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when did the love stop a' flowin'

10/25/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • click me! http://www.bebo.com/inyourgroupz

    Click me! http://www.bebo.com/inyourgroupz

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  • Drink bitch!

    One Fat Hen

    One Fat Hen (also called One Red Hen) is a drinking game. It is based on the difficulty people often have in repeating exactly what the leader says, and the amusing possibilities when they get it wrong.

    The normal mode of play is that the leader recites the first line of the game and then all the players take it in turns to First - Sip the drink; Second - repeat the line; and Third - take another sip; if anyone makes a mistake, he or she must take a drink (or pay a forfeit) and ask the Leader to repeat. They then repeat the turn (Sip-Repeat-Sip). When everyone has got it right, the leader starts again, and adds the second line. Each player must now say the first and second lines, and so on, like this:

    Leader - *sip* One fat hen! *sip*
    Player 1 - *sip* One fat hen! *sip*
    Player 2 - *sip* One hat fen!(takes a drink, and must repeat the line) *sip* One fat hen! *sip*
    Player 3 - *sip* One fat hen! *sip*
    Leader - *sip* One fat hen, couple duck *sip*
    Player 1 - *sip* One fat hen, couple duck *sip*
    Player 2 - *sip* One fat hen, two ducks(takes another drink, and starts again)
    Player 3 - *sip* One fat hen, couple duck *sip*
    and so on, with increasing mirth.

    Original sentences
    The original set of sentences is:

    - One Fat Hen
    - Couple Duck
    - Three Brown Bear
    - Four Running Hare
    - Five Fat Fickle Females Sitting Sipping Scotch
    - Six Simple Simons Sitting on a Stump
    - Seven Sinbad Sailors Sailing Sailing the Seven Seas, on a sloop
    - Eight egotistical egoists, echoing echoing egotistical ecstasies
    - Nine nude nibs, nib, nib, nibbling on nix, nags, and nicotine
    - I never was a fig plucker, not a fig plucker's son, but I'll keep plucking fig til the fig plucker comes
    - You bet your sweet ass I'm a turtle

    Drink While You Think
    "Drink while you think" (known in some quarters as simply "The Name Game", "Coge lo que pienses", or "Imbibe whilst you cogitate" under International Drinking Rules) is a very simple drinking game.

    The player to start will say the name of a famous person. This is normally the Prime Minister, President, or other Head of State of the day. The next person in the circle must then say the name of another famous person, whose first name begins with the first letter of the previous famous person's surname. For example, "Tony Blair" could be followed by "Barry McGuigan", which might be followed by "Michael Douglas". While thinking, the player must continuously imbibe. Players may additionally engage in "social drinking" at any time.

    Names cannot be repeated; such repetition results in an automatic drinking fine.

    At least 2 other players must have heard of the person named for it to be valid.

    - The game is also sometimes known as "Celebrity".
    - Fictional characters can be allowed. In some circles, the use of a fictional character should be accompanied by an arm movement similar to that of a bird impression, also used as part of the actions to the Birdy Song. Failure to make this action is punishable by the drinking of two digits.
    - Valid names can be limited to a particular group, for example: sports personalities, actors, or even German physicists
    - You can also enlarge the game by adding movies and bands
    - One-word answers are legal. One-word answers just send the first letter to the next person, for instance "George Michael", "Madonna", "Michael Barrymore", or in some variants the last letter of a one-word answer is used, such as "Sarah Jessica Parker", "Prince", "Elijah Wood." This can reverse play as in the double initials rule, or skip a player as in UNO. A further variant is if naming a one-name famous person (e.g. "Cher"), the namer can then nominate anyone in the players' circle to continue.
    - If the first and last name begin with the same letter (for example: Mickey Mouse) then the order you were playing in is reversed. This often results in show downs as two competing players reverse back and forth wi

    0 Comments 301 weeks

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  • why do people mistake us for a couple?
    why do people mistake us for a couple?

    I'm as corny as Kansas in August,
    I'm as normal as blueberry pie.
    No more a smart little girl with no heart,
    I have found me a wonderful guy!
    I am in a conventional dither,
    With a conventional star in my eye.
    And you will note there's a lump in my throat
    When I speak of that wonderful guy...

