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사랑, 생활, 재미와 열정

8/10/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from ~MaDaNgReAs
  • I am It's Complicated
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사랑, 생활, 재미와 열정
Me, Myself, and I
FamILy iZ mY LyFe
FrIenDs are mY JoY
LaUghIng mY HoBBy
YoUth iZ mY PaSsion
FuN my MoTTo
I'm a 'TAKE ME AS U SEE ME' kinda chikk...EaSy goIng.....
I'll ForgiVe u OnCe...Do iT AgAin.......ItS OvA....

If you know me, or think you remember me from SOMEHERE! Leave me a comment.
Music from the 90's NOTHING and I say NOTHING compares to it......OLD SCHOOL, JODECI for LIFE.....Theres alot of Music and Musicians that I like...Tooo many to name....
HORRORS: Cujo, Saw &Saw2, the Emily Rose one, Teletubbies, FAVOURITES: Two Can Play That Game, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman, Beauty Shop, Selena, House Party1, 2&3, Biker Boyz, The Tempataions, Five Heartbeats, Color Purple, PHAT girls, , Soul Food, Waiting to exhale.......
Korean n Taiwanese Dramas
*Goong-Princess Hours**Boys Over Flowers**My Sassy Girl**My Girl**Full House**Coffee Prince**Lawyers Of Korea**A Millionaires First Love**Witch Yoo Hee**The Vineyard Man***Creating Destiny**Chuno***Personal Taste**Pasta**Creating Destiny***Cinderellas Sister**

*The Devil Beside You**Why, Why, Love**Bull Fighting**
Dream Destinations
KoReA:L :L :L , HaWaii, SpAiN, DuBai, JaPaN, MeXiCo, JaMaiCa, PhiLLiPinES, iTaLy.....My new goal: To try and fill my passport up with in 5 years..:L :L :L :L :L :L
Happiest When
CHILLAXin..., going to the movies, catching up with old friends, laughing with the lot from PIC NEWTON, but most importantly being around FAMILY...
My Addictions
Peanut M&Ms
Chocoloate Creams from Wickman Way
Oh Ji Ho
Milky Bar
My Flash Box
TAEYANG-From his new album SOLAR....

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  • Stacey Williams

    I profited $321 in a few hours doing easy things! I learned from - http://goo.gl/14lx9 You owe me one!

  • 'King
    luv 'King

    I miss maah auntieee baadlee :( :( :( youu cuumngg on christmas ????

  • Lisi

    hey miss Sera...how are u!! thanks for da add:L :L

  • luv Juxzox

    heart yuu

  • E D Z
    E D Z

    hae serah cn yew put on dose photoz daht yew took on sundae pweti pleaz lol

  • ' His Forevr

    aye toe wat u ub 2 cn u gv me a cope f fotos aye

    1/14/10 via Mobile
  • AgNes Tere
    luv AgNes Tere

    Aue Taue e Kara...nah jokes...its was good seeing on the table hahahha

  • Lady Suka F.M.W
    luv Lady Suka F.M.W

    Aloha Beautiful:) , It was so good to see you back in nz, although it was under sad circumstances:( . Hope all is well. Keep Smiling xo

  • Rose Toki
    luv Rose Toki

    Hi cous, You were suppose to take my photo off???? you know the papa's and mama's are into bebo now.. and im gonna get my ears twisted hehehe Here's a heart... Love to you and the fam Luv from your cous Rose Atinata

  • Livie
    luv Livie

    Hey Leka [moon] :L :L :L :L

  • Diana Paniora
    luv Diana Paniora

    Just popped in to leave u sum luv! Arohanui Diana

  • Livie
    luv Livie

    Hey pooh bum hehehe:P just sharing the luv :D :P

  • L A H.
    L A H.

    hehe i love my baby sistar :L

  • Dr Sleepingpills
    Dr Sleepingpills

    Ha! yeah right,HOW U BEEN???

  • luv Aleena A.U.S Funkay

    Ahhh........... I ve heard iht......... its kwel............ :L :L :L :L :L :L :L

  • Dr Sleepingpills
    luv Dr Sleepingpills

    Uhmm can you tell your partner happy fathers day!!!!

  • Tina Hill
    Tina Hill

    good good everyones good yeah they came up for someone's funeral? Aunty Ake's sister i think passed away. So wahts the haps for the weekend?? Wheres the party's at? Lol The asian thing their like all over ur page ts kinda creepy :L

  • Tina Hill
    Tina Hill

    wow he must be a real party goer haha oi what's up with all tha asians on ur page? :L And kos u didn't jump in any of them Daa i want a real heart c'mon don't be a stinge bro love ya xoxo

  • Tina Hill
    luv Tina Hill

    Hey (: Tz Tina ur favourite cousin :L So what have u been upto since the wedding? I think i should be on ur tops :) Heres a heart cos i think u need it. lol

  • LeeandJean
    luv LeeandJean

    hi kio :L :L :P yea dats all i got.......DATS RYT MUTHA FUCKAAAAA!!!!!!!!! :D ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! p.s da foto is 4 unkie aaron hehe