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Faith Lehane

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey Look An Acutual Fan Site

I'm am not Faith.......
Faith is a fictional character...
Let's say that i am her medium between the world of fantasy and the world of fact

I'm a geniune fan of Faith.......

If you want know anything that is not on the site just ask
even it ain't about Faith.
Ask about Eliza if you want to....it may take a while but i'll do my best to track down as much info as possible

"Looks like the hellmouth is officially closed for business."
The Other Half Of Me
Angel like So like totally rockz!

Angel like So like totally rockz!

Genuine Angel fan XXX Knows her stuff

Rock, Emo, Punk.
Especailly if its got a kicking beat!!
Old Classics, especailly old horrors
Fighting and..............haha lets not go there.....Xander and Wood know what i'm talking about haha ;) ;)
Scared Of
What the hell would she fear
Happiest When
Killing things, Non-Comatose, And.............haha
Five by Five
Five by five means that things are good. It is lingo used by the military, radio operators, and pilots about how good/bad a radio signal is, in regards to volume and clarity, on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best). So, five by five, means the best possible. So when someone asks Faith how she is? She's telling them she's 'as good as can be'.

The phrase is used in movies like Aliens and Contact.

In 'Aliens', the pilot of the DropShip says it to indicate the first part of their journey was successful and it's smooth sailing from that point on.
I'm not online as much any more so it might take a while to get back to you.... i'll reply quicker if you leave comments cos it takes too long to go through all the forwards and stuff so leave a comment and i'll definitly get back to you xxx

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  • Faith's Surname

    It is the Irish name of Lehane.

    It’s a variant of the name: Lyons
    Other variants are: O’Lyne, Lane
    Counties in which this surname is most commonly found: County Mayo
    [ taken from: IrishGen.com ]

    I may be wrong, but I believe it’s after Dennis Lehane - the author who wrote the rather brilliant ‘Mystic River’ (the novel is set in South Boston and is now an awesome movie that was filmed in and around Boston).

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  • Character History

    Faith Lehane (see Trivia below or Buffy RPG about her surname) is the third Slayer to appear on Buffy. Most often described as "a rogue Slayer" Faith fulfilled the archetype of a nemesis in the classical sense, serving as the dark mirror to Buffy--- similar but opposite to the hero. Series writer/producer Marti Noxon described Faith in terms of "the road not taken", a vision of what Buffy might have become if her life's circumstances were different. Faith was introduced in the third season, and played a major role in that season's overarching plot. She returned for shorter story arcs on Buffy and Angel, and played a moderate role in final story arc of season 7. Like many characters in the Buffy gallery, Faith was one of substantial moral ambiguity, taking on roles ranging from violent sociopath to self-sacrificing champion.

    Little is known about Faith's earlier life. Her dialect and early exposition suggests she grew up in the notably rough neighborhoods of South Boston. Her father is never mentioned. She makes several references to her mother's alcoholism and possible allusions to childhood abuse. ("My dead mother hits harder than that!" — "Faith, Hope and Trick"; she mentions her mother in a torture secene in "Five By Five"). She also clearly suffers from trauma and abandonment complexes resulting from the murder of her Watcher by a powerful ancient vampire. Early on, Faith harbored jealousy toward Buffy ("Enemies") for leading the life she wanted. Jealousy later changed into self-hatred as she realized the power and accountability she has over her own life. By the Season 7, self-hatred had faded into self-acceptance; she had learned to accept the consequences of her past actions.

    Faith does not show any signs of substance abuse, though she often suggests that killing gives her a drug-like euphoria, and even suffers from addictive withdrawal symptoms when she is not able to do violence. (as in the Angel episode "Sanctuary", where quitting violence is equated with quitting drugs (Faith: "I gotta be the only Slayer in history to be sponsored by a vampire.") She is seen smoking in Buffy's season 7.

    Faith also displays signs of sexual promiscuity and an inability to share trust and intimacy with a man, describing herself as "a loser magnet", such as a kleptomaniac and "slackers". Faith was later responsible for the rather callous deflowering of Xander Harris and what may be considered the rape of Buffy's boyfriend Riley.

    It is unknown when Faith was contacted and began training with her Watcher, though she appears to have been recruited as a teen-ager like Buffy (rather than as a child, which is considered ideal for a Slayer.) It is also unclear how long Faith had lived on her own before coming to Sunnydale

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  • Sunnydale

    When Faith first arrived in Sunnydale ("Faith, Hope and Trick"), she had been traumatized by helplessly watching the vampire Kakistos gruesomely murder her Watcher. She had run away from trouble since childhood, but began dealing with those issues after staking Kakistos.

    Faith's isolation heightened when her new Watcher, Gwendolyn Post abused her trust to plot an evil scheme. She then accidentally killed the Deputy Mayor, Allan Finch ("Bad Girls") and went into denial. When it became clear that Buffy would confess, she told Giles that Buffy had killed Finch. Giles played along to avoid pushing her too far. The Scooby Gang decided to help Faith. Xander went to Faith's motel room to reason with her, but she nearly strangled him instead. Angel arrived in time and took her to his mansion and tried to reason with her.

    Buffy's new watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, heard her crime and tried to arrest Faith with the help of a group of Council Operatives. Faith attacked them in the armored car and escaped ("Consequences"). Isolated and bitter, she turned to Mayor Wilkins, the Big Bad of Season 3.

    For the first time in her life, Faith found a father-figure who lavished her with attention and affection. While serving the Mayor undercover, she killed a smuggler and a bookseller demon. Her duplicity was exposed when she tried to rob Angel of his soul ("Enemies"). She even kidnapped Willow at knife-point and wanted to kill her ("Choices"). She also killed a professor without question.

    Faith then shot Angel with a poisoned arrow, deliberately missing his heart. The only antidote is draining the blood of a Slayer. Buffy went to Faith's apartment to kill her but only managed to stab Faith in the gut with her own knife, a gift from the Mayor. Faith jumped from the apartment building roof onto a moving truck and escaped ("Graduation Day, Part One").

    Faith was brought to Sunnydale hospital in a coma. While Buffy lay unconscious nearby (having been drained by Angel), they shared a psychic dream where a pleasant Faith told Buffy that the Mayor's human weakness would never go away ("Graduation Day, Part Two").

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