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Hana Louise

My sister is Amazingg :) xx

3/5/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 5
  • from Stevenage town
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 10/27/09
  • www.bebo.com/makewell1
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About Me

Hanaa Louisee
Me, Myself, and I

[♥][тнεу ¢αℓℓ нεя]..HanAa-Louise ..ღ

[♥][Bℓσωη Oυт].. 17 ¢αи∂ℓєѕ..ღ

[♥][Fεℓℓ Fяσм Hєανєη]..28th september..ღ

[♥][Sεεѕ Tняσυgн]..Hazel єуєѕ..ღ

[♥][Bяυѕнεѕ]..blondey Brown нαιя..ღ

[♥][Sтαη∂ѕ Aт].. 5ƒт ѕυмƒιη..ღ

[♥][ριεя¢ιηgѕ]..єαяѕ nd belly..ღ

[♥][Sтαтυѕ].. Taken ..ღ

[♥]¢αит]..ℓινє ωι∂συт] make up,clothes,straightners,
msn,my bf And my best friends ..ღ

[♥] уυ ωιℓℓ fιи∂ нєя яєρριи [Stevenage]
ωιтн нєя [мαιи] ¢нιι¢кѕ*
&& нєя [мαιи] Boys

[♥][ε∂υ¢αтε∂ αт]..north herts college hitchin..ღ

[♥][ιη чєαя].a.t hitchin college ..ღ

[♥][msn]..Ask If Yu Want It ..ღ

[[HanAa]]∂ι∂ ∂ιѕ
[[HanAa]∂ι∂ ∂αт
ωєℓℓ [[HanAa]] ∂ит gινα α [[fυк]
gσ ѕρяєα∂ ∂αт!!!*•´¨`*~»♥
rnb, hiphop, garage, the song i got now and loads moree
Chelsea All Way Chelsea Till i diee x
Happiest When♥
im am relli happy wen im gettin pissed out wid mates, on msn
shopping seeing bf tyler hes pretty muchh amazingg to mee iloveyou babeyyy x
the speical boy ♥
Waiting For The Guy Who Calls Me Beautiful Instead Of Fit, Who Calls Me Back When I Hang Up On Him, Who Will Stay Awake Just To Watch Me Sleep...Waiting For The Guy Who Kisses My Forehead, Who Wants To Show Me Off To The World, Who Holds My Hand In Front Of His Friends...Waiting For The One Who Is Constantly Reminding Me Of How Much He Cares About Me And How Lucky He Is To Have Me...♥ . Some People Can Be So Sad Putting Things On Thier Bebo About Someone Else Want A Hint? Get A Life!!x
things i love♥
Computer, shopping, drinking, ni
 ghts-out, money, mates, bf, romantic-night-in, partys, strightners, curles,
 music and lots moree things
Shereese Louiisee Samuals ayee well i aint got a bad word for this girl.she my best fukin friend and love her to bitss..iwould not be here if it wasnt for herr and this iss all truee wat im sayin she the one who calm's me down she the one who puts that smile on my facee i lovee herr and wouldnt no wat to do withoutt we are like super glue u can never break us up.i love stayin at her house coss bascailly i live there ahahah i love her mum shes pure amazin just liek shereese :) and shereesee i lovee youu bestfriends forevr and allwais 2006-onwards babe

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    9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?

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    13. Do you/have you talked about me?

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    1 Comment 302 weeks

  • SEX

    How sex starts

    ...a smile leads to a laugh

    ...a laugh leads to a high 5

    ...a high 5 leads to a hug

    ...a hug leads to a kiss

    ...a kiss leads 2 makeout

    ...a makeout leads 2 finger

    ...a finger leads to a hand

    ...a hand leads to a lick

    ...a lick leads to a suck

    ...a suck leads 2 a fuck.

    ...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math.

    ...u add the bed

    ..subtract the clothes

    ...divide the legs

    ...leave your solution

    ...and pray you dont multiply

    2 Comments 316 weeks

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  • sumthink haha x

    HighSkwl --> Bestfwends Become Bitches .. Boiifwends Become Pricks .. Red Bull Becomes Beer .. Gum Becomes Drugs .. Lollipops Becomes Cigarettes .. Bikes Become Cars .. French Kisses Becomes Sex

    Hana Louise 0 Replies
  • sex poam its funny

    roses are red
    Lemons are sour
    Open ur legs and give me an hour
    Kissing Is A Habit
    Fucking Is A Game
    Guys Get All The Pleasure
    Girls Get All The Pain
    10 Minutes Of Pleasure
    9 Months Of Pain
    3 Days In The Hospital
    A Baby Without A Name
    The Father Is A Bastard
    The Mother Is A Whore

    Hana Louise 0 Replies

    plzzz give maddie back xx
    -----♥♥------Put This Ribbon
    ----♥♥-♥♥----On Your
    ---♥♥---♥♥---Bebo and
    ---♥♥---♥♥---Pray for
    ----♥♥-♥♥----Madeleine McCann's
    -----♥♥♥------Safe Return
    ----♥♥-♥♥----Thank you
    ---♥♥---♥♥--- x x x x x

    Hana Louise 0 Replies

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    luv X . H

    iyaaah lol agen sry bouh tha randomnesss you wouldnt no n e way of getten hold of him wud yu ¿ * x *

  • X . H
    X . H

    iyaaaaaah you probs dont kn ow me buh i used to live in stev tooh well about 3 years ago . an my names hannah louise nall . dyu knoe sum1 called stanley spary that goes barclays he shud beh in yur year i tink ¿? x tap bakk to the randomness

  • Ellice

    Heyyy Heyyy Aint Been On Here In Ages Sooo Cant Member If I Commented U Backkk N Yeahh I Did Go Out WIv HIm LMAooo Comment Backkk xx

  • Ellice

    heyloooo xxx n yea i did lol comment back x

  • Ellice

    heyahh ,, na dont fink i no ,, wot school u go to ??? comment bak xx

  • Kerry

    you aright darling ? xx

  • Pwincess Lori
    Pwincess Lori

    hiya bbe how r ya huni hope ur good :D :D :D thanx 4 ur picci comments bbe :D wb xxxx

  • Becky

    luk yh 4 fuk sake i dntno ya fukin bf nn ii dnt use bebo ii juss accept hu eva adds me nn he added me so blame him nn ii dnt even tlk to hu eva da fuk he is nn tbh ii aint interested no more wid wat yagotta say

  • Pwincess Lori
    luv Pwincess Lori

    im gd fanx hun u ? love ur pics 2 bbe there wkidd fabx 4 da love eyas mine xxxxx

  • Pwincess Lori
    Pwincess Lori

    ello u lil stunnah u okais babe? xxx

  • Charlotte

    he 17 xx