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Xøººøxxøº Tªnyª ºøxxøººøX

hangovers aint good

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  • Female, 25, Luv 54
  • from Pirac... (Risca)
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  • Last active: 12/12/11
  • www.bebo.com/tanya05davies
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hey hey hey......Well Im tanya. i live in a small place called risca, thats where i have been born and raised! Im am Currently Studying Sports Coaching and Development at Cearlion university!! I'm easy to get along with and agreat laugh but can be a bitch if u get on the wrong side of me. I can b really dull at times especailly on blonde days which seem 2 b occuring an awful lot lately! i love all my friends but hate the fuckers that have shit on me!!!

Cummon peoples WRITE ON MY BLOG....

-----///\\-----plz put
---|||---|||---your bebo
----\\\-///----and braveness
-----\\///-----to the ppl
------///\-----who have or have
-----///\\\----died of cancer
----///--\\\---thanx xXx
The Other Half Of Me
Ceri Manson

Ceri Manson

My pookie pie

i like all types of music depending on the song it's self.
Funky House gotta be in there some where tho....
how to lose a guy in 10 days, drop dead fred, little murmaid hehe, just my luck and many many more.....
i like playing all sports but dont play any in a team
Scared Of
hights but my 1 ambition in life is to go sky diving, bunji jumping and paragliding woooooooooooooooooo..........
Happiest When
lifes going great. out getting pissed up with my mates and making a complete fool of myself infrount of every one i know!!!
I think that one day...
every one should get naked and.............
use ur imagination............. lol ;)
Best Saying...
Get ur tits out!!! haha.....
only for a pound...


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  • The Best Thing Since SlicedBread
    luv The Best Thing Since SlicedBread

    tanyas a sexy biotch :P hows u these days? i was gunna text yu earlier but then i remembered...my phones a twat xD ly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Joey

    hey hun u ok :D xxx

  • Gazza Boi
    Gazza Boi

    u ite hun sfe 4 adding me en ?? u gt msn if so add me yh >> gazza.46@hotmail.co.uk wb asap yh xxx

  • Marky Bhoy W
    Marky Bhoy W

    lol , a added you ages ago cutie lmfao !!!!!! how ye doin ??????? xxxxxxxxx

  • Chudd

    oioi have fun up blkwd then luv? who was u wiv?? givin me dirty looks, til u realised it was me!! dew....

  • Chudd

    oh rite yeah sounds like a plan!! haha yeah i think i still got the same number i'll send it in a msg now 4 u xxx