a job! things at home are okaч. i feel on top of the world at the moment. :] x

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  • Wayne R
    luv Wayne R

    hi wassup?....

  • Nick Welsman
    luv Nick Welsman

    alright luv Howe are u?? u been up 2 much? wb nick xx

  • luv HollyyBear.

    sorry babes couldnt text back have no credit :( sorry angel! but brought tears to my eyes! so thank youu! ummm yeah im awesome thanks babe had baby girls christening today was lush! umm waiting for sophie now! what about you? xx

  • 7/20/09
  • luv HollyyBear.

    3 weeks and no love omg ♥ have a heart babes !

  • luv Faye

    your so gay and you dont even like boys! :)

  • HollyyBear.

    yeah definatley babe. busy with work but im sure i could fit you in, i know i can lol. we really got to tho, lol we chat bout doing it but never do! hows life?hayden? mum.. general? job? (L)

  • Jamie

    i would mind having a bit off u

  • HollyyBear.

    hey babe. hope your okay darling? (L)

  • Big Boy Josh
    luv Big Boy Josh

    hey gorgeous jus wnted to giv u some love and say ur lking stunning xxxx

  • luv HollyyBear.

    yeah a big catch up would be good angel. ive had my hair cut shorter again :) haha! hope your feeling better, meet up for drink weekend? love love you (L)

  • JAy Coles
    luv JAy Coles

    Hey mateeeeeeeeeeeee you ok? Whats been doing you okaii Hows you and haydeez you too kool yeah? holla bk colesy x

  • HollyyBear.

    never really on here any more, the only time is at dans or when babysitting :) how are you? hope everything is good angel? love youu loads & i do miss youu (L)

  • luv Faye

    Love you :)

  • luv HollyyBear.

    yeah init, lol i didnt know you was going. yeah me and dan plan to angel :) yeah catching up would be good babe. hows your week beenn? loveyoulots xx

  • JAy Coles
    JAy Coles

    wow it was a hell of weekend for you then i c lmfao haha well least you had a good one mate lol x

  • JAy Coles
    luv JAy Coles

    Yeah kool stacey that aint to good then is it lol long weekend then i take it yeah matee?? just getting stoned nd on the piss up u no lol... noh not reali just chill out most probs uno holla bk colesy x