    Jen 1 Reply
  • Is IT?
    Is IT?

    is it your sandwhich fallin down your throat with some random eyes, or is it a black guy with a pink spotty shirt and orange lips and red lines for hair with a wierd volcano type thing sproutin off his forehead. ive got news for you, ITS NEITHER , i threw a tin of paint at the screen and it happ...

    Witty 1 Reply
  • And i still love the poo
    And i still love the poo

    im in your diets lacking sufficient fibrez!

    Witty 0 Replies

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  • J A N E Xx
    J A N E Xx

    welll i havent really decided all that yet, prob stay here tho, as much as its a hole i know i would miss it if i moved away.. ohh balina, i have no idea where that is lol no dog dog shit hay henry pffttt like that will ever happen, atleast i tried lol yeh they be so good with every1 being 18 and all, i hate being underage!!!! yeh im praying that they will be painless but somehow i dont think they are going to be.. umm yep! for sure, im also burning all of my books and stuff, cant wait to get rid of it all.. you have earth last hey?? that sucks that its like the last one, but its only earth right?? haha yeh, definietly NOT going to happen! yeh i hope someone has it! otherwise i be getting drunk in the gutter lol you cant not get pissed on the night of your grad, its just not kool.. so i was thinking about our bet, did it change til when i am 21?? you know your just going to lose anyway..

  • J A N E Xx
    luv J A N E Xx

    i know! im thinking bout taking a year off just to party what have you got planned for next year?? oh the races, im excited for them already!! well i had maths this morning, it was so hard, hated it so much! so now i have threee to go and they are all next week. finish on thurs so cant fuken wait for that day! hay do you no anything about a grad after party?? Xx

  • J A N E Xx
    luv J A N E Xx

    h e n r y missing our hugs :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( how have the exams been treating you??

  • India R
    luv India R

    goodluck with your exams ya slut !!!!

  • Clare
    luv Clare

    HEN!! hows the skool free life treating you? i got an invite for ya for my 18th mite actully b able to get pissed with u lol been a long time. XOxox

  • India R
    India R

    im replying to a message you sent me ages ago :) You better party extra hard this holidays because im out of action and pretty bloody isolated actually How was your last day of school ? Did you it sad and shit ? I know you wont get this for ages becausee you will be out partying hard . . . . . . . Luv ya henry x X x x x x x x x x

    9/26/08 via Mobile
  • Clare

    they wont have dope at the nursery tho henry lol. fuk yeh ay woulda been better if we went to amsterdam lol think wed prob get into everything there!! pffft no dont have tht much money its with contiki gotta decide for how long theres a few different ones. u heading out this wkd? :D

  • luv J O R D

    Aw did u get smacked up Hezza?? Thats so bad... How?! :)

  • Clare

    yeh man of course havent been drunk in tht long, unlike urself haha. tends to happen wen ur not 18 lol. fuk i would hate to see ur liver in prob even 4 yrs time haha. a nursery? go the regect shop at lest lol. i wantd 2 go there but it was gonna cost me a heap so goin to italy like, naples,sorrento,capri,the chianti region,florence,pisa,cinque terre,milan,lake garda,verona,venice,bologna,rome,v  atican city. takin trine with me !! how r u afta angus's? or shouldnt i ask? lol

  • Clare
    luv Clare

    HENRYYYYYYYYY omg i miss u so much :( :( :( yeh was ok jsut worked n me n trine had a crack at gettin into the pubs haha..we didnt get far lol how bout urs? lol u with a job lol i cant see it, mayb u can just become a dole bludger? or a dealer haha. i still got tafe next yr so i cant go far but im goin ova to europe for abit so thtll b fuckin good!! ill move somewhere wen i finish prob Q.l.d u headin to the show today? Xox

  • J O R D

    Haha! Nah Hez, just chilling. doing assignments and shit b4 THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY! Lol should be swell... Hope trials are flowing smoothly! :)

  • luv J O R D

    HEZZAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  • -Gus-T

    MY SON MY ON MY SON MY SON... yep hey next tuesday before the show im thinkin bout havin a heap of people round for a few drinks, n a bbq, music...fire, if its cold enough? lol, but yeh watever, just a pre show barbie! lol so if ur keen cruise round man!

  • Faith
    luv Faith

    "Idle Will Kill".... .... :L Oh happy day..